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stopdoopy May 2018
Sharp and dangerous.
That's what you think when you hear about them.

"They'll **** you quicker than you could blink"

"You'll hear the soft ****** of charms, spurs, and then it's over"

"The gunslinger- now he's straight from hell, no one could out draw that man, no matter what gun you have"

"I've always heard you had to watch the swordsman, he's like a ghost, never know where he'll be"

Now, I knew next to nothing about them.
Everyone they visited usually ended up dead.

Hard to confirm.

Standing here and looking at them though...

These soft men, all smiles, joking, relaxed.

I don't know about the stories but they're sharp and dangerous alright, etching their mark on my heart.

They aren't known for asphyxiation, but they sure stole my breath.
I wanted to try to write something about McCree and Genji but hmm... not sure how it turned out, oh well.
mythie Jan 2018
You've got my eyes.
Captured my heart.

As if a love deity chose you for me.

You always lie.
But I cover it up.

You always cry.
But I cover it up.

Your lips drip red with all the things you spew.

You've got my eyes.
Captured my heart.

As if all the stars in the sky pointed to you.

You always hide.
But I cover it up.

You're always blind.
But I cover it up.

Lungs filled to the brim with lies.

You've got my eyes.
Captured my heart.

My entire being is owned by you.

You always lie.
But I cover it up.

You always cry.
But I cover it up.

Choking on your lies, burning from the inside.
cv Jul 2017
choke me*, you gasp in the blinding heat of your embrace
his movements falter but return with more vigour, as if such a thing was possible
you guide his hands to your neck as if guiding a child lost in his path;
and yes, maybe you both are still children
trying to find ways to survive in each other
his nails dig into your pulse, into your airways
and never have you been more intimate
he is inside you,
within the cages of your ribs
and your lungs try to gasp for air
but it really doesn't change anything much
(you've been breathless around him for quite awhile, after all)
you still seek for his lips,
his tongue in your mouth;
you want to **** everything from him
into you
until you both become too entangled
and neither of you could be distinguished from the other
choking these emotions, *******
Ynhia Pollard Mar 2016
Just breathe,
All you gotta do is breathe,
Come on breathe ...

The nerve of the butterfly that took my last breath,
The nerve of our affection to be the cause of death,
The nerve that I'll be left 6 under,
The nerve of my heart; in an enteral slumber,

Just breathe,
All you gotta do is breathe,
It's my Loves Asphyxiation,

When my eyes plant on you,
There is no shaking,
When my lips meet yours,
There is no faking,
The ****** of your him to my her,
It's in the love we make ...

Just breathe,
It's my Loves Asphyxiation,

Chemistry on another,
I feel the levels changing,
The air in my body is scarce,
I can't breathe when you're not around,
My hearts asthma is affected by you,
The way you make me do the things I do ...
It's My Loves Asphyxiation

Just breathe,
All you gotta do is breathe,
Come on breathe ...
She's gone and he's not attending any funerals....
Conor Letham Nov 2015
Building contrasts
between the holes
shaped by fists
through wall cracks
to finger holes
in my knitted jumper-

I feel hole-punched by
layers and sediments,
each blend of fibre
becomes microscopic
to a solid form, or
a strangled kite:

Do you know how
a kite flies without
breath? It makes
sail in the earth,
depths in oceans,
drowns in vacuums.
Wednesday Aug 2015
We fell together like we had no other choice.

We fell like two body bags in the back of an ambulance.

And suddenly you were killing me,
a razor to the femoral artery in a bathtub.
My own shirt wrapped around my diaphragm,
your laughter made louder by lack of oxygen to my brain.

And there was nothing else.
My wold turned black and gray because of you.

When I was a real girl,
back before I ever met you,
I would pray to god for a cleansing rain to wash me of my sins
so that I didn’t burn if I stepped foot in his home.

It has rained 729 times since then
and I am still stepping on hot coals.
Captain Trips Apr 2015
Ribbons or rope or
laces that loop while
embracing your waist and
encroaching your throat.

Ribbons or rope,
no difference I hope,
for the use of helping
me force you to choke

"Ribbons or rope?":
in a whisper you spoke,
as the air you gasped
tasted of broken glass.

So turn blue for me now,
as blue as I've been
for you.

So lovely to choose
between ribbons
or rope.
Taylor Moore Nov 2014
If you break us
our jagged edges will cut
and sink into your skin
like shards of righteousness

But abide by us
we’ll protect you
hold you in our arms
lay warm hands along your neck
and squeeze
DaSH the Hopeful Jul 2014
I wish I could give you this beautiful pain
   Its captivating to endure
        To watch it unfold inch by unbeatable inch

            Its long

            Makes you hard and callous
And makes you grovel in gravel begging for the end
     And it becomes a road
          A winding, twisting road that wraps around your throat

      A gorgeous asphyxiation blurs the smiles of the passengers in the cars on the asphalt
   And you blur into unreality
         The road ends

   The film in your head stops

And your left sitting unblinkingly...
Abstract Agony at its Finest
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