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Pinhole sunrise
Sodium lit
Murk and ambiguity sleep together
Down in the seabed

One moment of calm in a chaotic rift

These dark vessels
Of the fourth plateau
Scheme vicious pastimes
That live by night

Orphans of the smog
Attiré par le chaos
Soldiers of false beliefs
Progress the beauty of destruction

Their slogan:
"Making better mistakes with tomorrow"
It has the sound of a long goodbye
It lights the final flare
Slime-God Sep 2020
Ozone like incense.
A brief flash against the dark.
Lightning guides our way.
Cox Aug 2020
And when I am lost, empty, puzzled.
I’ll float out into the Ozone layer and look back at Earth.
I’ll think about what I have.
What surrounds me; nature, people, cities.
And it’s enough.
It’s home.
So when you’re struggling, draw your mind to your home, your peace.
Our Earth.
Sometimes I forget about the world we live in. How it’s created. How truly, and magnificently beautiful and raw that it is. How we need to look after it. How we should be thankful. Sometimes, I forget these things... about home... about earth. And I disconnect. I disconnect from technology and negativity, then I find the clouds and lay amongst them.
Maria Mitea Jun 2020
discrete skins
flat spots
drowning in
layers of
embed in
bleached skin

made of
salty tears
and eggshell
cutting out
the wafting
of diurnal

burning on

forcing into
layers of
on its own
Many problems exist in a dormant state, individual or social, they are manifesting like ecchymosis in our life... at times we engage to solve them collectively or personally. While in other cases nature takes care of them as we evolve ...
Khoisan Jan 2019
anomalous change
suicidal atoms
we fuelling
Global warning
Global warming
aurora kastanias Oct 2017
Fertile precincts of toxic air, colourless
And unstable create, inexistent boundaries
Of oxygen *****, by electrical discharges
Ultraviolet caress. An atom more turns

The unscented scent into a pungent odour,
Pale blue molecules high temperatures detonate
While low ones, solidify in violet black coagula,
Generous enough to retain, for humanity

And wildlife and all beneath, a gaseous form
Up high to shield, the delicate planet hosting
Sparkles of consciousness from its star’s deadly
Compromising radiations, absorbing them to grant

A frail, balance through its presence in stratosphere
We know, as our fragile sheltering ozone layer,
Descending just a little lower to become once more,
Breathable life bearing oxygen penetrating

Our lungs inundating a system, flowing through
Veins where the pale blue molecules spring only,
Every now and then in white blood cells, fighting
Illful intruders ensuring, survival of amazing wonders.
On Ozone
Seema Oct 2017
The ground looks hard and crumbed
Little water soaked up as swamp
Birds chatter and flee for food
This climactic change has done no good

Animals die as lack of vegetation
Most starve and die of malnutrition
Extinction of many, ARE WE NEXT?
Counting our paces along with the rest

The ozone depletes at a steady pace
Pollution piles up in many places
Over the news, barking of such situation
Yet just a few percent take any action

Education they say, educate to lessen pollution
So many educated, now developing poisonous solution
Natural air we breathe, is no longer pure
Air borne chrome, education digs more on cure!

"Money comes from paper, paper comes from trees
Trees give oxygen, intake carbon dioxide
Yet we destroy this natural source for money
Money gets people richer and powerful, thus
invest in making and testing new diseases on people, animals, environment. On success, then cure is also developed. Within this period, so much is lost. We are not far from extinction either...ARE WE!"
Stephen Katona Aug 2014
There's a yellow green gas,
You can't see in your glass.
Sometimes you can tell,
It's there by the smell.
It does a great job removing bacteria,
Like Diphtheria,
Or even Listeria.

But what do you think,
Happens to the chlorine in your drink?
I don't want to alarm,
But there's a chance it might harm.
It protects at a price,
Attacking our bacteria that are nice,
And I'm sure it excels,
At killing your own cells,
Forcing new ones to grow,
When a mistake could cause woe.
Some studies have found it an enhancer,
Of bladder and bowel cancer.

Whether old or young,
Do you want it in your lung?
You have the power,
To remove it from your shower.
It's rather grim,
To have to breathe it when you swim.
You're more likely to wheeze,
Or sneeze.

Do you think it will please,
Your inflammatory bowel disease?
Perhaps it's the key,
To why there's Crohns and UC.
Do you think that your skin,
Might become a little thin,
And be filled with dread,
As it starts to turn red.
Can you not feel,
How it's harder to heal?
It makes our tissues grow old,
From what I've been told.
Our cells can only divide,
A few times before they're stupified.

With asthma and chlorine on a map,
You can see they overlap.
Sadly in the West,
Not everyone has guessed,
That there may be a link,
With the gas in our drink.

“But!”, I hear you cry,
“Without it people will die.”
Let go of your dread,
We can use something instead.
The answer is well known,
It's called 'ozone'.
Made from pure water,
It's gone when it reaches my daughter,
Unlike chlorine it's life is brief,
What a relief.

There's many a city,
That make it with electricity,
Splitting water into hydrogen,
And best of all, oxygen!
For ozone is made from O2,
Yes, it's true!
Imagine if you had,
Water with nothing they add.
Already there's Paris and Nice in France,
Where people can dance.
San Diego and Los Angeles in the USA,
Have water that's ok.
And Osaka in Japan,
Now use this plan.
But you don't have to be rich,
To make the switch.
Ask a clever committee,
To stop chlorine in your city.
See if you can arrange,
To have your water change.

I hear you shout,
“Can 'I' get this chlorine out?”
If you leave water in a jug overnight,
What's left will be slight.
Boiling will send it away in the air,
So there's no need to despair.
You can also remove it with a filter,
Or a water distiller.

To learn more have a look,
At 'Question Chlorine' on facebook.
The following are studies that have been done looking at potential links between chlorine and various diseases. They can be found with a simple google search.
1. The association of drinking water source and chlorination by-products with cancer incidence among postmenopausal women in Iowa: a prospective cohort study.
2. Chlorination, chlorination by-products, and cancer: a meta-analysis.
3. Drinking Water Source and Chlorination Byproducts II. Risk of Colon and ****** Cancers.
4. Case-Control Study of Colon and ****** Cancers and Chlorination By-Products in Treated Water
5. Meta-analysis of studies on individual consumption of chlorinated drinking water and bladder cancer
6. Infant swimming in chlorinated pools and the risks of bronchiolitis, asthma and allergy. 
7.Attendance at chlorinated indoor pools and risk of asthma in adult recreational swimmers. 
In 2009, I asked the world to carry out more research looking at the safety of chlorine in the Journal of Medical Hypotheses in an article called:
Step aside tobacco, chlorine could be man's next great carcinogen.

— The End —