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That Guy Dec 2019
drip drop
in you pop
black as in plain
my only true friend
please ease my condition
yes appease my addiction
oh lord give me some substance strength
my brain hurts and my soul is aching
if I could rest just a little longer...
  couldn't kick you if i was stronger
dairy would make me a liar
sugar's for dishonest tongues
for your my strong weakness
your heat and sweetness
is bitter-sweet
am i fine
drip drop
Seanathon Aug 2019
Poetry is
The earth we see
When its tumultuous and green

And syllables
Are the rivers
Carving out valleys deep beneath
I did a pretty in depth analysis on one of my favorite singer/songwriter and the results were surprising. He often crafts lyrics in a very poetic fashion, with an orderly, underlying structure of sorts. Never unwilling to bend or break from the format. But still clever in the ways of syllable-based structuring. Which is cool and makes me want to take better care of my own prose and poetic lines.
Lilly F Aug 2019
you **** me softly with every syllable,
your vocals do not make me shake,
but make me stand perfectly still
to make sure I don't miss hearing even a mumble
come from between those lips

pt 2 of series of poems I've been writing: what I love about you
William Jun 2019
Aspen of Appalachia, away,
Bereft from bleating, brooding bovine.
Clay County contrives conspiracy
Doomed, darkened, deceitful. Directed
Eastward at Eastaboga’s emp’ror
Full of most fitting flight, fleeing from
God. Those good graces known given up,
Heartily, exchanged happenstance his
Immortal soul for idolatry.
Jeered at Jehovah, jested Jesus,
Kingdom keeping the kicked knaves knowing
Lowly that the Lord lash little at
Men who make ****** and mudwork made
Nightly. Nefarious no-goods now,
Open but not ostracized. Oh, old
People praise the past per penchant but
Quickly they quit; queerly quell their quest,
Running from redemption and rambling
So he stopped searching, got set soulless,  
Turned to the tantric, tuned to the tumult,
Unburdened with useless unknowns. Up
Verily and vivaciously, vet  
Words which will warrant wonder. Why not
*******, excellent, exuberant?
Yet, ye of yellow faith, yon Yahweh
Zeros the zest of zig-zagged zetas.
Lay the sandbags.

Endless streaming torrent of thoughts,
Carve a new path.

The mind river in which I flail,
But cannot drown.

Leads me to run the anxious mile,
Which never ends.
Emma Jan 2019
Your hair falls, like dark
feathers over your forehead,
too soft for lowly
hands. Your eyes they live beneath,
the hole you live in
reflected there. I bend and
shoulder another
of your burdens. It is all
I can do. You are
trapped, like a prince in a
dream. Or a nightmare.
In my love for you, it feels
as though tenderness
will tear a hole through my heart.
I would carry worlds.
Almost a Haiku. In alternating 5-7-5 syllables.
Madhumita Jan 2019
Red is
I hope it will not be
everything you see when you look
at me.
annh Jan 2019
you're on the tip of my tongue            
not quite fully formed
a word
the one i find so easy to forget

you trip me up
every time
start with a 'g'
three syllables

i've got you...almost                    
ah, that's right
rhymes with attitude                                  

i'm so thankful i remembered you at last
Chloe Chapman Nov 2018
Listen to the rain
Indifferent to the pleas of man
Cleansing all in time
Haiku 5/7/5
Haiku, a poem
five, seven then five morae
has only three lines.
Haiku poem describing haiku
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