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Poetic T Apr 10
Hues of onyx fill the hemisphere,
                                   daylight sets artificially..

The glacier of life floats breathless,
          more mass underneath..

Beauty now drowns for profit...
Tommy Randell May 2017

i wish to tell you about my cage     shadows for bars
the vestige of faraway things      a fractal miscellany
meditating the while      on the dancing of spiders
the tracery of wings      the passage of tongues over bone
the noise of a pool thrown into by a stone

this is what Longing is made from
that it does not wear out!


the night pivots on a point of light      i have long known myself to be
the skull of a white bear      on a white page      dreaming
with each cranial line, each graph      a past migration to distant lands
but not that such free body diagrams      without text were
a way out of the cage

in the track, grooved, music begins.
in the bone, smoothed, a polar bear dreams


held in the curve of circling shadows      dark and vacant sockets
ancient enacted motions      enfolded images
unfolding the forging of a lasting alchemy
that with my tongue i call memory      a scrimshaw
of the catalogue of days everything has served to further

to come, a journey down the narrowing path
towards those rumours of things true
Anomaly Dec 2016
I am a polar bear
I sit on my iceberg

I don't like hugs , never did never will
But hugging you , I'd ask time to stand still

I also don't like when two mouths touch
But I'd kiss every inch of you , pretty much

Honey is from the same place as bee stings
I hate to look like an idiot or forget things

But I'd happily be an idiot to your eyes
I am a polar bear under the polluted skies

pianos and cellos were my favorite sound
When you talk ,  my new favorite is found

The iceberg will slowly melt
And I the polar bear with what I felt
Will drown to my death
It's at 1 am thst I realize that the polar bears are dying
Ayelle Garcia Jun 2015
How I speak of you with eloquence,
The cheer that builds my confidence;
You are the that pumps my heart,
Giving life onto the veins of my body.

And when life is solely on my shoulder,
You are the supporter that supplements strength;
All I need is but your words and hugs,
The bear that comforts the wee cat, my love.
made this partly for Philippine Lit class, but since I happened to be inspired, got a perfect score for this. after all, this is for... yep, le bae.
beautiful things don't ask for attention.
they often roam around silently.
just like a polar bear, or snow leopard.
gorgeous but not always seen at first glance.
take a second look and you might just see that the world,
well the world isn't as ugly as we make it seem.
this was inspired by an experience that i had today. the world is beautiful and we need to embrace it.

— The End —