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Sophia Sep 22
When a little kid falls over,
The silence that follows after is the worst.
Because their either absolutely fine,
or filling their lungs with enough air to mimic an air raid siren.
Norah Jan 2020
As we approach the bushes
On the outskirts of the woods,
Birds call to us
Playfully taunting us to join them.

Our fingers reach through branches
Carefully avoiding thorns.
Our eyes search
For the perfect raspberry.

The buzzing of bees
Trying to beat us to the juicy fruit,
Is interrupted by his voice.
His older cousin wisdom:

“The darker the red,
The tastier the berry.”

Red juice stains my fingers
As I bring the fruit to my lips.
Sweetness explodes
Inside my mouth.

I look up at him
And offer up my thanks
In a red-stained smile.
Salmabanu Hatim Jun 2019
Who, who do I love,
One heart,
Many takers.
I am mum's world,
Dad's dream come true,
Granny's  heart of gold,
Grandpa's hero,
My sister's champion,
My uncles, my aunts, and my cousins, all love me too,
My best friend and even my friends want a piece of my heart,
Not to forget the old lady who lives across the street,
Even my neighbour's daughter,
But I already have a girlfriend
who wants my whole heart.
Who Who to give,
Who Who to share with,
Now, that's a dilemma.
Should it be you, you or you.
Grandpa came to the rescue,
Son, take a cup of tea,
Put as much sugar as you want in it,
The sugar will go on dissolving making the tea sweeter,
So take in all the love,
And part with the sweetness to everyone.
Love is there to be shared.
Akwana Wa Odera Jan 2019
I met a cousins i hadn't met in years
Changed over time,
I couldn't recognize his clanly features
With a 'hi', long time no see' intro
I played along just to get to know him more
Apparently we hadn't met for nearly
Ten years or so
No wonder i couldn't recognize him
When he called
I think he realized i had no clue
On what conversation we were on
But it wasn't my fault though
Or is it...?
He rarely travels home
Times have really passed
I envy those of us who came first
Taking a trip down memory lane
I miss when i was a kid
Back when i knew all my cousins by name
It's a shame
Right now if asked
I would only manage to name but a handful of them
Then give a bunch of excuses so lame
Of how i have no idea of where some even stay
Times have really changed
I looked around and all i see
Are cut tree stems
I contemplate if it's because
I'm now grown up
Or it's us not playing our card right
If i were to put tabs in how many times
We met chat and laughed
I'll be drunk by now
If my bet went for functions and funerals
Funny how we pretend to care
When we are never even there
I'm told we need a cause to share
We've all gone the wrong way i swear!

Akwana Wa Odera
© 2018
ok sweetheart
you wanna love

ok sweetheart

step sister
Sam Feb 2017
I've made my choice
respect it.

You may not like it,
You may not approve.
But this is just something
I shall never remove.
Save your breath,
I've heard it before
I'd rather not start,
yet another war.
Stop your disappointing looks,
the disapproving stares.
Because honestly that's
what slowly tears.
Parallel's I've noticed,
Things I've seen.
It's funny how you think
you're an innocent lil' bean.
So stop where you are,
before digging yourself too deep.
How do I know that
you're the one I wish to keep?

I've made my choice.
*respect me.
Hahahahahaha-you think you're so funny dontcha.
How about respect me and who I am-and learn what not to say- Instead of laughing in my face? Thanks so much. I'd be much appreciated.
Elioinai Jul 2016
The tears as you leave are a blessing
the feeling of sadness a gift
For many don't have ones to love them
or pleasant sweet sorrow so swift
"Parting is such sweet sorrow"
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