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Jul 2020 · 67
Visibly invisible.
B Sonia K Jul 2020
I stand in front of you
Yet, you don’t see me,
I dance around in plain site
Yet, you ignored me
Now you seek me
In the midst of your fears and insecurities.
I am  still right in front of you
Yet, beyond your sights.
But in every blindspots
There you’ll find me...
Jun 2020 · 58
You Kept Me Waiting
B Sonia K Jun 2020
Out in the sun
I stood,
waiting hopelessly
feeling every moisture in my skin dry up
rushing to escape the sun’s unforgiving eyes
I waited,
staring expectantly,
in all directions
‘till the sun forgave me
and sent the moon
still I waited.
May 2020 · 122
I Miss Us.
B Sonia K May 2020
‪I Miss Us,
‪What we could have been‬
‪But never will be.‬
‪I wonder when things changed‬
‪From feelings of intense pleasure from a text‬
‪And smiles at the sight of eachother‬
‪To intolerable presence and snide remarks ‬
‪And growing feelings never stood a chance.‬
‪Our first and last mistake.‬
#Emotions #Deadonarrival
Apr 2020 · 331
On a High Note...
B Sonia K Apr 2020
I am in high spirits today
Idle playfulness and boredom
My constant friends
I have accepted into my day
While I try to forget
Everything wrong that I can’t make right
And on a high note,
I bask in this earth day
A great privilege I must say.
Apr 2020 · 117
Sad Pain.
B Sonia K Apr 2020
Countless times
Thoughts of the future floats within
Accompanied by a speed racing fear
Growing ‘till I’m drenched in cold sweat
Leaving a hard knot where my heart was
And as it cracks,
I’m enraptured in sad pain
Hot tears filling up my thoughts
Forming in my once happy eyes
In full readiness to soak my clothed chest
But of what use?
This pain never leaves.

The purpose of ones existence
Every step forward is crippled
By the heavy weight of discontentment
Nothing feels right
The overwhelming feeling of emptiness
Unhappiness and unproductivity
Overshadowing all seemingly positive efforts
Filling up all happy spaces with sourness
The pleasure and laughter is only temporary?

And it repeats
Again and again
• • •

Well this time,
Even as sad tears form in my eyes
I made a conscious decision to write
All in hope that this sad pain
Will float from cracks in my chest
Through my thoughts and words
Unto this digital sheet
And I may find relief
From this overwhelming fear.

But that won’t happen. Will it?
Raw emotions in  this minute.
Apr 2020 · 68
Chasing Stars
B Sonia K Apr 2020
I try my best to feel nothing
And in that, I feel nothing
No pain, no loss, no disappointment
Or anger.
For passion is my middle name
Every emotion felt and expressed
With intensity beyond explanation

I get scared
That there’s no coming back for me
My broken heart cannot mend
Unlike yours
I just won’t survive
I’ll drown to a depthless death
Leaving an empty shell floating on the surface.
So I leave that switch off.

In all these, I am blameless
Entrusting my fragile heart to another
Is like free falling into an abyss
No landing guaranties
Only uncertainties

They sneak up on me sometimes
Leaving me in a daze
‘Till my body is slammed awake to reality
By my forever guarded heart
Then I fix up the cracked walls
And stay beyond reach.

You seem so certain
Every displayed emotions calculated
The next few moves seemingly planned
I am envious
All your wants seem before you
While I am constantly in search of certainty
Perfection in imperfection
Chasing stars.
Mar 2020 · 66
Here We Are Now.
B Sonia K Mar 2020
A surreal experience
After periods of thoughtfulness
Enlightening to the core
Fueling all decisions
Questioning opportunities missed
And emotions lost
Never to be found again
Or not?

Actions already enacted
In my very thoughts
Now released in an explosion
of pent up frustration
Focused on one point.
Emotions poured out
Like torrential rain

It falls on you
And there’s no room for cover
Only acceptance
As we learn to bask in it
Waves and waves of chills
Left behind by droplets of this rain
Leaving behind fuzziness
And you light headed.

