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William Allen Jan 16
I made my way to the front.

The invitation was subtle.

The cold gray stones
under the pressure of my heels.


Drew my hands, ever so familiar.

I pressed up the aged steps
to a door of old wood & character.
Its constitution still intact and uncompromised.

An iron handle, worn smooth from visitors past,
waited for my embrace
and the latch, warm to the touch,
gave way under my eager thumb.
This is part V of a ten-part story titled, "Effulgence: A Story of Light."

B Sonia K Dec 2018
The rays of the sun
Shines through the transparent glass window
Illuminating the room
Sunbeams playing around
With shadows on the ground
My gaze upon a golden figure
Glowing in the standing mirror
Teasing me
Into a world of timelessness
And endless whispers
Roaring within me
With laborious vigor
It’s heat most appealing
In this dry cold.
Shadows appearing on the edges
At the end of the sun’s rays
Dancing on the edges
Taunting me
Yet teasing me
With unspoken words
A glamorous invitation
To a sonorous congregation
In the shadows
Beyond the rays of the sun.
Jamie Word Nov 2018
do not make me a fire

I carry warmth

do not build me a home

I have a body

do not bring me flowers 

I am in bloom 

But, yes!

come and wade 

in the rosy skirts of my fire

Come and help 

me explore my home 

Come and be witness 

to my bloom

Its your presence and hand that strengthens my roar.
Nothing more. 


Fear my fire, 

And your wishes of blisters be blessed

Pillage my home,

And it's your soul who suffers the conquest

And deny my bloom

... Deny my bloom? 

What a precarious mission for you to presume.
Kora Sani Oct 2018
there you are
sleeping in my mind again
second-guessing your presence
still hurts every now and then

a long-term visitor
overstaying your welcome
my heart was your home
now that feeling is seldom

the blame is on me
it's my fault in the end
there's no disguising that
i'm the one who invited you in
OpenWorldView Sep 2018
Gift me a little of your time
for a meal under blue and green.
Gift me hours of your happiness
for a meal where flowers blossom.
Irina BBota Sep 2018
I received a letter, written on a brown piece of paper,
with my name beautifully written in a diagonal line,
it said: “-Sweetheart, please keep a dance for me!
A first important dance at a traditional wedding! Be mine!

Let your black hair fall in waves, in messy, loose curls!
For I can bathe forever in the dark blue of your eyes!
Let's have the Sun, the Moon, and thousands of stars invited,
for our love will endure, it will burn in fire in the skies!

Let me enjoy that dance until the last signs
of your smile that will contradict me in deep silence,
not to get scared by the force of other mannered fellow,
I want to live the sweet life and reach out to the horizons!”

Breathless sweat began to burn my cheeks,
having the smile as lightning in the darkness of the night,
the heart bounced for a while, then began to lament
for the fear of flying towards the sky, holding me tight.

“-You will forget that dance, as if nothing had happened
on the unbeaten territory of the heart on some maps,
the colourful laughter will turn into an immaculate white
because love is worth living, don't ever let it collapse!”
Try Aug 2018
this invite is for those looking for growth and change for they will stay while those blind to the disarray will fade away. its simple for its how the game is played. this isn't about debate its about creating our own fate.

Nathalie Jul 2018
Life invites you take a chance
Prompts you to walk
Through unknown forests
Of your psyche,
Pushes you to awaken
Draw from your light,
Instead of staying huddled
Behind masks of insecurities

Will you welcome this invitation
With resistance or an open heart
Will you choose to withdraw
In comfort without knowing why
Instead of falling into the void
Allowing your veil to lift
Tapping into life’s pool
Of wisdom and mysteries

Will you be ready to greet
Your potential, the one
Housed inside of you
Sparked by a connection
Born from the divine
Leaving old drafts of self
Behind mirrors of smoke
And live again…

Karijinbba Jul 2018
You are invited to come
to dine with me
From now through all Eternity, Believe in the father, Son, and the Holy Ghost
And dine with the Lord
as your host
To live in Heaven Eternally,
All you must do is.? 

Kariinbba: Inspired by bible.
For years I looked at this words framed on my walls along with Foot Prints"until I remembered Lancelott my knight had mailed it to me on a card 40 years ago and just Like that he pierced my heart with his bow, his ray of light and my cup of thorns was no more
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