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GaryFairy Nov 2021
how do you get up to nogood
how do you get down to allpain
how do we get over to healing
how do we get over the feeling

you gotta hit rock bottom
boy. you gotta hit rock bottom
they know. and can show the way

it must be pure heaven, this rock bottom
you gotta go through every turn they took
can they really read into your future?
you can read them like a book

crossing all of their burned bridges
and "biden can kiss my ***"
when we get to the station
don't forget to get the gas

are we in toughlove?
god i can't get enough love!
i just can't get enough of
the local dialect in toughlove
are we there yet?
Valya Oct 2021
My head is spinning
Everything's running loose
I can't remember the last time I won
I've just been failing all of my mere tasks
Am I going to plummet even faster
Or will this just be the rock bottom
I climb up from
I literally have 1 good grade ffs and my love life is in shambles and like so much other **** and i just hate life so much rn
Brumous Apr 2021
I cannot speak, I cannot hear
I shall not feel, and I do not think;

For I am a stone,
that is better to be thrown away
I just don't know the problem; Maybe right now, I am too desperate to be liked by people and fill that void of my unknown desires

I hate it.
Rebecca Oct 2020
I was told Rock Bottom is a sad place.
A land full of misery and disgrace.

Rock Bottom wasn’t bad at all,
I had quite a joyful ride taking that fall.

Lessons were learned in that enchanting city.
It taught me how to be grateful and not to wallow in self pity.

Everyone should visit Rock Bottom once or twice.
It is a great reminder of how amazing it is to be alive.

The most dazzling sight can be found at Rock Bottom’s pit,
just tilt your head up and you can see it.

A beacon of light that will sting your eyes,
rainbows that magically crystallize.

If you ever find yourself hitting Rock Bottom,
take heed that this is not an unfixable problem.

Do not let yourself become distraught.
Observe the lessons that will be taught.

Learn from them and let yourself grow,
to that beacon of light with the magnetic glow.
No other place to go but up! Might as well enjoy the scenery on your way to the top!
Jack Torrance Apr 2020
I stopped falling today,
and I’m finally free.
I reached the bottom,
where it’s too dark to see.

Panic and fear,
no longer have hold.
The anxiety’s gone,
all that’s left is the cold.

Now I can focus,
on the climb that’s ahead.
But for now I’m content,
that I’m alive and not dead.

The pain that I held,
deep inside me so long,
is finally receding,
as I accept all my wrongs.

No more tears or shame,
they can’t reach me anymore.
No more hateful thoughts,
waking up on the floor.

Now I know I can do this,
I just need find my feet.
But for now I’ll just lay here,
where hell and bottom meet.
alexa Feb 2020
it’s you.
the forbidden one that i’ve always been told is bad for me.
it’s you.

you are the reason i’ve hit my rock bottom.
my mother tells me i’m not the same.
i wish i could hit rewind back to autumn.

before i ever got addicted.
i never would’ve even considered you.
it’s almost as if this whole thing was scripted.

call me crazy but i don’t think i’ll ever get over you.
you’ve taken too much control.
i wish this whole situation wasn’t true.

i’m addicted to a drug.
but the drug is a human,
and the human is you.
i think i’m addicted to the thought of people. almost as if i make up a whole *** person in my head using someone that i know. ****** hate it.
A-McIntyre Jul 2019
caress my cheek, darkness please.
cover my body in flame and dip myself in acid.
ill bow to fear and loathing.
moonlight reborn, bathed in stars.
ill dive into the midnight pool, to cleanse me of my sins.
the current grabs my body, wrapping both my legs.
i feel the pull, of underground, and fight the urge to fight.
i look up to see a quarter moon through the waves.
with my last sigh, i let out soft bubbles of breath.
shortly after, eyes still wide open, i hit rock bottom.
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