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6.8k · Sep 2016
The Sparrow Speaks
Sam Sep 2016
The dove left awhile ago.
The flamingo stared as it flew away.
The sparrow sat silently,
watching and observing,
Knowing that eventually one would break.
What the flamingo doesn't know, hurts it.
The dove, in fact,has had its wings broken before.
It was said that the wings were broken to no repair.
The dove was paralyzed, could feel no pain.
It was numb, it was in vain.
The sparrow sat patiently on the side.
It helped the dove get back in line,
Time was the true healer.
The sparrow watched as the dove failed,
The sparrow watched as the dove grew,
The most important part,
is that the dove overcame.
Even the sparrow thought there was no return,
though it never said it, it believed it.
Until one day, the sparrow looked out,
and saw the dove flying away.
The dove had healed, the dove was free.
The numbness went down and it began to see.
Now, this is a message for the flamingo to hear,
The sparrow has everything to fear.
The dove never wanted to fly away and not come back,
Yet the flamingo desires exactly that.
The dove was able to overcome their pain,
so I believe the flamingo can do the same.
It takes time, it takes patience,
but in the end, it is worth it.
The world will be clearer, and the flowers brighter.
The sparrow can not wait,
until the day the flamingo can fly away.
But to fly away with its own wings,
with its own strength,
to have overcome this obstacle,
and finally be free.
The sparrow will wait patiently for that day,
Helping all the way.
The flamingo will soar high,
not has high as the heavens,
because it will be low enough to where it can fly back,
Back to where the sparrow sits patiently,
for the help it can give once more.
2.8k · Sep 2016
Help Unwanted
Sam Sep 2016
The starling is in need of help.
It believes its wings are dull and colorless,
It believes the other birds look down at it,
It believes it has no place.
It needs to learn,
learn that it does in fact have a position,
to be right next to the flamingo.
The flamingo can help it,
make it forget all of its insecurities.
Then the flamingo will finally be happy,
and the starling's mind will be at peace once more.
2.6k · Dec 2016
Glass Record
Sam Dec 2016
Mama, Why am I going with this strange man?
For your safety, my dear
But Mama, he scares me, he's hurt me, everywhere, I don't feel safe
Oh honey, It's okay. It's what all girls do.
But-but...I love you, I love Papa, I don't wanna leave you.
It is your duty, child, we need the money. If you love us, go.

The conversation runs through her head,
over and over the broken record plays.

Innocence of a child, lost.
Lost in the broken glass.
Shards tear at the skin,
Making sure she never forgets.

Hope is pushed into her life,
Freedom is near*, she thinks.
glass shatters
He knocked over another vase,
Another rock was thrown through the window.
Another piece of her life, came crashing down.

As soon as she believes,
Believes in what could have been,
What should be lived...
glass shatters.*

Glass shards, impossible to mend.
The shattering, the damage,
Hopeless to rectify,
Hopeless to continue.
Child Marriage-such an awful thing
I wrote this for a project, thought I'd share it here
2.5k · Feb 2017
Delicate Flower
Sam Feb 2017
Positive words of wisdom,
spread through the cool, dry air.
Feeling the whispering wind,
brush swiftly across my hair.

Daffodils spreading sunshine,
Roses giving warmth,
Orchids beaming bright
continuing to sway back and forth.

A beautiful lotus gleaming above all,
floating in the sparkling pond.
The sun glistens in the water below,
radiating across, far and beyond.
I finally have happiness-I'm not letting people drag me down.
1.9k · Nov 2016
Sam Nov 2016
Sometimes it's just better to put a smile on your face,
keep your head held high,
And Just keep moving forward.

Only a few will notice,
The lack of a sparkle in your eye,
They will continue to help you,
*Just keep moving forward.
I stay hidden :)
1.6k · Dec 2016
[S]he Stayed Strong
Sam Dec 2016
She once thought she was strong,
She once believed she could take it all.

She sat, picking flowers,
giving them to her Mama,
as a sign of happiness and love.

She pranced through the halls,
in her long flow-y gown,
being told she could be whatever she wanted.

She became the little tom boy, with her hat on backwards.
She ran 'round with her brother and friends,
and used him as her role model.

As she grew older, she realized...
She was more like her brother than she expected.
But she's not alone.

He was alone.
He envies what she has,
What he lacked.

She realizes the mistakes,
The terrible things she should've stopped,
and the things she never started.  

