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Naveen Malhotra Aug 2020
Ugly faces no one adores
Beauty beauty beauty galore
Ugly faces have many traits
They are seldom straight
Ugly faces come to fore
In many ways of course
No need for eyes is there
You can find them everywhere
There is a special variety
Which comes to fore
Through 'silence' in turmoil
Ugly faces no one adores
Beauty beauty beauty galore
aniket nikhade Apr 2016
New to a thing
There is something new in your life
Make sure and do not miss the opportunity of getting very well acquainted with each and everything and all of this new thing in life because also otherwise you have very less time in the life that you have got.

Seldom a lot of time is spent in discussing and deciding on a lot of things that are part of life before drawing a line of conclusion on any of them.
Seldom a lot of time is spent in checking what is going on at the back of mind at the present moment in time.

Life is simple
Life can be cool, clam, refreshing and simple,
if you have faith and confidence in yourself,
believe in making friends rather than going at war with the rest of the world.

So welcome this new thing in your life,
a person, who believes he is your friend and can be a part of the rest of your life.
solEmn oaSis Jan 2016
" the left and the right "**

daughter, i am always here.
Never fail to obey my command
so i can make you stronger!

son, be matured enough
at your age, always listen to me
for i am your beloved father

both of you knew what i am
going through being a husband again
it's alright,don't you worry
i'm okay! wish me luck, have no anxiety

remember:  i have two hands the left and the right
hold them up high so clean and bright

kids: someday you will realize a poem of mine you are about to pick
just like this one i would like not to end it up yet so it could be an epic
Lorenzo and Noemi, love each other! Inherit from me those legacies of ethic!
Do actions speak louder than words until my words act powerful than speak!
meet my son and daughter guys.
Happy Happy 7th birthday to you Noemi
wishing you to have a wonderful love of wisdom in life!
from your daddy solEmn and Kuya Lorenzo
January 14,2016 thursday
solEmn oaSis Nov 2015
" the pros and cons "

from a to z , we talked and heard our voices
we give and take behind schedule
at long last ,our little conversation
had found a tower of strength within You
for me to face the music of a naked truth.

the long and short of it
i was just roving around like
an angel in disguise
as if i am a "quite observer"
quietly looking forward for
the man of the hour.

in tight squeeze before i fall asleep
i put something into bed
remembering those days
between you and me
sharing thoughts in just a rhyme away
from our distances.


all i can say is that.....

"Hello Poetry",,i knew you load-off your mind!
and i want to remind You that for me
" You are still one of a kind!""
i might not be -a man of his word- for all the time

    but one thing is for sure!
from then on after,now i will live my life in a low profile
with or without a babe in arms!,#HPpeople ,you're enough for me.
in Jesus name, *HELP ME GOD
in the nick of time--often or seldom
because i wrote these lightheartedly so that i can give a *
buds of wisdom
hinde ko kayang magpakalalim para lang mapalawak  ang  makitid na  kababawan  ng  uhaw at  kalam  na  kaisipang maya't maya ay lutang bagamat may pusong naka-yapak sa busilak na meron namang propagandang  ang budhi ay  nahikayat sa bahid ng  karimlan!
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
The world is a fast changing place
Everything changes and keeps on changing till the end is reached upon when something is achieved.
Seldom when the end is reached upon there still remains more to be achieved.

Along with time comes experience and maturity.
Often it happens that when something is achieved, yet a larger part of the picture still remains to be completed.
At this juncture starts the beginning of something new,
definitely keeping in mind the prior experience.

Changes taking place in the outside world are part of everyone’s life.
It’s destiny, something written in destiny, part of destiny.
It’s fate.

Once everything is discussed, decided, reviewed, revised and a conclusion is reached upon, time now to take the necessary line of action.

Think about it and think again
Everything going on in the mind has got some reasoning and accordingly respond towards change.
Think about it and think again.

Review the past, revise, rewind and recognize the past.
Always keep in mind, never remain forever in the past.

It’s obvious to think about present in the present moment of time when something is going on in the mind with regards to the future.
It’s serves like an alarm, a wakeup call
Certainly there will always be something to look out for with regards to the future.
Always it’s important to keep in mind the right moment in time so as to ascertain the future.

Hope and anxiety go hand in hand
When there is a hope for something positive to happen in life, then at that moment in time the mind becomes anxious.

As of now what else needs to be done in the present with regards to the future, definitely there will be something else to look out for with regards to the future.

Nothing changes on it’s own, absolutely nothing
When a change happens it comes along with time
Efforts have always been made in the past when a change takes place in the present.

Different is the present, different from past.
Different will be the future, different from the past and present.

When changes are taking place in the present always keep in mind a desired line of action needs to be ascertained and then taken.

The right step when taken at the right moment in time makes all the difference in the present and also along in the future.

So even if one step is taken at a time always make sure it is taken with a positive frame of time
Irrespective of the changes taking place, an efforts always need to be made to achieve the aim, which has been ascertained by the mind prior.

Positivity attracts positivity and then the desired change happens
So always accept a change with a positive mindset, then move ahead towards what has been ascertained by the mind prior.
For a desired change to happen positivity must attract posivitiy from past, prior and also in the present.

"If I'm not in a positive frame of mind then the whole thing definitely becomes more of a challenge for me." - Andrea Bocelli
Sarah K Nov 2014
I like handwritten letters
And old paper back books
I like walks downtown past old buildings
With peeling paint and cracked side walks
I like old sneakers with holes in them
And soles that scrape the ground when you walk
I like things with stories to tell

I like to meet people and talk about minimal things
Things that won't matter to anyone else
The things that cause their eyes to sparkle
And make a smile tug at their lips
I like to listen to their opinions
The things they feel such passion for

Yet I do not like to stick around
Never do I get close enough to touch
No one makes it past the mask of sincerity
Masterfully placed on my face
Never do I let them breach the surface

I like to stay light and free
Of hurt, pain, and complications
And humans carry these things with them everywhere they go
So once I've learned all I can about a person I move on to the next

And continue my journey of life

I like old fashioned romances
Throwing rocks at windows
And cool walks in the night holding hands
I like good morning wishes and butterfly kisses
I dream of embraces so close
You can feel the trickle of their breath on your neck
Their heartbeat involuntarily syncing with yours

I dream of these things
These things I have longed to feel

I still get excited at the sight of a swing left vacant at a playground
Or mini marshmallows in hot chocolate
On bitter winter nights.
Charlie May 2014
Seldom does my heart
Feel that once exhilarating glow.
It did,
once upon a time.
A long, long time ago.
For anyone finding themselves here, remember that to love another, you must first love yourself.

— The End —