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unmartyred May 2018
My persona switches to the time I switch my playlist

I can deal with the world chillingly
well it rocks my world, wild and free
it is my youth, a teenage dream
I become bluer more than it seems
so Waiter! 1 champagne please
Old songs,
pull me up cause it's so deep
wanna get high as hell
And metal,
oh metal, I just don’t understand myself.
Sam Oct 2016
The genres in life,
change everything.

Feeling happy:

Feeling confused:

Feeling upset:
Hard Rock

Feeling sad:
Slow Country

Feeling powerful:

Feeling excited:

Music can change moods,
It can be played anytime.
When it matches up with the mood,
Circuts connect,
Everything finally feels right.
Lalala Nov 2015
Why is it that I still write poetry
Even if I **** at rhyming words
I still listen to music
Even if the genres have evolved repetitively
I still sing high-pitched songs
Even if there's no way for me to reach it
And I still like you
Even if there's not a single chance that
You'll feel the same way for me

Why is that so?
I've written the "Never look back poem",
followed by the "Breaking free" poem,
and of course,
who could forget the ever so famous
"I loved, he lied" poem,
but **** it,
is it such a bad thing
that the words slip out of my pen,
when I see you sip your coffee?
Xan Abyss Oct 2014
Life is Horror-Comedy
and sometimes Film Noir,
Other genres might be fun,
but it's just not how things are.

Too Unpredictable
for Rom-Coms
But too Mundane for Fantasy
Too much fun for Thrillers and Dramas,
not Badass enough for Action
(but almost enough Shooting Sprees)
Too many Happy Endings
To be a Tragedy
But far from Enough
to be *******

Life is ***
and Drugs
and Fear
and Love
the Need to Protect
and the Need to Spill Blood
It's Laughter
and Song
and things going Wrong
Hits on your Enemies
Hits from the ****
Hitting on the Opposite ***
Flirting with Danger
Dancing with Death
Life is...
Hatred and Violence
that Long, Awkward Silence
When you work up the Courage
to Deny them Compliance
It is Heaven
and Hell
and Voodoo Love Spells
from the Inception of Cells
to the Old Funeral Bells
There's Madness
and Sadness
and "Thank God! I'm Glad"-ness
Life is Classy
but Savage
Full of Beauty
and Damage.

Life would Honestly
be Worthless without Comedy
We'd never learn
To Rock or Roll
without the Music of the Soul
and though there's too much Torture
in everybody's Story
We must admit
without Horror
Life would be
The title is something I say a lot. I felt like I could probably write a poem about it. And I could!

— The End —