He had no one,
She has two.
He told nobody,
She told few.
He was secretive,
but she knew.

She once thought she was strong,
She once believed she could take it all...
she once thought she could give up.

She reminds herself, He didn't.
He had no one, but he stayed strong.

He survived. She tells herself,
*So can you.
1.6k · Feb 2017
Sam Feb 2017
The feel of you in my arms,
pressing closer to me when I move.
Completely safe with each other,
wrapped up together all night.
Problems flow into my mind,
then completely dissipate.
They dissolve into the wind,
because they don't matter.
Knowing I can wake up next to you,
and your lips there awaiting mine.
Your hand held tightly around me,
never letting me go.
It gives me the comfort and happiness,
I haven't had in months.

*You make me, *me again
1.6k · Jan 2017
Hello Again
Sam Jan 2017
Words of mystery,
have became known.
Words of disguise,
were rightly shown.

Hidden no more,
under the brush they lay.
For everyone knew,
what they planned to say.

Words scribbled down,
on piles of paper.
Every single one,
would diminish and taper.

You call that poetry?
they say with a frown.
Classified as a poet,
you're only a let down.

Words of mystery,
kept concealed.
Words of disguise,
not tightly sealed.

Scribbling away,
at the endless works.
Never moving past,
the broken waterworks.

Here I write away,
those silly old scraps.
And pray dear god,
that I'll never relapse.

Done with the pointlessness
Done with the wrath,
I'm ready to move on,
to journey on the path.

Words of mystery,
closed once more,
Words of disguise,
never like before.
-January 11, 2017-
Before I left, my poetry, was not poetry anymore.
When I first started writing, before this page,  I would rhyme, make the  words lyrical. I would work hours on end on one poem to make it perfect to my liking. It soon turned into me writing one quickly, and posting, without me looking it over. I'm not saying by any means this is wrong to do, because I  still love doing it. I'm saying for myself, a goal is to bring back the lyrical poems, every once and awhile, because, hey, why not.
1.5k · Oct 2016
Society's Happiness
Sam Oct 2016
It’s all in how we look,
How we act.

Limits our expression,
Shows us what we can and can’t be.

We are told to be perfect,
Told what to look like and how to act.
Each day, something new is added
whether it is something to be skinnier,
Or something to change our face.

We are roped into a battle,
Being dragged by society's standards.
The words used are like guns.
Each hurtful phrase heard
is like a bullet tearing through the heart.

It hurts to hear society’s views,
Society’s opinions.

What do we follow?
We are told to be ourselves,
But who is that?

Ourselves. Myself. Yourself.
The people we are trying to figure out.
The people who we want to find,
But can’t.

We are pressured and indoctrinated with styles,
With trends,
With things that are “normal.”

What is Normal?
Who came up with this silly term?

Something everyone is striving to be,
But lose themselves trying to find.
Something everyone longs to be called,
Even if it hurts their reality.
Something everyone is forced into,
With nobody knowing the true outcome.

Is what people think when they see people who are not “normal.”
People who do not fit society’s standards,
Society’s expression.

What people don’t see, is the happiness.
The people who you deem “not normal,”
Have found themselves.
Have found who they truly are,

Is what you get when you finally find yourself,
When you can express who you are freely,
Without fear of being hurt, or judged.

Is what you get when everyone is equal,
When everyone was the same rights,
Without loopholes and sly backdoors.

is you.
Who you are.
Not society’s view,
But your own expression.

Who is Free.
Who is Joyful.
You, who is Happy.
Writing a poem for my English class,
still in the editing process, but I like where it is now, so I figured I'd post it :)
1.3k · Sep 2016
The Little Robin
Sam Sep 2016
Whenever the sparrow falls,
it's there to catch it.
The robin watches the sparrow,
encouraging it to fly high, to reach their dreams.
The robin said something to the sparrow today,
The puzzle was put in place.
The sparrow is content,
the sparrow is happy,
because the little young robin,
made everything okay.
Thank You <3
1.3k · Apr 2017
Emergency Room
Sam Apr 2017
Rushing down the halls,
Grabbing the keys

Eyes burning, arms shaking,
Inability to concentrate on the road
Faster, ******.

He can barely breathe,
My little brown eyes
Hang in there buddy, come on.

Little body quivering,
Puppy eyes stare at me in fright
Its okay, lil' brown eyes, we love you.

