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Alone and Alone
I write these words twice
so at least
they have company.
I enjoy my alone time but I thought of this today :)))
Serendipity Jul 4
I fell in love with her
not like a lover
but a soulmate.

I wish not
to taint her skin
with my touch,

but rather
admire her forever
from afar.
Serendipity Jul 4
I know her name
like she is the air I breathe
the stardust in my veins
the wonder in my eyes.
Serendipity Jul 4
There is beauty in potential.
Fleeting moments of desires
to be freer than I am
come stronger and faster
when captivity has been for this long.
The potential to be free
will always appeal to me
than freedom itself.
Serendipity Jul 4
Her frizzy hair
was simply
an invisble halo
being wrapped
in strands of gold.
Serendipity Jul 4
I really miss her,
the woman who knew
her place:
on top of the throne.
Serendipity Jul 4
There is something so forbidden about women
that just makes me want them more.
Cleaning out some drafts lol.
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