Madeon Sep 8

There is nothing easier
than to complicate everything!

Madeon Aug 27

Difficult is the first meeting
When nothing to say
And the last
When everything is said

Madeon Aug 24

With rusty nail
I scratch in your hand
Love words.
Tonight our love
Birth through your scars.

Madeon Aug 22

Men with difficulty forgive and forget quickly.
Women easily forgive, but never forget.

Madeon Aug 20

It may take only a few seconds
to hurt someone that you love
but it may take a lot of years
to heal this pain.

Madeon Aug 18

In childhood we want
something we grow up faster
but when we are grown up
we again long for childhood.

Madeon Aug 15

If Love is a disease
then I'm very sick
but incredibly happy....

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