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i wear headphones
it doesnt matter

if theyre wired or bluetooth
if its on max volume or not

the music drowns everything out
and keeps the vault under control
Bede Sep 2019
Added collections,
Tomes of tomes,
Memory lane in poetic fashion.
Curated by yours truly!
Bede Sep 2019
Vaulted poems
Separated with the
Special intentions
Of the heart
Bede Sep 2019
My name is Tommy
I go by Bede
Because I'm afraid to be me.

I'm obsessed with names
Because I'm ashamed
Of what I can turn mine into.

No longer!
I am Tommy
And I will be proud.
The Dybbuk Feb 2018
Home to every haunting dream,
Everything that makes you scream,
Your memories of an assault,
They call this place The Vault.
Holding secrets you don't know,
Letting out a darkened glow,
Guards on all sides shouting "Halt!"
They call this place The Vault.
Holding in what's scaring you,
Your insecurities like goo,
The source of every single fault,
They call this place The Vault.
Devin Ortiz Sep 2017
Desperate was the Hand,
To the Fist,
To the Door of Introspection,
To the Mind, to the Darkness.

Pounding, pounding away,
The broken bones,
To the dust of flesh.

A moment before forfeit,
The Great Gate collapses.
Bursting into a torrential tide of Madness,
This scornful swell swam deep into the Heart.
Its suffocating chill, mirroring the growing Dissent,
Resonating all of discord in a living Thought.

Hope's last stand sends deceit fleeing.
Rushing waves, shuttering away,
From the pathetic kindle.
Such a sad flicker, this bastion of salvation.

As with All Things, this too falls.
The Darkness, the Madness,
The Door to all Doors,
Consumes the Light.
miss keisha Aug 2017
i closed my heart and hid the key.
for protection,
for deception,
for reservation.
but now far too much time has passed
and when i decided to unshackle the locks,
i've regretfully discovered
that the key has long since rusted,
and the vault will be forever closed.
Star BG May 2017
Secrets of a poet are hidden inside heartbeats,
ready to be played on scripted page,
on platform for readers eyes.

They're buried beneath scar thought to be healed.
Exposed to bleed once again
so a poem can be birthed.

Perhaps, Secrets are inside rays of sun
that dance with kaleidoscope beauty
inside a warm breeze.

Or on top of a shooting star moving in galaxy
that opens one to wish inside a breathe.

Secrets in treasure chest of scribes vault
welcomes a readers eyes
with key-like words and strong intention.

Come, open the vault with eyes and partake
wont you?  The invitation is now given.
Inspired by Sunprincess poem Writing
ryn Jun 2016
Relegate your thoughts
into the vault.
The mind isn't ready
to deal in absolute.

Banish into oblivion,
untimely discrepancies and faults.
When infractions are unclear
for you to refute.

Consign the arrogance,
into the darkest dark.
Let them fester,
never to see light of day.

Cradle the fear,
nurse it till ripe, engorged and stark.
For everything now lies...
Indefinite and in the grey.
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