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Jael O'Dell Dec 2021
Somedays my body feels numb
Like the world is on my shoulders
As I sit in my rundown car
Smoking my cigarette
Starving myself from the cold
That's outside my window
I feel a desperate breathe of life
Try to flow into my lungs

And I realize it's not just me
It's my angel with the burning wings
She shelters me from the ice
Just as she does my life
She protects me from myself

I slice through the foggy air
Just as I do to myself
I feel my life running dry
I'm cold; I don't feel alive anymore
Then it comes, that soft warm touch
Trying to revive me one last time

And I realize it's not just me
It's my angel with the burning wings
She shelters me from the ice
Just as she does my life
She protects me from myself

I bleed out into my crimson bath
The last drop of blood leaves my veins
And as my red sea starts to part
I feel an angel touch my heart
My soul leaves my body
And I become one with her

I realize it's not just me
It's my angel with the burning wings
She sheltered me from the ice
And tried to give me life
She'll protect me now from hell

I look down at my body
With new eyes I can see now the life it went through
It deserved to die
It was never really me
I was born to die
This is me
I am the angel with the burning wings
Marla R Oct 2021
Creativity beats within every heart
steady as a drum, connecting us all
through the languages of art.

Many different tongues spoken
through the lens of a camera—
Almost as many spoken
through the stroke of a brush.
Songs lead to rushing anthems
while ballads quiet down to a hush.

Hardships may lead to harrowing
moments that make you look within,
but every time I’m sure you’ll find
an artist who’s art you can befriend.

Dig deep into the depths of history
& make connections with those
long gone—
Perhaps one day you’ll find
a masterpiece that can dwindle
your troubles down to none.
Carlo C Gomez Mar 2020
Mary, Mary
Quite contrary
Egressed from the East Indies
A lost child
Grief is a long hallway
With sketches of pain
Adorning the walls
Hope is a drawer
With a hidden key

Mary Lennox
Jumps rope
Out in the cold
And exploring
Follows the red robin
Enters the garden
Long forsaken
Befriending life within
Evoking life without
With the one exception
Of herself

Mary had a little plan
"Might I have a bit of earth?"
To plant
And to chant
To sow
And to grow
To return a loved one
To both father and son
To open the secret garden again
And feel the inner workings
Of her heart begin
Carlo C Gomez May 2020
Sweet coma canopy,
brain bath in solemn loops,
a gentle washing away
of handprints,

Makes the bed,
blanketed by dreams,
rest upon reimagined partitions,
instead of the jagged edge,

But there are holes
in the architecture,
pliable infrastructural tunnels
to navigate through,

Lucky termite splinters
the mind, this delicious library,
and feasts upon before all acquired
souvenirs settle into books,

It's then a young turtledove lifts
off toward October next,
searching for the dry twigs
with which to build closure.
Inspired by an art exhibition of Oscar Oiwa, using only Sharpie markers.
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
When it feels
like my mind
is falling apart,
do I need
rest and rejuvenation
meditation and
to consolidate
my emotions and thoughts
and achieve peace of mind
and clarity of thinking
so I can be more effective
at striving
for joy and happiness?
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
When striving
for joy and happiness
becomes fatigue with stress,
do I need
rest and rejuvenation?
Ameed Jan 2019
Hold your shattered pieces together,
Don’t let them go.
Don’t leave your mistakes behind; never forget them for they were there for a reason.
You must rise after every fall, just like a phoenix.
Dust yourself from the sadness and misery you put yourself in,
The fiery flames in your eyes should never dim despite the endless salty floods that strike them.
The confident smile you form should never relax or vanish.
You are strong; you will persist.
You are noticed; you shall resist.
Leave the ashes of the past behind; learn the lesson and just move on …
© 2019 Ameed Shehayeb All Rights Reserved
Abigail Hobbs Jun 2018
Let the soft waves
rock you to sleep
before they crash
Let the foam
wrap it's advice around you
(it sticks around for a while)
claw through the sand
when it's said and done
when you come to
scallop edged waves, you could watch them for hours
the salt cleanses, washes wounds clean
(it may take a while)
Are you there yet?
Are you aware yet?
Is your reflection as it was before?
How does this ripple effect you?
Salted air, open the eyes
Fill the lungs with newness
Let the sun dry you
Let the rays hug you
in your new beginnings.
Abigail Hobbs Apr 2018
And the crisp air
caressing her face
at the start of each new day
reminds her of the clean slate
she has
The fall begins,
the rejuvenation,
the fresh start.
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