You think I’ve done something to you?
I haven’t even started.
Mar 2020 · 116
Mindful Thoughts.
B Sonia K Mar 2020
The sightless sight
Of a wounded soul
Captured in a rays of blinding darkness
All optical senses a quivering mess
Overshadowed by the pain of being
And of not

Loneliness grips at my heart
Tearing it up with unending tears
Enraptured by future unknown
And beautiful ones never to be had

Set me free!
That I may fill up this empty space
With the unacceptable
I must now accept as a part of me
And willful expressions
I must now acknowledge?

Oh ****!
All complications
The implications of our actions
Done or left undone
Knocking furiously
At the nearly visible doors of our mind

How pointless this must seem
Whatever will be will be
Live and let live.
Feb 2020 · 1.3k
Internet Living.
B Sonia K Feb 2020
So many written down and erased captions,
And recanted decisions to leave as is,
And multiple distractions,
Platitudes and words of gratitude
All written down only to be erased again
And finally an overthought decision
To settle for a hashtag
All for an online post.
Jan 2020 · 76
B Sonia K Jan 2020
Gushing out like liquid from a faucet
The expression of my intense passion for you
The pleasing outcome of riding this tremulous wave
And crashing down beautifully
Into our reality of brimming tension
And secrets left unspoken.
We are living a lie.
Some things are not meant to be.
Jan 2020 · 70
Forget Me Not!
B Sonia K Jan 2020
I thought about you beautifully
Wrote you down carefully
Determined to keep you with me
You're safe and sound with me
But for this glitch
Erasing you completely
Robbing my mind of your glory
With only faint traces of your being
Now a hole in me I keep
But your words forgotten
And the faint sound of your screams
Ringing persistently
Forget me not.
But I did.
Words, Lyrics, and Poems lost, never to be remembered again. All forgotten.
Jan 2020 · 82
B Sonia K Jan 2020
Staring intensely at the screen
Yet, seeing nothing
Only the colors of my thoughts
As they fade into the past
Leaving emptiness in their wake.
Yet, this persistent fullness
Bursting at the seams of my mind
Fills up its over-crowded but empty rooms
With passion and words
And nothingness
Leaving my mind wildly blank
Yet,  expressionless with emotions...
Inexplicable thoughts.
Jan 2020 · 27
B Sonia K Jan 2020
I'm weakened by my thoughts
Yet this void I must fill
With one or another
Yet, none a fit

Trading one for the other
Unsure of the outcome
And afraid of the possibilities
If only I could just stand by a choice?

It creeps in,
Those dark thoughts
Making the right seem wrong
Cripling my mental capacity with its intensity
Tearing down the walls of logic
To bring  in my insecurities
What if I am wrong?

In the end,
you're its slave
'till you take a stand
The awakening of your spine
Tearing it down from its root
'till all that's left before you
Are glorious wins.
Jan 2020 · 53
B Sonia K Jan 2020
Burrowing down ***** rusted tunnels
The unsightly dark slimy beast
Crawling to Oblivion
Covered in a shroud of darkness
An almost empty nothingness

That was my soul
Crippled by limitations
The unending abyss
Grasping at straws
Until the light flooded in
Bathing my soul in the wildfire that is life!
Jan 2020 · 113
Ode To Passion.
B Sonia K Jan 2020
Touch me
In the place of  heightened emotions.
Feel me,
See me,
Without a thought or care for opinions.
For here we both stand
Unclothed with burdensome words
In our freeflow of expressions.

The unguarded heartbeats of my heart
Enraptured by the sight of you,
Emotions pouring torrentially
From temple to our very depths
Evidenced by our dilated pupils
And shy gazes,
Time slowly ticking as you walk in.

Tender touches lingering at night
Eyes closed,
My wandering mind
Journeying to dark secret places
Where passion flows freely
Unrestricted emotions,
Expressions without judgment
Attending to our every needs
Our compatibility unquestionable

Lost in eachother,
We find ourselves
One to another
Without an end
A depthless hunger
Unleashing untamed emotions
Always at your arrival
Rendering speechless my soul
At the blink of your eyes

Satisfy me with your truth
And your touch
Flowing through me
Like liquid fire
Burning away any doubts
Capturing the oppulence that is my mind
Leaving me drenched in passion
Longing to never be free again.

