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Jul 21 · 59
Serendipity Jul 21
She lays on the hill
between heaven and hell
and ponders
the valley's
Jul 18 · 382
Quick announcement!
Serendipity Jul 18
Recently a poem of mine blew up and I wanted to say thank you all for it!!
The poem Edge was inspired by a writing prompt titled:

Write a poem using the phrase "the sky is on fire"

I came up with the poem from this line, and I wanted to say this because it feels wrong to not credit inspiration and a line to the original creator.

Melissa Jennings Twitter: @melissajenningz came up with the prompt!

So a big thank you to her for the inspo for that poem!!!
Jul 18 · 111
Cool lungs
Serendipity Jul 18
Cool lungs
fill with chilled air
that know no breath
and I am myself
once more.
Jul 18 · 1.3k
Serendipity Jul 18
I sit on the edge of the world
where the sea meets the galaxy
and the water
begins to float.

I no longer think
of where I am
or where I am going to be
or where I was.

I am here
where the sky
is on fire.
Jul 18 · 390
Serendipity Jul 18
When I met her I knew she was a sleepless night in the making.
She lays on a bed fit for mortals,
but the moon places a halo on her head as she sleeps.
I curse my eyes,
as acidic darkness clings to her skin
and eats at my ability to see her at peace.

Seventeen years of life
and I still have yet to realize:
that being a sucker for insomniacs is not good for me.
Jul 14 · 335
As they should.
Serendipity Jul 14
She is rolling thunder,
a stoic figure with grace and presence.
She dresses herself
as a storm
with dark clouds
and lightning.
Her laughter rings
throughout the heavens
and sailors fear her,
as they should.
Jul 7 · 147
Serendipity Jul 7
Alone and Alone
I write these words twice
so at least
they have company.
I enjoy my alone time but I thought of this today :)))
Jul 4 · 465
Serendipity Jul 4
I fell in love with her
not like a lover
but a soulmate.

I wish not
to taint her skin
with my touch,

but rather
admire her forever
from afar.
Jul 4 · 199
Her name
Serendipity Jul 4
I know her name
like she is the air I breathe
the stardust in my veins
the wonder in my eyes.
Jul 4 · 77
Serendipity Jul 4
There is beauty in potential.
Fleeting moments of desires
to be freer than I am
come stronger and faster
when captivity has been for this long.
The potential to be free
will always appeal to me
than freedom itself.
Jul 4 · 240
Serendipity Jul 4
Her frizzy hair
was simply
an invisble halo
being wrapped
in strands of gold.
Jul 4 · 71
Serendipity Jul 4
I really miss her,
the woman who knew
her place:
on top of the throne.
Jul 4 · 486
Serendipity Jul 4
There is something so forbidden about women
that just makes me want them more.
Cleaning out some drafts lol.
Jul 4 · 200
Late October Leaves
Serendipity Jul 4
The memories
of late October
torment me
like trick or treaters
for more candy.
Jun 25 · 80
Free d o m
Serendipity Jun 25
is the feeling you get
when you breathe your first breath
and your ribs
no longer
press into
the floor.
Jun 20 · 223
Angel's drink
Serendipity Jun 20
The sky is stained
with wine,
as lazy clouds
move hungover
towards the sun.
Jun 8 · 329
Serendipity Jun 8
True respect stems from love not fear.

If a child respects a parent out of love, and does something bad and gets away with it, their guilt will consume them and they may confess and do the right thing.

If a child respects a parent out of fear, they will simply be happy they did not get punished and avoided fear.
May 27 · 1.7k
Meet me.
Serendipity May 27
I loved her
I even
met her.
May 23 · 63
Empty mind
Serendipity May 23
The echoes
of your presence
in my empty mind.
May 23 · 90
Serendipity May 23
letting go
means making a bonfire
and using
your old mobile like
May 23 · 107
Serendipity May 23
I pray for forgiveness
I know I do not deserve
but forget
that I have already been
May 23 · 114
Drown me
Serendipity May 23
Wrap me in silk
and send me home
I am nothing but a sinner
who knows
how to drown.
May 23 · 122
Consumes me
Serendipity May 23
I stare at graves
and the autumn leaves
that fall,
as my envy
for decay
consumes me.
Serendipity May 23
I cupped your face
and my hands stung
because you knew
what it meant
to be
May 23 · 46
Serendipity May 23
For my sins
I shall rot
in the caskets
of my enemies
and this punishment
is anything
May 23 · 42
Serendipity May 23
There is no law
stating that the holy
are beautiful...
There is a reason
why Hell
is HOT.
May 22 · 62
Serendipity May 22
I pity the fool
who envies angel's
because to become holy
May 22 · 304
Serendipity May 22
Freedom rings at heaven's gates;
to answer is to accept you are dead.

being free
means letting go
even if
you are not
May 22 · 167
I want my freedom
Serendipity May 22
Sometimes to be completely free
means to be
unfathomably lonely.
Apr 28 · 122
Serendipity Apr 28
I used to be someone
whose life goal
was to do something
that would impact
the world.

