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Sabika H Jan 1
It took me by surprise.
Familiarised with the forgotten feeling
That I am no longer familiar to the universe.
Conflicted with the paranoid thought
That no one ever sees the true light
Of my actions.
I suffer because of this.
Held back by the remembrance
That I cannot seek salvation in other's souls.

But I try and try again
For the mere thought of loneliness and
The permanent change
Make me go mad.

I’d rather die trying to find a place in
You foul heart, felt,
Than to die misunderstood.
Arawyn Nov 2019
By being with you,
I had learnt many.
How I could feel complete sadness,
And happiness,
With love, I grew for your soul.
How I could not wear my favourite shirts,
Because they reminded me too much of you.
That all favourites change.
The love we feel for someone or something will always be replaced,
That everything must and will,
Move on.
Daisy P Jul 2018
i wonder if years from now
i’ll see something and have it still
remind me of you

maybe it will be an album cover
of a band we listened to in the car
instead of talking

or it could even be a zucchini
i wonder if you will still hate those
years from now

i’m trying, i’m trying, i’m trying
to let you go
but i didn’t mean to fall in love with you
and i hope you have it in your heart
to forgive me
for doing that

maybe things will be easier
once you leave,
but oh how I wonder
if in a few years from now
i will be able to look at the trees

and not be reminded of you.
you seem to be in everything and i love it and hate it all at once
Sean Achilleos Jul 2018
Time makes us forget
However when you revert to a previous space in your life
You are rudely reminded as to why you progressed away from it in the first place
Written by Sean Achilleos 06 July 2018©
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NA Feb 2018
I am reminded of you everywhere I go. I see the bustling people and I think of your busy hands. The color of the air perfectly matches your eyes. Even the sounds bring you to mind. I no longer am displeased by these resemblances; I find them oddly comforting. To see someone you love everywhere you go is a beautiful thing to shoulder.
But of this I am haunted: do you see me too? Or am I alone in my indulgence of another? Have you forgotten me?
JayceeJellies Mar 2017
I'm tired of you haunting me.
If only you'd let me sleep.
Instead of the noises
and voices that are still unfamiliar...
I wish you'd remind me of his.
I'd rather be drowning in a sea I cannot drown in, that only leads to an endless abyss
than wake up in a panic, reminded of this.
Sam Nov 2016
Happiness is brief.
Held in the grasp,
until reminded once more,
of what was lost,
and what can never be the same.
I'm trying to stay positive,
I'm trying not to be scared.

*It's not working
JayceeJellies Oct 2015
Furiously caught up in you..
I see the sun rising from the East
and am notified that you're asleep
because you're on the other side of
the country, where the sun decides
to set each night; in the West
so you can't quite see the light yet
but I can and it taunts me because
it knows what I'm thinking-
I wish it wouldn't rise this morning
because if I can't see anything then
there's no way to be reminded of you
there's no light to shine through the
cracks and windows in my room to
wake me up and say:
"guess what.."
**No, just go away.
wraiths Aug 2015
i keep thinking how glad i am that so many things remind me of you, but i can't help but wonder if i'll feel the same way in a month or two. i've had songs ruined and movies soiled because of someone before and i keep telling myself that you won't be any different. i hate accepting fate, but it doesnt seem like i've got much of a choice anymore.
Olga Valerevna Feb 2015
the days i am reminded what it is to be alive
i climb out of my body through the thoughts that i contrive
there's nothing but deceit when you believe you're on your own
that life is death, is coming quick and you will never know
but there is something humbling about the pressing on
despite the state of everything convincing you it's wrong
if you can let your screaming head's cacophonies fade out
you'll taste the peace you once forsook for bellow's heavy shout
from a conversation with someone who probably knows me better than he thinks he does
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