Touch me.
Jan 2020 · 110
The One You Love To Be.
B Sonia K Jan 2020
I will always be
The one you love to be
Not crazed or unsound of mind
With tentacles spread wide,
But sweet and tender
Like roses in summer.

No tough words needed
Where like-minds are gathered
No simple thoughts or expressions
But simple words leaving an impression
Your aspirations and dreams
The soothsaying future you gleaned
It will always be me.
Dec 2019 · 71
B Sonia K Dec 2019
Gyrating bodies
Swimming around in my subconscious
As I stare into eyes similar to mine
Mind filled with angles
Swirling to sonorous sounds

Eyes meeting
Lips lifting
In confirmation of my passion
Brows raised in a question
Surrounding an intense stare of desire

We shall now retire
To our sacred place
Where skin like silk touches the other freely
Bodies curved and bent in adoration
The fulfillment of our desire.
The beginning of a rapid freefall
Into weightless nothingness
Overflowing with overwhelming emotions

All that I read in a stare
And in real time lasted five seconds
And I was a goner.
#Thoughts #Desires #Fiction
Dec 2019 · 69
B Sonia K Dec 2019
Living in contradictions
A slow death
I have killed myself

Trying to uphold expectations
My every breath
In full judgment of myself

Hiding my innermost passions
Moving around in stealth
Limiting myself

One step forward, Two steps backwards
Changing on every opinion
Killing my mind and self
To suit everyone’s purpose

Where am I ?!?
Lost in their definition of me
Now in search of direction
Surrounded by endless distance
Between who I am
And who I ought to be

Now I wait
For the turnabout of a new wind
To ******* to my path
Opening into vast opulence
Saving me from myself
And the endless death I died
Being someone I’m not

Or maybe I’ll cease time
And rewind?
Oct 2019 · 103
Slow Down!
B Sonia K Oct 2019
That yellow sign before oblivion
Looming before me
As I catapulted forward
Over the edges of safety
Into the arms of dangerous waters
Washing over me in tearfully harmony
As I surrendered to its now painless bliss

I faintly recall that yellow sign
If I can just pinpoint what it said?
My thoughts are now drained in murkiness
As comfortable as the softest mattress
******* out all the light in me
Memories pouring
Raining down torrentially
Over my now fading heartbeat

That yellow sign bathed in rusty edges
Stands alone
In the midst of colorless scenery
I see it now and clearly
As my mind slowly tumbles into blackness
That yellow sign
It read “Slow Down”
Jul 2019 · 108
B Sonia K Jul 2019
I got lost in my feelings
Which was lost in a song
This song I sang to her
But, she was deaf to my words.

Arms stretched wide
My heart opened
Whispering my feelings in a song
With Lyrics not too long
But, her enclosed heart rejected my words

Choking on the cloudy evening breeze
Accompanied by a cough and a sneeze
Croaking out words but no song
My feelings now left unsung
But, my feet carries the weight of my words

An explosion of my emotions in reverse
Rejection! not once, not twice
Her ways of rejection now diverse
The more I give,
The more I don’t receive
She is cold and ungiving
She is this world.
Jun 2019 · 355
I Can’t Find Myself!.
B Sonia K Jun 2019
Try as I might,
I feel lost in myself
The myriad of empty rooms
Emptied in itself
Closed doors in my mind
I have trapped myself

Is there any hope
That I might find myself?
I am lost.
May 2019 · 251
In Doubt...
B Sonia K May 2019
I lift up my head
And see nothing.

I close my eyes
And see all that can be

But, eyes wide open
I stepped in doubt
And sank myself.
Don’t be afraid to believe in yourself.
Apr 2019 · 125
In Friendship...
B Sonia K Apr 2019
Surrendering all
I have fooled myself
My enemy is still my enemy
And my friend I now trust not.
Standing alone,
Burnt and blistering skin
Under this scalding sun
My whole world unfolding
Fingers pointing in opposite directions
The road ahead I yet cannot see
The coolness of the shadows
A thousand miles away
A journey I cannot take alone
Who will walk with me?
Steering me through this scalding sun
Who will tend to my wounds and scars?
I must learn to trust again.
#trust #friendship #love
Mar 2019 · 1.6k
B Sonia K Mar 2019
Surrounded by darkness
Shadows after shadow
All in stealthy movements
Looking to devour the unknowing,
Cataracts of murky waters unfolding
To cultivate an abysmal knowledge of possession
Laying in wait

