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eli Jan 27
words scrawled across my skin
words that i cant read
only feel
they carve themselves into my flesh
a constant reminder that they are there
and i am nowhere

and even though i cant take the pain from the words
the pain will fade
it always does

until there are more words to be carved
printed into my skin,
never to be forgotten
but not quite remembered
Cameron Oct 2019
Your words glide
Over my
Heart like a
Skater skates
On ice lakes.

Slowly you
Wear me down;
Carve your words
Onto my
Heart with blades.

One time you
Will cut through
And fall in
Through the crack
That you made.

You will try
To climb out,
But you are
Stuck in the
Void with me.

Now you'll know
Just the harm
That a few
Words can cause.
Can't you tell?
The uncertainty
Is killing me

No plan
For my path

No stone
To carve

No road
To ride

Lost at sea
No light house to guide me
Aaron E Dec 2018
We're loose associations.
Brutality queues the phrases.
Reality loses luster,
in fallow with boot to daisies .

Cowering and embracing
our trusted tomes,
honing a fruitless joke,
that only touches on tones that suit the layman

Famous and clueless faces.
Racing to rue the cadence.
Faking a sweet embrace,
for imminent tears, but grew impatient.

California coos
sooth impostor fits,
but it's a syndrome
fifty shades dense,
and way to thick to fit the staples.

In case you were getting wayward;
our guiding fables,
sentinels that they are,
will guard the stables
and bark orders,
pouring out the spirits
and clearing history,
with brazen logic.
I carved a broken heart,
instead of tapping the maple,
sue me.
𝓛𝓐 Nov 2018
I carved your face into my memory
Your smile
Your eyes
Your laugh
Your dimples
All the things
That once made me smile
Now make me cry.
Katelyn Billat Oct 2017
I want to smile for once,
So I pick up the sharp blade
And carve it deeper into my cheeks.
As the blood trails over my chin and jaw,
runs down my neck,
Finally, I'm smiling.
Scarlett Sep 2017
i follow the the misty pathway
in the hopes that it will lead me to you
my internal compass
forget true north
it only points to you
a direction i have carved into my mind
like the hearts that teenage lovers
carve into trees
Atlas Dec 2016
Pieces of you are scattered throughout my life
-Your name is embedded in every poem I write-
Yet I'm a ghost in yours
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