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gliding and sliding  
between two sheets of slippery translucent paper
no friction, no traction, no adhesions
no trace or footprint
closing behind you as you pass
you can live a whole life
striving and trying but
it's as if you were never there
nightdew Dec 2018
when i gaze into your eyes,
i feel myself drowning a little,
a little more than i should.

when your presence is near,
my heart flutters in your madness,
i feel your effects.


when you speak my name,
i feel my body freeze and my mind,
replaying your sweet melody on


when you're not near,
i begin to crave your more than ever.
perhaps it's the after effect.
or the withdrawal of you.


but when you whisper it so softly,
the fact that you love someone,
someone else, i can't help it.
i can't help my miserable feelings.

Liz Carlson Jan 2018
my life has become one of those dreams,
where you watch yourself ***** up from afar.
everything's perfect, everything's fine.
i speak those lies, for i can't even explain what it is.
all i can say is, i can feel myself slipping away.
i'm leaving myself behind,
it's been weird...
Kelli Sep 2017
I can feel you
You're strong
and I always knew you would fight for a while,
but everyone walks away at some point.
I knew you would last longer than most
but I'm not foolish enough to believe in forever.
Even forever expires.
It always does.
Britney Lyn Sep 2017
I suppose I've come to terms with the fact that you will never love me. Because how do you dwell on something that never dwells upon you.
Liz Carlson Jul 2017
I'm standing here,
on the edge of a cliff;
looking out unto the darkness below.
You're standing there,
across the way.
There once was a beautiful,
long bridge between us.
Flowers grew on it,
and kids loved to dance on it.
Now there's a broken,
rusty bridge that is falling apart
every time you take a step.
What we once had is now broken,
damaged, falling apart, slipping away.
Every time I try to reach you,
I feel like I'm talking to a wall.
I can see these feelings evaporating from my heart,
but I don't want them to.
I want to hold on to them forever.
The view was breathtaking,
I don't want it to disappear.
I just want to stay in that moment forever with you,
but you're slipping away.
Soon, you'll be gone;
and you'll take those good memories with you.
You'll turn them into thoughts of remorse for me.
Yes, it's true;
there you are, slipping away.
Sam Nov 2016
Concentrate on the task at hand,
Don't let your mind
s l i p  a w a y .  .  .  .
Telling myself this is a lot easier than actually doing.
What is wrong with me, I've never gotten this distracted before...
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