Surrounded by shadows
The unknowing gullible prey
Gallivanting in the coolness of the shadows
Traveling on unpaved roads
In company of the unseemly
Glorying in a flowery mask of gloomy interactions
A facade capturing the mind of a dunce

Sounds of laughter in triumph
Emanating from the shadows
A perfectly plan of possession
With full-on persuasion
Fastidious dressing on a palatable decision
Congratulatory claps and smacks
At a job well done
Oblivious of an impending failure
Coated in a ray of light

The sun rays stands at attention
Catapulting its existence
Into the murky waters
Shooting its rays through a pinhole
With boundless powers
Yet seeking a limitless entrance
With the unknowing gullible prey at the door
Holding a key in a game of indecision
Salivating over the promises in the shadows
And the fulfillment of lascivious desires

The sun awaits your attention
Banging at the door gently
With healthy promises
The high heavens can checker
With words spoken larger than life
Saturating every nook and cranny
With light, life and love
And a thundering presence
Annihilating every shadows is its path.

Doors open
A pinhole becoming a tearing limitless ****
The sun rays stretching forth
Inciting a dance with its panther like gait
Over-powering the sniveling shadows
Punctured deceptive walls left behind
Emptying shadows filled up with light
On its face a triumphant grin.

In the shadows
I opened the door to the light of the sun
I was the unknowing gullible prey,
Mar 2019 · 2.5k
Two Pink Lilies
B Sonia K Mar 2019
Rising from the abyss of greens
Surrounded by murky waters
They stretch their arms wide
Basking in the warmth of the sun
Its welcoming rays
Erasing ugly memories of their birth.
Mar 2019 · 103
Arrogance Says Hi
B Sonia K Mar 2019
They saw me thinking
And expected something deep
But my thoughts I'll keep
Presenting a depthless surface
As transparent as lace
For my thoughts are heavily weighted
And my words?
They cannot comprehend
Mar 2019 · 1.1k
Yes, Trust No One!
B Sonia K Mar 2019
I once told a friend a secret
It reached all and strangers
across the great wide deep oceans
opened a can of worms
Some of which crawled back to me
Wiggling tails and flexing muscles
Inch by slippery inch
A brooding ocean on their backs
And I stood paralyzed in awe
As it overcame me.
Mar 2019 · 669
Passage to Growth
B Sonia K Mar 2019
Fortified with a lust for life
Twirling in this velvety taste of wine
Compressed in between squeezing bodies
On a fast pace through this rough road

Strange entanglement unraveling
Unbridled thoughts ceased in synchronicity
Captured in this twist of fate
Surrounded by unaligned thoughts
Moving in opposite directions

Together, our thoughts we amassed,
Lost in retrospect,
Minds occupied with past journeys
Travails we overcame,
Swimming through muddy waters
Our dreams almost blinded us

Absorbed into ever-glowing possibilities
A push, pull or spiral
Some to revealing lascivious desires
Previously dampened by propriety

Choices made and yet unmade
With unpredictable certainties
Picking up piece by piece
Dreams broken
And ideas torn in shreds
Lounging around in incalculable distance
In the aftermath of explosive criticisms

Drenched in the scent of maturity
Gold passes through fire
And we come out whole
An upsurge of determination
Aligned with our creative juice
And may the best ideas win.
Feb 2019 · 255
This Song.
B Sonia K Feb 2019
It speaks words to me
Whispers of sounds around me
A carriage of voices exploding  within me
Floating in joyous harmony inside me
Lightens my feet and leads me
Into a sensuous dance it drives me
Arms waving like winded trees around me
A bright light shining upon me
It lifts me
And I levitate towards the light above me
A light I can only see inside me
In the words it speaks to me
All in this song, sang to me.
Feb 2019 · 223
Be Gone!
B Sonia K Feb 2019
Loud and loud are my thoughts
And I am its prisoner
A rebel to myself
Drowning in waves of somersaulting waters
Surrounded by the salty taste of helplessness
In the abyss of overlapping voices
Booming tremulously
Silencing my willful spirit.
Steering me into a void

But that was before I realized,
I am in control of my thoughts
And only have to say two words

Feb 2019 · 171
B Sonia K Feb 2019
He sat next to the source of his innermost longing
With only an empty pocket to buy nothing
He glared at it lustfully
And hated its very existence
For this road only leads south.

