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  Aug 19 Maria Mitea
the breath of history in unknown bodies
intoxicate my sight I might say
it chokes me with a mystified light
I have to learn how to breath my own life
it's easy to confuse the absent with the real
the incorporation of dread, hidden feelings
and unspoken truths a subtle tyranny
no body carried my body in a mind

I want to spend my life writing love stories I will
forget by midnight and rewrite with laughter

between generations a subtle struggle cause there isn't still
enough space inside for the life of one's boundaries
it's either you or me to suffer but everybody is OK
we smile at each other, we appreciate each other

unbearable life colonizes the body with unbearable silence, signs without symbols but symptoms, drives and confiscated stories
unreachable bodies woven together by force in the fabric of illusion
cast a dimming shadow like the melancholy of an echo heard
by no body
  Aug 19 Maria Mitea
let me tell you stories about stories
let me touch you with the pure joy of touching,
the eclipse of emptiness or
spicy details on the trajectory of sight

some sorrows make for an obsession without identity

we can invent a sign language
for nobody else to understand
this unfinished text, the singularity of clarity,
the sweetness of fingers

no shame in shade
let me touch you with a heresy
haunted by silence
Maria Mitea Aug 6
Do you think you can write poetry? messing up with centuries of poetry,
be the best  AI-******* in the poetry world?

Do you think you can step on Shakespeare,& Lermontov, Rumi,
and crash the human soul?

Do you?
Maria Mitea Aug 4
the rain is
romantic, and
like a sad muze,
the best day for poetry to spring, and
breathe fresh air,
people, besides whining and complaining about the ugly weather, still get quieter without noticing
that rain, like a peacemaker, is trying hard to make us stop and surrender to life as everything around us
make peace on earth as the sky is crying
p.s. Linda, from Spanish, means ”Tender” and ”Pretty”, so the rain in its sadness is pretty and tender, 🙂
Maria Mitea Aug 2
I don't know how it found  you, but
tonight is the full moon,
yellow moon,
I have never seen it before, it is shining like gold above the land,
the grass is submissive
and the  farmers are working hard, cutting it  for the cows,

My real  lover has come,
he returned, but
he is drunk,
and I don't know how to touch him,
I don't know how to kiss him,

His tears are falling down  like rain
in despair,

My lover returned,  -
God is one, has no equal,
but, I don't know how to love  him,
Caresse him
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