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Piyush Gahlot Feb 2020
In an important discussion going about,
usually I tend to zone out.

Speaking in a meeting,
attending a client call,
even in a friendly discussion standing tall,
when my girlfriend blabbering on issues so small,
I tend to zone out all.

When It gets boring,
I feel like dozing,
too lazy to make stubborn people mind's restoring,
I stop explaining,
keeping to myself abhorring.
that's why I zone out, everything just ignoring.

Does that happens with everyone, I seriously doubt!
But yeah sometimes I tend to zone out!
Lack of concentration or whatever...
Tommy Randell Dec 2019
A forlorn commitment to Love the hopeless, he professed.
A bored genius for conversation on buses, nonetheless.
A lazy prowess for ******* over wine, he confessed.

An active disregard for the niceties of manners, he admitted.
An inexhaustible hunger for the laughter of women, even addicted.
An total infatuation with being on time, he submitted.

The delicate moment before saying... No. Good riddance.
The lonely ****** of telling someone... Just Go. Pure insistence.
The immense satisfaction of asking... So..? Without quittance.

When everything is expected, accepted and not referred to.
When payment is not questioned or one doesn't even care if it's True.
When one is singular in particular, never one of ANY few.

Then one is Posh, one is spreading the the Word - he averred.
Then one is not messing or guessing, one has matured - he assured.
Then commendably, one genuinely, never, doesn't ever give a ****!
Not so many Posh Nicks around these days...
So much to say in such an excruciatingly long and short time,
Like a snake who just digested an owl, you spew lemon, yet you do not shine from your cliff
Do you choose to let the citrus of your breath slowly pervase the depths you do not wish to seek?
I’d be more erudite to listen to the air from the vent
To break a thing down is to bring about more intrigue than your aura of bore
The room is a bubble being blown into with much more
Two opposites that come together to form a center
With such statistics, the room is cold,
As I focus more on it, that feeling becomes more bold

Thorough are your detailed thoughts I suppose
I do believe you drink unsweetened coffee
On and on you do prose
My eyes become weary by the second of your presence
You speak such common sense, with such a light that’s dense

You reach outside no borders
You stay quite consistently where you have been
If you were in the middle of the room, looking up
No one would give you the privilege of our ears
My ears are open, yet at the sound of you, they become muffled
dense teacher of mine, oh so dense you are, this is for you
Ever wonder what it would be like,
If the world suddenly ceased to exist?
Like a flash of light, a snap of a finger,
Gone in an instant.

Everything we’ve ever done, seen, and thought,
All in vain, like it never even occurred.

For what purpose is life, if all of humanity becomes equal in that instant?
Perhaps it is true that the only guaranteed equality in life is that of death.
I’m 99% sure you aren’t reading this so bkdlepejfbf
Jessica Jarvis Mar 2018
People throw words around like
Love, kiss, and embrace....
But they aren’t ones to commit
To the dreams they claim to chase.

They run and hide from the monster
Hiding beneath their bed,
And claim their peace is found
In the one resting their pillow head.

The sun rises, a new day begins,
The coffee pours, and work resides,
While the feeling for another one’s touch
Is the first thing that subsides.

We throw around words
like penniless wishes.
“I love you, babe”,
But you can’t do the dishes.

Walk the dog, wash the car,
Go to dinner, visit the store,
Search the shelves for carbohydrate fulfillment,
Finish the bag, and still want more.

Unthankful, unsatisfied,
Disloyal, dishonest.
Forget all the memories,
While they were the fondest

Because if you were to repeat their “mistakes”
You just may find yourself bored.
Things like love, a kiss, or an embrace
Only become a chore.

People are the weirdest sometimes. People break up and make up so quickly.... I don’t understand it, honestly, so I write about it. Meanwhile, others move from one thing to the next and can’t make up their mind. I dunno. This is also kind of a spoken word, I suppose. Enjoy!
boringwonderland Dec 2017
you told me you changed
i believed you
why am i laying on the bathroom floor
covered in blood
was i too much of a bore
i can’t stop screaming
what is the meaning
of my life
silly me i thought i could be your wife
i let you rip the heart right out of my chest
take the rest
i don’t want to be a person anymore
i hate myself to the core
i shattered the mirror
you’r not near
you didn’t realize that i’m fragile
i want to ****
all the voices inside me
telling me i’d be better off dead
all i’m seeing is dark red
all over the bathroom floor
this won’t be much of a bore
Imran Islam Dec 2017
I don't feel good, it's a bore
I don't feel like I did before
I am upset because of you
We're apart and I miss you.

Do you really love someone?
Everyone says you are gone.
But I still believe you love me
Oh, my heart is burning into me!

Please stop playing with me!
I'm here, and I wish you'll be.
You are so kind and so good
But today I'm in a bad mood!
mjad Sep 2017
there is only ever small talk
the silence kills me
the conversation is dead
i miss how it was before
story after story
never a bore
it changes as the seasons go
soon it will be melting along with the snow
angel Jul 2017
i'm a dynamic being.
i'm always changing.
i'm terrified of being static.
i don't want to stay the same.
i don't like myself and i want to change.
i never like myself.
if i was static i think i would die.
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