Car slams on the breaks,
Doors rush open, full sprint inside
Stay with us boy, don't leave us.

Taken away, medically examined
Clock ticks by, slower..slower..
How long, How long does it take?

Doctors come and go
Paper work after paper work
I don't care, let me see my baby.

Little Puppy, comes back with delight
Medication given, and thankfully taken
You did it bud bud, you're still here.

Life is taken for granted
Once tugged at, we hold on tight
*We love you, patches, thank you for staying.
1.3k · Jan 2017
Sam Jan 2017
The shrill of metal
wailing through the night
Screams and shouts heard for miles
as the lawn is bright with light
The feeling of chills
through the bones of each member
The first note is played
the crowd cannot be contained
Singers voice echos
as the drums pound behind them
Each move made
Feeling the beat
*Feeling the energy
I've been to so many country concerts, but I'd do anything to travel back in time, and go to an 80's rock concert. Yes, some bands still preform now, but its not the same atmosphere.
My Dad once told me, "You thought country concerts were wild? You'd never been to a true rock concert then. The moment the guitar player lets out the first note, the energy in the crowd is unbelievable"
mfkdsios oh what i'd give!
1.3k · May 2017
Point of No Return
Sam May 2017
The sparrow has turned into a hawk.
I will not apologize for learning how to fly,
but I will apologize for falling in the garden,
trampling over the orchids as I took flight.
How is the sparrow supposed to fly,
knowing she tore the orchids to shreds?
1.3k · Oct 2016
Confessions #4
Sam Oct 2016
Distractions, Distractions.
I need Distractions.

The tears, The tears.
They never stop flowing.

The pain, The pain.
It screams from my body.

The blood, The blood.
I need to stop.

Distractions, Distractions.
I need Distractions.

but there are no distractions
everything is a reminder
1.3k · Jan 2017
Sam Jan 2017
a sadness in the mind,
clouds the judgement,
dawning a new beginning.

though heard of by most,
most deny the fact,
controlling every move.

its unwanted,
its miserable.
it never goes away.

tried and true
broken and beaten
tattered and lost

thrown to the floor
forced to be upset
forced to relive everything

taking your every move,
taking your every being.

*It's toxic
January 7, 2017
Jealousy is a horrible weakness of mine...
1.1k · Nov 2016
Unattainable Dreams
Sam Nov 2016
I miss writing,
Writing the happy poems,
the ones before my mind left me.

The ones about fantasy,
about the me I desired to become.

All those have left this brain of mine,
The reality forbids I cross this threshold.
I know the truth in all, crushing the dreams I once had.

I am no longer confused, just curious.
I know not what I should.

I have lost myself,
and can never be found.
*To this realm I am eternally bound.
1.1k · Oct 2016
Sam Oct 2016
The genres in life,
change everything.

Feeling happy:

Feeling confused:

Feeling upset:
Hard Rock

Feeling sad:
Slow Country

Feeling powerful:

Feeling excited:

Music can change moods,
It can be played anytime.
When it matches up with the mood,
Circuts connect,
Everything finally feels right.
998 · Sep 2016
Sam Sep 2016
It's beauty is endless.
The notes it sings,
the music it plays.
Each guitar is unique,
Each has a different style.
As I play, I am happy.
Double slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs.
Playing the same riff over and over,
until your fingers hurt from the strings.
The feeling you get when you master a riff,
and play it with the song.
You feel unstoppable, You feel happy,
I feel me.
956 · Nov 2016
Sam Nov 2016
The fear of small spaces,
confined spaces.

Back against the wall,
the walls are closing in.
There is no escape,
from the rake on the skin.

Balled in a blanket,
desiring to be confined.
Pulling in closer,
and quieting the mind.

