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We are only
Drifting apart
Like a ribbon in the wind
Flying, falling
Lost again

Lean on my shoulder, hand in hand
Whisper in my ear; I shiver
Feel the goosebumps standing on the nape of my neck
My heartbeat pulse under your touch
The shudder of a breath
You point at the skylight, dark, empty
Then a million pinpricks of light awaken, beneath your outstretched hand

Lead me to heaven
The stars that align perfectly with our hearts
A natural trajectory
And when you smiled at me
Nothing else mattered
And I gave you my heart

Liberosis colouring everything I touch, see
Scattered across the ligneous benches like dead leaves
Inside every grain of sand, mocking
Littering the ocean floors, together with the microplastics, under the surface
Of the waves, of you
Changing like sweeping tides
Changing your mind like you were switching sides
Like you didn’t believe me

Doubt was the seed that was planted
In both of our hearts
Roots bottomless, reaching into the depths of our secrets
Pulling them apart, veins of blue, purple
Our hearts, our blood, our love-
Red, like the ruby and the oaths engraved onto the ring
That hugged your finger, tight
Too tight, leaving a mark that scarred you

Was I acting like the ring?
Loving you too hard, uncomprehending the possibility
That you would leave me in the end?

Endless nights of misery
Endless nights of crying
And shouting
And screaming
The wailing that ringed in my ears like sirens
Even after we both fell asleep
On the couch, on the bed
That suddenly felt so cold, missing your presence
Your lips bleeding, and yet you continue
To mercilessly torment them,
Mercilessly torment me.

Cruellest of all,
You were not the villain
You did not choose
To do the things you did
You did not choose
To hurt me the way you did

Now I rest here, on the swing
Once lifted by you
And I curl not against your warmth
But the coldness of the night

Underneath a carpet of darkness
Under a sombre sky
The tree of doubt towering
Infinitely over my head

I open the box you left me
Left me, before you left yourself
Unclasp the lock with trembling hands
It still faintly smells of you

Inside, everything is wrapped in velvet
Soft- wrapped in your love
I trace around the edges of metal
To find a note- your last words to me:
We were bound to fall apart, kjærlighet
We were stars, ready to face the indefinites of the universe
Too young, too heartless, too ready
And we merely wandered away from each other- that’s all
You were the centre of my universe, but now
That I am gone, don’t cry
Instead let this be a reminiscence of me
And the love we shared together

My face is wet, and I shakily inhale
The newness of the night
I peer through the lenses, and saw you, like it was the key that unravelled my memories
And for the first time, without you, I saw the stars light up the sky
One by one
Tumblin’ Bi-latterial bumbkins
Smirk of untrustworthy salutations
Tribes with terabytes of tirades
Engaged in bipartisan relay races
Delay until faces grimace

They really forced our hands on this one

The Finnish fearing fat man heights
Healing blemishes of backwater beasts
Who’ve grown oh so much since
And now silence for ***** sake

Foreign plants and fibers
Beyond human hands
Which tear and manufacture
For cheap and foreign brands,
She won’t care we’re gone,
She’s always been
Will be
Back to a blue blip
Little blue dot
On a mat black background
Grant no sound to the camera
Watching while zooming
Slipping and tumbling
Lonely but still working
Sending pitiful postcards
Of galactic grasses
Further and  

Each day
Karijinbba Apr 21
As seen by:
Hubble Space Telescope's iconic view,
of the Pillars of Creation!
In the Eagle Nebula constellations
of stars, as viewed through Hubble's
magnificent eye glorious images
sent to Earth tickling all senses.
fine tunning imagination.

You were there with that infinite
gesture of love connecting us
across time and space.
How easy tears fall to this
intergalactic outer space truth.

Two brains one single thought.
Indeed you are everywhere that
I look away even not to think!

Eagle nebula is also known
by another name officially
at Hello Poetry
us two dancing, singing
ever so lovely gracefully,
here in poem.

" Star seeds Rdd/Bba!1974-75
=Until the end of time.
BY: Karijinbba-04-20-2020
Copy Rights apply.
Hope you are free healthy and enjoying life.
Question On October 27th 2019 going quail hunting do you eat what you ****? The Steers Boars Deer? Do you eat them? Just curious
(! :*):::::::::
a twinkle in my mezzo
is a wrinkle in this forte
where flatulent is an eggplant
but virulent is my phone

that screamed from my soul

as she'd walk in a box of rings
that made me sing her too
With sheet of tears did blanket
Around her bed of posies alas

if heart truss sung to their content  
tonight the hour grew dark in Jodrell Bank
as this virtue of love did radio a Lovell
and sealed my fate in spite of her again
Bernard Lovell a radio astronomer died in England 2012.
Cloudy Heart Jul 2017
I looked up into the trees
and took a deep breath
there you were right beside me
asking me if I loved how peaceful this all was
the trees were beautiful
and so were the stars
but my favorite thing about that getaway was you
we talked for hours
and laughed so hard we had trouble breathing
we napped together and listened to the sound
of the beautiful trees waving good morning to us
we gazed through the telescope for hours
but as you gazed through it
all I could gaze at was you
this beautiful, perfect human
was inches from me
and he was mine
and I looked back up into the sky
and said thank you a million times
I'm a rose born from a ravenous roar
A butterfly bolted to the back of a bull
I paint the truth in cosmic kaleidoscopic dye
Granting eternal life to an ancient beckoning sky
They call me the Hubble
"we will never forget" they cry
Before terrestrial fire bids me goodbye
And one final glimpse of your magnificent azure sky.
In celebration of 25 years with the Hubble, and the men and women who fought so hard to make it a reality.

From a decaying orbit, the Hubble will burn in our atmosphere at the end of its life, guided to a safe place in the ocean.
A Mareship Jul 2014
I sat cross legged on the balcony as he rolled me a cigarette. He didn't smoke but he rolled perfectly. His perfectionism was killing me.
"The other night I filmed myself on my webcam." he said, rolling, rolling, thumbs turned inward. "I filmed myself going to sleep. I wanted to see if I talked or had nightmares or whatever..."
"So I watched the film back this morning. Turns out, I woke up in the middle of the night and chucked all of my things onto the floor. My books, my notepad, everything. It was like watching Big Brother or something. I mean, it was me, but it wasn’t me. I would never chuck my books onto the floor."
"Well…we all think that we would never chuck our books onto the floor, but we do don’t we? Hey you can really see the stars out here."
"I know. It's wonderful with a telescope. I have a very good telescope."
"Where is it?"
"Upstairs. We have a space gazing window. It’s my telescope but Frederick likes it too. But then he always smudges up the lens." He handed me the cigarette, thin as candy and gummed down with precision. "I could teach you about space."
"Oh, please, I'd never take it in."
"Yes you would."
I lit the cigarette and the paper glowed.
"I just like looking."
'You can't just look and not know. You won't even know what you're looking at."
I looked at him.
"Yeah, I know."
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