Soon I found solace
in disappearing as a whole
and realized
the biggest impact
I will ever make
I enjoy my fantasies of starting over in a rainy city with rainboots ****.
Apr 20 · 134
Drown them
Serendipity Apr 20
Stormy sea thunder
boasts with glorious tales
of men who've drowned,
and the sirens
who drowned them.
Apr 7 · 300
Serendipity Apr 7
What is faith
but an empty promise
to a God
that abandoned us
years ago
Lord forgive me for this one, but it was a thought begging to be written.
Apr 3 · 860
Serendipity Apr 3
She smelled like cigarette smoke
and *****
and Oh,
how I wished to be
the ash or the bottle
that fell
Serendipity Mar 31
I love you,
so much.
Every day goes by and I miss you.
As a poet I try to find multitudes of beauties to write about
and you have managed to be every one of them.
To be graced by your presence
once a millenia
is honor enough to last a lifetime.

I feel like the stars sent you here,
a comet zooming through space
that landed in the forest
where you grew ethereal
and beautiful.

I adore you.
Mar 27 · 484
Serendipity Mar 27
She was so beautiful
so graceful
so filled with wonder
that the parthenon
wept at the sight
of her.
Mar 26 · 122
Serendipity Mar 26
At my very core
am I as human
as I was promised
to be?
Mar 24 · 200
Flowers in my ribs.
Serendipity Mar 24
Flowers grow between my ribs,
and in the cracks of my mind.
While those around me call it beautiful,
it is getting hard to breathe.
Mar 24 · 130
Lost files
Serendipity Mar 24
Who am I?
But a collection of sounds in colors?
Of tastes in scents?
Of misery in delight?

I am nothing but the shadow
of good times
and there
lost files.
Mar 24 · 104
Who am I?
Serendipity Mar 24
I woke up to the sound
of moon on my skin
and velvet on my lips.

The scent of pine cones
will always
smell like
a memory I lost
long ago
of home.
Mar 24 · 904
Wet earth
Serendipity Mar 24
She was moonlit skin
wrapped in the silence of the night
with dew drops for eyes
and a soul
made of wet earth.
Mar 24 · 99
Serendipity Mar 24
Sometimes I feel as though
writing poetry
is like throwing scraps at the dogs.
Have I satisfied my mind's hunger to write?
Not until
I can say
that I've written
with pride.
For the only way to be full
is to be brave enough
to swallow
my own
Mar 24 · 990
Serendipity Mar 24
Do I write for an audience
or for myself.
There is a struggle
to distinguish between
the voices of critics
in my head
and my voice
of reason.
Mar 24 · 272
Serendipity Mar 24
She's begging to me
through rattling teeth
and broken bones
made of ash.

Her body quivers
as cold wet hair
sticks to her skin.

She is begging for mercy
Dare I deny her of it?
Mar 24 · 845
Getting through to her.
Serendipity Mar 24
Getting through to her
was like trying
to talk to the window
with the blinds closed
and the curtain's drawn.
Mar 23 · 105
Serendipity Mar 23
To loathe oneself
is an art,
I suppose we
are all artists
one in form or another.
Mar 23 · 550
Comfort in its essence.
Serendipity Mar 23
She was teacups made of China
and sunny spring afternoons.

She was soup
on the stove
when it was raining and grey

She was the gentle touch
of a birds feather
landing on my nose.

She was comfort in its essence,
and I hope to never lose her.
Feb 27 · 209
Serendipity Feb 27
For what my father did to me,
at the very least
was not
what his father
had done to him.
Feb 17 · 262
Silk wrapped bones.
Serendipity Feb 17
When you learn
that we are nothing more
than silk wrapped bone
and mortality,
then peace will flood you
and the gates to existence
will open.
Feb 6 · 145
Serendipity Feb 6
Remember whose bones
built your floorboards
before you lay a house
on their backs.
Feb 6 · 83
War glory.
Serendipity Feb 6
There is no glory
in war.
Your heroes are forever
stained with the sound
of whizzing bullets
and spilled guts.
The soil shall no longer produce
fruit nor anything sweet.
The ground was watered with blood and death.

There is no more life in it.
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