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The syllable slid
Into the wild, fragrant words
Spread in pithy verse
ms reluctance Apr 2020
Soon, almost, tomorrow, maybe, later
are polite ways of saying no, never
Easy words I often use to cater
to persistent questions I don’t savour

I answer one query with a question
of my own. Before you know it, I change
the discourse with a subtle suggestion,
still manage to have a pleasant exchange.

I must confess though that secretly, I  
always harbour a faint hope that someone
will see through my feint and try to be sly
so we can tease and toy and have some fun.

Please pardon my disingenuous ploy;
my ennui struck heart enjoys being coy.
NaPoWriMo Day 14
Poetry form: English Sonnet
ms reluctance Apr 2020
I wish you would come
to see me. Only, I am
glad that you haven’t.
I have some healing to do.
I have some blooming to do.
NaPoWriMo Day 11
Poetry form: Tanka
ms reluctance Apr 2020
I have to wait now
impatient, uncertain of
what the future holds for me.

I get to wait here
safe, while millions face peril
hoping for a tomorrow.
NaPoWriMo Day 7
Poetry form: Sedoka
ms reluctance Apr 2020
Can’t move
Three, two, one, go!
Open your eyes. No. No.
It’s not real. OPEN YOUR EYES NOW!
Eyes, not yours, watching; hands, not yours, reaching.
Who… what is that at the window?
A dream? But you’re awake,
paralysed, still
can’t move.
NaPoWriMo Day 5
Poetry form: Rictameter
Isabella Mar 2020
waffle Feb 2020
writing about you is like
arranging the alphabet,
looking for possible
typographical error
counting the syllables,
thinking of rhymes

i dont know if i’ll ever
equate words to
how perfect you are
That Guy Feb 2020
speck fell
on the ground.
can't make a sound.
though it sure does try.
"God said let there be light"
"God is dead, and we killed him"
there is no way to clean it up.
there is no too much nor an enough.
for that small speck that fell there on the ground.
they say it was ol' Prometheus
that lent the speck a torch to tame
grown bright's the light of that flame
but black water stays cold
and never needs fuel
it see's it's fall
tries to call
and hits
a small fall on small dirt
That Guy Dec 2019
drip drop
in you pop
black as in plain
my only true friend
please ease my condition
yes appease my addiction
oh lord give me some substance strength
my brain hurts and my soul is aching
if I could rest just a little longer...
  couldn't kick you if i was stronger
dairy would make me a liar
sugar's for dishonest tongues
for your my strong weakness
your heat and sweetness
is bitter-sweet
am i fine
drip drop
Colm Aug 2019
Poetry is
The earth we see
When its tumultuous and green

And syllables
Are the rivers
Carving out valleys deep beneath
I did a pretty in depth analysis on one of my favorite singer/songwriter and the results were surprising. He often crafts lyrics in a very poetic fashion, with an orderly, underlying structure of sorts. Never unwilling to bend or break from the format. But still clever in the ways of syllable-based structuring. Which is cool and makes me want to take better care of my own prose and poetic lines.
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