His mouth watering
Body shaking
This lustrous temptation hard to resist
Snaked his hand around the basket
Snatching some, he ran
And right by the corner
His travails began
Again, he’s lost in the abyss of lustful destruction.
We watched it all with sadness
In mind, all our failed helpful attempts
Rejected with contempt
Now we’re helpless.

We are all addicted
One to substance
Others to failure
Harder and harder
We try again.
An ode to addiction.
We need to work harder and smarter on new ideas to stop drug abuse and substance addiction.
Failure only begets failure
Feb 2019 · 299
A Golden Haired Boy
B Sonia K Feb 2019
We met by chance
And not at a dance
We are so different
But he’s oh so persistent
I’m of the law
And he’s of the world
Of his golden hair, I cared not
But speak against it, I shall not
So we dance around
Ignoring all the things we can’t talk about
Boy, oh boy
Very pleasant in nature
Consistently persistent in his request
However strong my resolve is
I just might like a golden haired boy.
Jan 2019 · 285
Show Me Your Face!
B Sonia K Jan 2019
My mind screams louder than my voice
An explosion of anger
Ruining this sublime grace and beauty
Painful currents
Flowing in my blood stream
On a frequency of endless pace
The pain of frustration joins in
Faith and logic in battle
After countless mantles bought
Struggle to struggle to struggle
I cannot see your face

This debate
Dancing around my brain
Dragging me down
Into an abyss of endless agony
And my faith just almost fails me
After nights of endless intercession
And daily prayers in tongues
I cannot feel your presence

I stretch my ears
I raise my face
I hear and see
Wonders and wonders you have done
And I know you’re there
Your words surround me
The warmth in this biting cold
I blink and salty waters you’ve made
Like waterfall
Cascades down in heavenly designed drops
Drenching the bed I once laid
I cannot hear you

I am drowning in longing
Listen to the yearnings of my heart
Speak to me
Stop this biting pain in my chest
Can you see me?
I lift myself in supplication
It’s all you
For I am small and vulnerable
And you are larger than life
Show me your face!
The humble request of the down-trodden
Jan 2019 · 750
I Became The Sun
B Sonia K Jan 2019
I stared at the sun
Until it blinded me
I ran and hid
That I may recover
In the darkness
But I still couldn’t see
I came back to the sun
Its light overtook me
And we became one
There was no more darkness to run to
And I heard the sun say
“You’re mine and I’m yours”
Then,  I became the sun.
Jan 2019 · 1.6k
In Transit.
B Sonia K Jan 2019
Transiting through and true
My coming and going has now become my undoing
From one place to the next
Never giving a rest
The constant vibration of my body cells
The resultant energy drain
Hunger pangs like ringing bells
Now a friendly foe.

Time passing by
Dashing out of every corner and place
With tongue covered in dry dust
And arms filled with heat of the weather
To give me a lick and a hug
Oh, what a bother
Jumping from bike
To cars
To busses and train
To a destination unknown
Just a movement with time
With memories worth more than a dime
From one place to the next
Never giving a rest
Come hunger and sun
Come Weakness and rain
With the freezing cold of greying age
Indulging time with its uncaring gaze

I will persist
For all I know is
I am in transit.
Jan 2019 · 128
My Pride
B Sonia K Jan 2019
It's been a while.
My pride,
It held me back
Filled me up with pretence
I don't need you, it said
But for you my heart bled
A longing so strong,
My pride almost fled

It has been a while.
My pride,
It grips so strong
Blocking my every part
Tearing my world apart
Stitches cannot mend
Happiness just around the bend
Beyond my very reach
A lesson in sheer will and motivation
My thoughts could teach

It’s been a while.
My pride,
You need to let go
Your protective cloak around me
Is now torn and falls around me
There is a new world out there
Where I won’t need to live in despair
My tender heart yearns
Gently but fervently
seeking a new beginning
A longing so strong
My pride fled.
Dec 2018 · 222
I Didn’t Listen.
B Sonia K Dec 2018
That familia voice said to me
Listen to me
Restrain yourself
Your heart is in the right
But examine yourself
Your actions can’t be right
Stay away for some time
Try to be by yourself
Extricate yourself
From emotional dependence
Your life hanging on to impossibilities
The morality line can’t be crossed
Leave your hearts untouched.

