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I hate happy people,
the smiles on their faces,
their eyes full of freedom,
I hate happy people...

I hate happy people,
they stick hearts with needles,
God, isn't that wicked?
They're laughing, I'm bleeding,
I'm choking, they're breathing,
I'm aching, they're healing,
they're loving, I'm leaving...
There are some things I can't explain,
sometimes it's hard to be yourself.
I gotta say I'm born this way:
I only hate what I can't have...
You know, sometimes you just look at others and the most terrible thing comes to your mind: "It will never happen to me..."
P.S Grammarly just tagged this text as optimistic, lol✌
Of all the drugs I've been inflicting,

your personality has got to be the most addicting.
We love our artists
Then why do we punish them so much?
Do we think they need more pain
To create
Or does agony just come with the territory?
I would like to be inspired by
A loving ginger touch
Maybe the smell of the sea
Wonderful sights and delightful beauty
But no. They sit us down instead
And force us to feel.
You we're my sunshine
But then I remembered that the sun doesn't just shine for one person.
Be as wise as water
and take the path of least resistance
Be as mean as water
and drown all the sorrows can you find
Be a patient as water
and erode all the mountains over time
Be as loving as water
and leave oases of yourself behind

© Vivian Zems
Were I as gifted as most
I would pull from the earth its very heart
As the rivers of its core washed over my feet
With its blood, I'd deem it modern art
Some gifted charlatan of beauty and grace
I'd burn all others work and praise
So it's of dietic thanks and situational applaud
That I never learned to take what I need to stand tall...
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