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دema Jan 31
here's the thing about looking
onto windows at night,
you suddenly come to realize the world
in its separate yet inescapable three dimensions,
you see not only your own reflection,
but over and beyond,
you pause from blinking
and for an abrupt of an instant,
your life flashes before your eyes,
you see all of the scenes so clearly
acted out by a vivid yet an accurate reflection,
you start to remember the meticulous shade
of a sky that your cheeks were touched by,
the thickness of a boy's pride that made you
wish the world existed in only one dimension,
you feel the pain that filled the veins
of a cracked floor you once walked on,
your lips lift to form a smile a stranger
threw at you from a stage you wanted to be on,
and in this peripheral gazing,
you exist in two dimensions
stuck in between what the window
entails at day and at night.
Cash Carlos Jan 30
Only so much
can be said
about the day:
the taxi cab driver
with a big mustache,
a ****** taco,
clouds like smoke
on a pink horizon,
and you
about a ******
day at work,
and me
looking at you
as if you're
the most
beautiful thing
on earth.
Johnny walker Jan 28
As watching the falling rain tiny droplets weaving patterns down the window
pain since she passed away life has now never be the
As graze upon the rain drench streets I'm remembering when we walk hand In hand down these very streets all now seems a very long time
Off to the park It to there we did go where sat and we talked and we stayed for a while
It was while looking In her eyes I knew I was In love with this beautiful girl and I now wanted to be with her, lost In the moment forgetting briefly the cold
Then slowly coming out of my daydreaming back to the reality of life alone and the
rain weaving pattern down the window pane on another cold and missable
Watching rain forming patterns as they weave
there way down the
window on a another
miserable day
Outside my window,
the rain
down from the roof.
And because
of the rain,
I feel like I've been hit by the blues.
I'm tired and sleepy,
I just feel
so lazy.
I wish
that it would be sunny.
The weather often inspires me to write.
Thomas Mackie Jan 24
I fell in love in the frame of a window.

You looked at me and then turned the corner,

and then the next,

and then you were gone.
Trapped behind the register, I make prolonged and meaningful eye contact with a stranger outside.
Seanathon Jan 23
All along
I’ve been looking through
The stained, the pure
The meaning of clear

With a surreal light
Which bends the prism
And frees me from physical
Prison cell

And all along I’ve been looking through
The edge of iron and steel
The wood, the window
The highest ideal
My Window - How appropriate
YusufKudsi Jan 22
He sits by the window
Talks to the stars
He is a dreamer
Who waits for his dreams to be reality
He lights a candle hoping someone would see him
But the candle was just a notch in the city of lights
He sits by the window hoping for the stars to talk to him
But maybe silence was all he needed..
The sounds of tiny footsteps patter the roof of the car.
We sit inside protected from the winter elements.
The frosty rain comes down more extreme
as time goes on.
I feel comfortable.
Safe while you’re in control.
You dazzle me,
Venus in the flesh.
The dove of my life.
The serenity of our drive collapses
With your screams.
The man in the window
Wrenches on the door handle.
Panic rushes through our bones.
Movement not at all possible.
I want to protect you, but what can I do.
The word drive is the only thing I can cry.
The man in the window.
The man in the window.
A Poem about something that happened that made me scared and feel weak.
Yuki Jan 17
This is how I love
to remember you:
like a sleeping angel
while that faintest
light seeped through
the window in the small
hours of the morning.
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