I didn’t listen,
And it started
A chain of events
Dominoes falling
Crumbling faster than the speed of light
And now our hearts are breaking
More than was expected
Tears stains covered by a mask of laughter
Stronger than a mouth could utter
I didn’t listen.

I wish I could turn back the hands of time
And ignore the emotional magnet
For we’re now doom’s target
Emotions not worth a dime.
Next time I’ll listen.
Dec 2018 · 619
Yes, I Felt It
B Sonia K Dec 2018
I felt it
The cold and warm breeze on my skin
As he spoke
Words that made my heartbeat quicken
The resonating vibrations of his voice
It flowed through me
Cascading down
Melting my icicle heart
And along with it, my fears,
And all my walls of insecurities
Are broken down
A cataclysmic shift
My mind now adrift
Consciously, yet cautiously searching
Looking to merge with his
Melted ice
Broken walls
All give way.
His words
They vibrates through me,
Opening me up from within
Yes, I felt it.
Dec 2018 · 618
Sunbeam Rapsody
B Sonia K Dec 2018
The rays of the sun
Shines through the transparent glass window
Illuminating the room
Sunbeams playing around
With shadows on the ground
My gaze upon a golden figure
Glowing in the standing mirror
Teasing me
Into a world of timelessness
And endless whispers
Roaring within me
With laborious vigor
It’s heat most appealing
In this dry cold.
Shadows appearing on the edges
At the end of the sun’s rays
Dancing on the edges
Taunting me
Yet teasing me
With unspoken words
A glamorous invitation
To a sonorous congregation
In the shadows
Beyond the rays of the sun.
Dec 2018 · 121
I Hunger
B Sonia K Dec 2018
I was hungry
You fed me not
So I drank a few glasses of water
Hoping it’ll curb my hunger
But that it did not
So I drank a few more
But I hunger still
My bladder full
But this pressing need
Has now made me your fool
So I beg you.
Dec 2018 · 233
They Trudge in Slimy Waters
B Sonia K Dec 2018
Careless with their lives
They slog in infested slimy waters
In rubber shoes covered in holes
Merging bodies with all the inhabitants of the world beneath their feet
They trudge on

They’re deceptive
Picking up dirts to throw it back in
In those times they’re not seen
Or so they believe

They’ve reduced themselves
To the dirt they feed themselves
And they care not
Their pores clogged with infested slimy waters

Exhibiting animalistic behaviors
They’ve now become barbarians
“Buy us water”,
They cry together.
He who is living a deceptive life
Trudging around in the slimy waters
A place no one has sent them

They feed themselves with those slimy hands?
It’s no wonder their mate died
I stamp my feet in anger!
Do they not see the danger?

I do not feel pity for them
Their state of being
Though perplexing it seems
They chose this.
Their families I weep for
Bodies coated with infested slimy waters
They go home.
Dec 2018 · 302
Explosive News
B Sonia K Dec 2018
Sit Still,
Try to Relax
I’m only just beginning...
Dec 2018 · 201
B Sonia K Dec 2018
In tune with my mind, my body drives
I have just grown into myself
Focused on goals I made myself
Blissfully unaware of how the world around me thrives
For comfort I seek
In myself I believe
But, hard my goals drive
The driving force behind it, all on the inside
And on the outside, I appear meek
But, push that aside,
For in my veins flow strength and power
And roaring fire
A burning desire
Building oh so fervently
My glorious empire
So, I stand tall.
Dec 2018 · 95
B Sonia K Dec 2018
I always pride myself on being wildly imaginative
And creative
Which has fueled my artistic passion,
When inspiration strikes,
Words, sounds,
Colours, pictures
They fill up my vision
Poking at my mind
Like sharp pikes...
An unseen force taking control
My hands with a mind of their own
And I just write
Word flowing
Images glowing
Pressure building up in my head
And I just write
‘till all is silent like the dead.