Sounds of screams,
blare in the ear.
Music gets louder,
trying to make everything disappear.
I am claustrophobic
Yet lately the tighter ball I wrap myself in
the more comfortable I feel
950 · Sep 2016
Sam Sep 2016
Help me for I don't,
I don't know what's going on.
Im still here,
For what?
I don't know.
Ask the bracelet,
It shall tell all.
931 · Sep 2016
The Symbol of Love
Sam Sep 2016
You say its pretty,
I see it as a symbol.
a symbol of hope. Freedom.
colors blend together, showing unity
the unity desired by many,
fought for by few.
we all want it.
we all chase it.
only to find out, it can never be reached.
no matter how far you drive,
how far you walk.
you will never reach
that *** of gold,
that sits patiently
at the end of every rainbow
927 · Mar 2017
Hmm Uh
Sam Mar 2017
I have Salt
Salt Salt Salt
Salty Salt
*for Chem
Tribute to a good friend of mine
RIP our minds in AP Chem
922 · Mar 2017
Sam Mar 2017
Snow is a good thing, right?
The wind howls,
creating icy burns on the skin
and the snow flies,
whirling in circles
to block the sunlight.
Creating slippery roads,
and dangerous conditions. snow really a good thing?* they whisper.
838 · Oct 2016
Sam Oct 2016
It will always hurt,
the pain will never go away.

Knowing what is known now,
Knowing the hope given for the future,
replaces some of the hurt, with hope.

Memories are never to be forgotten,
yet the past is the past.

Dwelling on what can't be changed,
hinders the continuation of life.

Picking up the baggage will take some time.
Moving on all together will still be the hardest thing to accomplish.

But when the final bag is put on the truck,
and all that has to be done is to drive away,
I will smile, reach over to the dial, and turn on the car radio.

As I pull out of the driveway, the radio will be at its highest,
because looking back, I'll be able to say,
That the music had never faded away.
Thank you for a sense of peace and hope for the future.
Never forget that I, as well as Mom, is always here.
The friendship may have died,
but the sisterhood lives on forever,
even if spoken words are never shared between.
804 · Nov 2016
Sam Nov 2016
Happiness is brief.
Held in the grasp,
until reminded once more,
of what was lost,
and what can never be the same.
I'm trying to stay positive,
I'm trying not to be scared.

*It's not working
793 · Oct 2016
There is a reason
Sam Oct 2016
The sun rises,
The sky gets grey.

The internet runs,
The phone dies.

The music blares,
The dark stays.

The shade stays closed,
The door says shut.

There is a reason,
*for everything
775 · Feb 2017
New Beginnings
Sam Feb 2017
When I think of you,
It's different for awhile
It's crazy, I know
but all I do is smile.

You don't mean to,
I'm sure I'm overthinking.
How could someone like you,
Even think of sinking?

Sinking to the level of me,
The human I've become.
Yet apparently I am the one
who makes your heart drum.
770 · Sep 2016
Sam Sep 2016
Im not jealous of you,
Im not jealous of her.
I dont like you like that anymore.
What I am jealous of, is what you both have.
You have a relationship.
Someone to hold you,
Someone to cuddle with,
Someone to give soft kisses to,
and Someone to be yourself around.
I'm over you,
just not over it.
739 · Nov 2016
Past Solidifies Within
Sam Nov 2016
Rays shimmer off, like the sun on the water,
reflecting its beauteous stature.
Amber captures the moments,
holds them forever.
Soft, smooth, and unforgettable.
Confidence glitters within,
Elegance dazzles the exterior.
I kinda changed it to crystals?
I might go back to the red serpent, but i think the crystals describe this better
so two series at once i guess haha
736 · Apr 2017
Why does it bother me?
Sam Apr 2017
Is it because I'm worried?
Is it because I'm scared?
I just-it hurts...
I wish she knew it hurts...
715 · Jul 2017
Sam Jul 2017
Congratulations,* I whisper,
feeling myself sink in my chair
further down, hoping nobody will notice.
My heart is pounding,
pumping the terrors
that run through my veins.
I don't necessarily understand,
though I know **** well
what's ahead of me.
Good Luck, is whispered back,
answering my acclaim.
*You'll need it.
713 · Oct 2016
Sam Oct 2016
Around and around,
there is no end.
Just continues forever
When I was a little girl,
I loved spinning.
Rides at the park,
the slides took me on an adventure.
I would twirl around,
Just to feel my long hair blow in the wind.
Dancing, Singing, and Enjoying.
That is what I used to think.
Now circles are different.
I'm falling over, tumbling down.
I am no longer enjoying,
I get nauseous, I can't handle.
I'm getting dizzy by my thoughts,
When can I get off this carousal of confusion?
677 · Mar 2017
Sam Mar 2017
Red swirls fill the paper
Marking up the canvas
that once held happy memories

Purple lines twist and turn
gliding along the stretch of cherry
hiding the past mistakes

