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How I hate my life
My fears I wrap in my tears
As my burdens I bear alone

The hurt and pain so fierce
They tore away at my heart
And pierce my viens with fear

Who will hear?
Who will listen?
Who will bear…?
…this cross with me?

I searched the dark
alleys of my heart
For loved ones far or near

I screamed in silence
In the midst of a crowd
But none could pick up
The scent of depression

I stretch my heart
Across a furious road
But none could see
The drench of suicidal thoughts

Was I invincible?
Was I unseeable?
Was I unlovable?
Was I untouchable?

All I needed was a hug
A touch…
…a call
Even a whisper
would have been enough

But I found a rope
Tighter than a hug
…a bullet
Stronger than love
A poison
More feelable than a touch
And I hung…and hug my death

Now I’m gone
Am I visible?
Can you now see me?
Can you now hold me?
Can you now love me?
suicide death depression fear tears loneliness hate love
I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria
I am a captive
Taken from my home
Away from love and care
Now I live in fear
In the midst of the unknown
I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria

I am Leah Sharibu
Oh! You have forgotten me, probably
I wouldn't blame you
I am just a girl, you thought
But I am Nigeria
And I could be just your girl
Yet you go to bed with both eyes closed
Because I am just a girl.
How do you sleep?
How do you find peace?
How do you laugh with satisfaction
And Find rest?
Knowing I am Leah Sharibu
And I am Nigeria

I am Leah Sharibu
Who is she? I can hear you ask.
Oh! You've forgotten?
I am that "Dapchi girl"
Kidnapped with her school mates
But they are free and I am not
They gained their lives back
Because they are what I am not
That's what some people thought
But I am not just "that Dapchi girl"
I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria

I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria
And I am a captive
I am in chains
I am in bonds
I am in pains
And I am not free
I am still missing
I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria

I am Leah Sharibu
I am a Christian
That's what you said
But I am more than a Christian
I am a girl child
I am a woman
I am a daughter
I am a mother
And I am a wife
But I am more than all these
Yes! I am
I am Nigeria

I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria
Though you called me a Christian
Undoubtedly I am
Was that not why you left me behind?
Was that not why you've left me till now?
How callous? How unpatriotic?
You swore an oath to protect me
But you lied
You think calling me a Christian
Will clear your conscience
But you lie!
I am Nigeria
That's my identity
I am Leah Sharibu

I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria
I have been betrayed
By Deceivers parading themselves as leaders
By cowards parading themselves as heroes
By liers who embraces you with a dagger
I have been betrayed
By enemies camouflaged as friends
I thought they cared about me
But all they want is a piece of me.
So they don't care if I bleed
I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria

I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria
I am not missing
You can see me
But you've refused to free me
You've made me your slave
Everyday you **** me
Everyday you **** me
Everyday you brutalise me
Everyday you torment me
Despite the oath you swore to protect me
You have become my terror
My Kidnapper
My tormentor
My killer
My captor
My destroyer
I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria

I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria
I can see, you don't care, who I am
You think I will just pass away
Like a shadow in the night
Another figure among the many lost
So you hope
But you lie
I am your fear
I am your shame
I am your story
Ugly but true
I am your cross
You must bear
I am your pain
And I won't go away
I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria

I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria
You can **** me
But I won't die
Though ****** with many swords
And bleeding on all sides
You will always hear my cries
Because I live on....
You can try to hide me
Like a woman's nature call
But I won't go away
I will be your nightmare
And walk the night in your sleep
I will be your nemesis
And follow you to your grave
I will be your infamy
Lay you bare for the world to see
I will be the truth
That topples your lies
And I pray that I will be your end
So you'd be no more
I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria

I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria
Another night has come
And I pray for sleep
Not knowing if I will see the dawning of a new day
You expect  me to be weak
To break down and fall
You expect me to be feeble and frail
But I won't
Everyday I see the sun
I will grow strong
Everyday I take a breath
I shall be agile able
Don't expect me to give up
For I shall win at last
I am Leah Sharibu
I am Nigeria.
Dedicated to Leah Sharibu the Christian girls still in Boko Haram Captivity and other girls held in captivity and have not been rescued by their government if Nigeria
Lying on a borrowed bed,
With no pillow to help the rest.
I let my mind on a crest
and set on a dreamy night.

Dreamy night
indeed I do have.
A giant Cherub,
seated on a Crescent Moon
Playing on a Violin
A baby's lullaby
On a dreamy night.

Called to the music
My Soul travelled on;
with the sound of the music
Embedded with much hallucination.

A falsitude of life!
All seems to be a lie.
But it will last
only for a while;
as a dreamy night I lost
at the bite of a bug
cruel enough to share a bed.
The oil
Behind the force
That drives
The heart crazy

The force
Behind action
That sets the
Heart in motion

The fire
Behind vision
So strong and clear

The cause
Of the tension
Deep in my heart

The reason
For the madness
Tearing me apart

The force
Behind the motion
Within my veins

The reason
Behind the sunrise
At dawn

The vibes
Behind the tremors
Of the nightingales

The words
Behind the pen
In my hand

The cause
Of my passion
Is you!
Truth is dead
Men murdered it
At its young age
Blinking like fading lights
They lie with their eyes
The tongue is tied
And the cords
We do not see
And when it rises
Like bouncing *****
On barbed wires
The words are deflated
And truth is murdered
Because trust has been buried
In the dark background of their hearts
And the offspring of truth
Are thought to be an outcast.
But always triumph
Because truth never dies.
Though I don’t know
Exactly what to say
Still I must respond
To the undying impulse to write
Meaningless be It may
Still the flames I’ll sustain
And reward myself with the joy
Of a holding a pen
This is a call
A duty I must perform
So when the urge comes
I allow my heart to flow
Into the streams of many generations
Yes, generations yet to come
So when my torch burns out
My life will still glow
Like a many thousand lights
Long after I am gone
Where every touch carries love
Every hand carries help
And a tiny crumb satisfy all
That is home

Where every tear is shared
Every hug carries a warmth
And every word carries laughter
That is home

Where I find strength to fight my wars
And courage to face my fears
Not because I am strong
But because I have helping hands
That is home

Where despite my faults
I still find comfort
And the cold hands of failure
Does not win it all
That is home

Where hands are joined together
To help each other get the victory
And they never stop trying
Until everyone is smiling
That is home

Where you run to
When all the world reject you
Like ***** rags with no more use
And you find a hug, a warmth and a word
That is home

My home
A place I always want to be
My home
There is none other like you
When every wall carries freedom
That is home

Every step away from you carries fear
Everyday away from you seems so lost
I miss all the love all the warmth
The smiles and the laughter in my home
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