And it all begins again.
Dec 2018 · 220
Half Baked
B Sonia K Dec 2018
There is a difference between pretence and adaptation
Your mind constantly in motion
Rising up to the occasions
Depending on different sitiations.
To the British I speak English
To the Polish, I speak Polish
To the rich, I am rich
And not just in manner of speech
It's not pretence
It just makes sense
Adapting to every situation
A constant change with diverse emotions
Not just an illusion
There are established illustrations
To everything there are two sides
Upsides and downsides
What I call adaptation
Some call pretence
When I give an illustration
Some come to my defence
My aspiration to be better than I am
My conviction to change who I am
Has turned into deception
Leaving behind frustration.
The constant changes has its effect
Some might call it a defect
Just like trying to learn 10 languages at the same time
In the end all you have is half-baked knowledge not worth a dime.
This is my current situation
To which I can't find a solution
Because I adapt?  
Or a pretend?
You decide if this is a upside,
Or a down side.
In the end, a position I must take,
I am Half-baked.
Dec 2018 · 678
Creative Juice
B Sonia K Dec 2018
It fuels my imagination
Intensifies my passion
And directs my emotions

Overwhelm me and let me create.
Dec 2018 · 68
Turn Me On...
B Sonia K Dec 2018
I saw you naked in my dream as you walk to me.
Your arms around me as you talk to me
All my emotions exploding
Your expressions all knowing
I want you, you whisper
My response, a breathless shiver
And deep down south I quiver
I still feel your touch when you're not around
Just to catch a glimpse of you, when I turn around.
Oh the excitement of you touch
Overriding all my conscious thoughts
Yet conscious of my blood pumping
Like molten lava flowing through my veins
Endorphins and dopamine crowding my brain
I want you, you whisper
My response, a breathless shiver
And deep down south I quiver
My heart, a whistling song
In your arms I come undone
jumping at every touch and  graze
Quivering in anticipation
Oh, I smell our passion
Like a shimmering heat
Sweat dripping as they roll off my skin
A Cascade of chain reactions

You've struck a match to this dynamite
And there's no room to duck out of sight
'cos I'm a quivering mess
And I want you no less.
As we explore this fire between us,
We face an impending explosion
An ******* expectation
I want you, you whisper
My response, a breathless shiver
And way down south I quiver
A fiery tiger unleashed
We'll be horizontal for weeks
In a wet cocoon of private entanglement
Oh, how you turn me on
In inexplicable ways
I can't but try to explain
A shivering bliss.

©2018 Busola S. Kolade.
Dec 2018 · 1.5k
Wouldn't You?
B Sonia K Dec 2018
White Head Phones
Blue head band
Wearing the shirt I bought her

Golden earrings
Golden wrist watch
As Golden as the sun

Feigning ignorance
In the face of romance
I think I like her

Wouldn't you?
Dec 2018 · 3.7k
The L Beggars
B Sonia K Dec 2018
They line the streets
And on every  corner
One "ailment" or the other
A family,  sometimes brother and sister.

Crying in a song
Singing with one voice
All covered up in fake injuries
Lamenting about past glories

They line the streets
Crowding every corner
Always a bother
Clinging to our knees
In their torn dresses

Keep them away from us
Stop them from touching us
With their deceptive illusions
Appealing to our emotions
With empathetic persuasions
And now our money is gone.
Dec 2018 · 269
Wake Up!
B Sonia K Dec 2018
Moving in slow motion
Discrediting the old notion
Standing still
hands on the window sill
Feeling the vibrations
Within the walls
Watching opinions clashing
As Deafening as horns blaring
No decision can be made here

Dusk to Dawn to Dusk
The same noise
Over and over again
Oblivious of the wallflower
The self appointed refree
Now as invisible and the paint beneath the wallpaper.
Who is in the right, here?

Silence, I say quietly
Silence, I shout more loudly
We're in an insomnic haze
Arguing over what we know not
They've made us mindless,
Zombies living on lies.
Wake Up!
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