Blue marks spot the rest
filling the empty patches of white
keeping the reality hidden

Black dots encircle the art
adding final touches to the strokes
and staying whole yet another day
Its almost been two months...
They said it would get easier the more time that passes, why does it still feel like I'm on day two rather than month two?
Apparently I'm doing a good job...why don't I feel okay then?
669 · Sep 2016
Happiness v.s Joy
Sam Sep 2016
Happiness is all around,
but joy is almost never found.
Happiness is short term, not made to last,
while joy, is in the contrast.
Joy is forever, Joy is always,
yet you are lucky,
if happiness lasts for a few days.
What happens when neither are found?
If happiness is lost, and joy is unreachable,
Is the slump I'm in ever unbeatable?
Sure, yes, you can tell me it's not,
but who's to say it's not a long shot?
Happiness vs Joy, oh what a difference,
when all you see, is nothing but bitterness.
639 · Jan 2017
(3) Have you ever...
Sam Jan 2017
Felt the desire to hug someone,
and send your love so far,
but know deep down
*you may never get the chance to?
•A little inspiration for the Daffodil•

I know-going against my goal a litle bit
(with posting quick things)
but some little things are worth it ^-^
621 · Apr 2017
Sam Apr 2017
I don't think people understand
Nobody does
No, I am not saying this in the typical teenager
Nobody understands me ahhh way
I just mean that, as the truth
Nobody understands what others are going through
The phrase I understand people take to a different level,
of believing that I've had this exact experience
When the truth is,
Nobody has had the exact same experience as anyone else
Because that's human nature, that's life
What bothers me more, is when people say
My experience is worse than yours
Oh that's bad, I'm sorry but this happened to me and this is why its worse than what you experienced
You have no idea what is going on in this persons head,
so how can you say that what you had happen is worse?
Even if you don't outright say this,
that's exactly the impression that it gives off
You don't have the right to say who's experience is worse
this person is hurting,
and trying to "one-up" their pain
is not going to ******* help
So if you go to say this
shut the **** up and sit the **** down
621 · Feb 2017
Sam Feb 2017
I've made my choice
respect it.

You may not like it,
You may not approve.
But this is just something
I shall never remove.
Save your breath,
I've heard it before
I'd rather not start,
yet another war.
Stop your disappointing looks,
the disapproving stares.
Because honestly that's
what slowly tears.
Parallel's I've noticed,
Things I've seen.
It's funny how you think
you're an innocent lil' bean.
So stop where you are,
before digging yourself too deep.
How do I know that
you're the one I wish to keep?

I've made my choice.
*respect me.
Hahahahahaha-you think you're so funny dontcha.
How about respect me and who I am-and learn what not to say- Instead of laughing in my face? Thanks so much. I'd be much appreciated.
Sam Oct 2016
The rumors flew but nobody knew how much she blamed herself
For years and years* she tried to hide the whiskey on her breath
She finally drank her pain away a little at a time
But she never could get drunk enough to get her off her mind
Until the night

She put that bottle to her head and pulled the trigger
And finally drank away her memory
Life is short, but this time it was bigger
Than the strength she had to get up off her knees

We found her with her face down in the pillow
Clinging to her picture for dear life
We laid her next to her beneath the willow
While the angels sang a whiskey *
Whiskey Lullaby
Brad Paisley
Alison Krauss
600 · May 2017
I Believe
Sam May 2017
Stay calm my dear child
It's going to be okay
I can promise you here
so please don't go astray

You are here for a reason,
you are strong and courageous  
I never give up on
things that last ages

Panic no more
For I send out my love
Let peace lay on you
like the light on a dove

I am with you always
I've always told you that
Don't you ever forget
what I laid out flat.
597 · Dec 2016
The Fight for Rights
Sam Dec 2016
We want to serve our country.
We want to stand up and fight.
We want to be recognized as the ones,
Who go all for what is right.

Pushed aside, Unwanted and Belittled,
The more rights we gain, more are torn down,
Every time we try and stand for ourselves,
We get told to put on our "pretty little gown."

Women. Seen as a dependent.
Someone who cannot handle the game,
cannot handle the war.
Forced to sit the bench of almost freedom.

We must pretend to be someone we aren't,
We are forced to stay behind,
Why can't be recognized,
like the others of mankind?
This morality project is really making me ******* at the inequality in the world.
(old poem)
I apologize, It is not my best
591 · Nov 2016
Rock Bottom
Sam Nov 2016
When you think you have seen it all,
When you believe nothing worse could ever happen.
When you think, "How could my life get crazier?"

Think again...

As soon as you think you've hit rock bottom,
As soon as you think you've seen it all...

Someone comes down the mine shaft, with a jackhammer in hand,
Breaking through a barrier,
*you thought could never be penetrated.
The scoreboard flips it's numbers once again.
586 · Sep 2016
Nerves Take Over
Sam Sep 2016
In the end, there is a new beginning.
A new beginning spreading far and wide.
Its scary to cross over into this new threshold,
Im scared.
Im nervous.
My heart races.
But I know I will be okay,...eventually.
I will be fine,...eventually.
I use it all the time,
What does it even mean?
When is Eventually?
The best healer is time,
but what if that time...never comes?
585 · Oct 2016
Sam Oct 2016
Its the same movement,
The results are different.

Beauty is created,
instead of the pain
583 · Oct 2016
Sam Oct 2016
The very last person on your mind before you fall asleep is either the reason for your happiness or your pain

It's a funny thing to think,
Pain and Happiness
In such a close parameter.

It is so hard to tell,
who is which.
It makes me question, everything.

How many days was it actually pain?
How many times was I hurting myself more?
Where is the happiness I was wishing for?

Happy thoughts travel through my mind as the moon rises.
The stars illuminate across the sky,
just as the perceived happiness is in my mind.

Could my happiness be entangled in the pain?
Are the strings of my emotions being weaved,
to the point of not knowing?

The power of knowledge.
Knowledge is power.

The happiness of pain.
Pain is happiness?
A silly game played can turn into a mess of thoughts
575 · Oct 2016
Songs Speak the Truth
Sam Oct 2016
Somehow I found
A way to get lost in you
Let me inside
Let me get close to you
Change your mind
I'll get lost
If you want me to
Somehow I found
A way to get lost in you
("Lost in You" -Three Days Grace)
574 · Nov 2016
Sam Nov 2016
Where does it go, when it leaves the mind of the beholder?
Travels away, a thought lost forever.
Floating in space, as though it were a lonely star.
A star's life is not eternal, they fade away.
They disappear from the night.
Leaving the southern sky,
just as the memory fades within you.
I wish people could read my mind...
568 · Oct 2016
Sam Oct 2016
The game.
All about playing the cards right,
one slip up, and you could bring your team down.
You could lose the game.
To play the cards, takes time and patience.
You will renege,
You will take your partner's trick.
It's a learning process,
never gotten on the first try.
Never give up, because in the end,
You will be dealt a lay down loner.
557 · Feb 2017
Hello my Friend
Sam Feb 2017
Entering a place of time and space
The whirling stops, powering erase.
Happiness of life, joy and array,
Forever pushed to enlighten the day.
Sitting, writing, pouring out emotion,
something we all give our utter devotion.
So now we stare at the metaphorical elm,
as we welcome the silence into our realm.
Hello, my friend, I'm happy you're here
for now you can see, the life that disappears.
See the experiences of bliss and wrath
As you enjoy the way on your poetry path.
555 · Oct 2016
Sam Oct 2016
In all those moments I thought it was over,
I felt happy,
like the family was finally whole again.

I now realize,
it wasn't over at those times.
It was just hidden from me.

It has escalated to the point,
that they are willing for me to hear.
I just sit there confused.

In the thoughest of times,
They will always be there for me,
but not for eachother.

For at once I thought my family was whole,
Though I have come to realize,
There is a hugh hole...

*...and that's not what I wanted.
554 · Mar 2017
Sam Mar 2017
Stop telling me the lies I know you spill,
Stop telling me the lies I once believed as truth.
Tell me what you mean, what you're objective is
because I don't understand.
What is the point in arguing a matter that won't change?
What is the point of constantly yelling about things that won't be fixed?
I'm not stopping what I do,
I'm not stopping my beliefs.
I am me, I can be me
meaning I have the power and capability to shut. you. down.
I don't because thats petty,
because thats not who I am.
I'm fun loving and free spirited [-to most]
Now I know, the statements above seem a bit contradicting
but maybe that's the point.
Like I said, I'm doing what I want and keeping what is okay for me to have.
Because in the end, *we'll see who's by my side
Not even going to read over this
Sometimes things just get on my nerves
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