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May 2020 · 841
Ocean heart
River May 2020
I'm just a little afraid
That forever will end
And our love fades to dim
And the spark gets cold
As we grow
Knowing we are both still in love
But the fun of our love dies
And we drift away
Into the ocean of tears
Built by our hearts
Because we didn't care enough
To fight for each other
The effort needed to make
Was to much
So instead it toppled our undeniable love
And further away we go
As the waves carry us on
Ignoring the drift wood to build a boat
May 2020 · 145
River May 2020
this is seriously almost perfect
sitting here with you
getting along with my family
the people who mean the most to me
seeing all the fun you are having
and the laughter that you keep bringing
it makes my heart warm
dont you know
this is almost perfect
if only now we can make this a forever
before it becomes just a was
and a dream that ill only remember
Apr 2020 · 109
Falling for you
River Apr 2020
I think I'm falling for you
And I think it started when-
You held my hand
As I showed you all the cracks
That make up my heart
And smiled sweetly at me
So compassionately
As I showed you the scars in my arms
I don't want to fall into another trap
Just to go ahead and get hurt
But for some reason
I feel like that won't happen with you
Your eyes held so much truth
As I went on opening up to you
Almost as if you genuinely do care
And the more I dwell upon your beautiful smile
The further I think I'm falling for you
Apr 2020 · 113
River Apr 2020
a laugh that truly shines
and a smile that brings upon the light
the world needs more people
who has a smile like you
who will smile and laugh
enough to make someone else do too
Apr 2020 · 102
River Apr 2020
i cant help but keep looking at you
your beauty catches my eyes
and keeps me trapped inside
you're so beautiful
i hope you know
that nothing that has the same label
can compare, not even close
to the beauty that it is that you hold
inside and out
all the beauty you show
i hope you know just how beautiful you are
like a masterpiece
that should be the number one in all art
you are the beauty that touches my heart
and the beauty that can always truly be called
Mar 2020 · 142
loved by a poet
River Mar 2020
it is true what they've said
that when loved by a poet
forever you'll live
when a poet falls in love with you
whether the love be a fling or forever
you become a muse for words
what will live on forever
and just how much this poet felt for you
the good and the bad
shall always come out in such words
that can be felt deeply in the heart
written as what it is we call poetry
and these poems filled with such pure emotions
will never die
and along with that never shall you
and when they write a single word
its always going to be you
who is their muse
and you best understand
that it is you who is giving a poet their pen
forever you shall live on
in a poets eyes
in a poets words
as long as you touched a poets heart
you will never fade away and disappear from this world
as long a you are loved by a poet
every word shall be for you
and every poem has your name
and someday the world will know
that this poet fell in love
because when you are loved by a poet
you'll never die
instead you will live on
through their soulful words
and through every upcoming poem
Jan 2020 · 294
River Jan 2020
i try so hard
to be the kinda girl
that people want
but its so tiring
and i cant seem to keep up
with all the fads and trends
why should i chase them all?
just to make fake friends?
Jan 2020 · 265
nature's song
River Jan 2020
listen to the trees
what do they say
maybe they are whispering
the universes wishes to me

listening to the birds
what do they sing
do they sing of glory
or of sad heartfelt things

listen to the wind
who controls it all
who makes the trees whisper
and determines all the birds
listen to the wind
who has your heart captured in the moment

take a deep breath
listen to the silent world singing its loud song
that song that only you could hear in your heart
what does it say
will you listen
will you listen to it as it calls your name

the world with its drowning words
rumors spreading
and toxic thoughts corrupting
the false songs gave to you by those on top
trying to cover the beauty of the real songs

the trees whispering
the birds singing
the wind who controls it all
the universe who surly does call
the nature so silent
that its song can only reach your quiet heart

so wont you listen to the song
the song that nature has given to you
the song that ever so loudly calls your name
the true song that can only reach your heart
wont you listen to it?
idk i just wanted to see if i could come up with a poem on the spot and this is what came of it
River Sep 2019
poetry is most beautiful
written about the love that engulfs ones own heart
but when you write about the love of your
significant other
then soon it becomes
a little break up song

so why is poetry not about the love for the stars
and the world we seem to live on
look around an im sure
your heart will be filled with love and many many more words
and maybe then it will all stay that way
of love and happiness and truth from the heart

so why make it all about him or her
write about the stars
the ocean so vast and mysterious
write about the forests
and the creatures that inhabit it
write about the love of family
and the joys of your best friend
because in the end a poem about him or her
soon becomes another break up song
Sep 2019 · 208
not today not me
River Sep 2019
im not about to fall
into another trap of pure insanity
to fall in love with the words
he speaks ever so kindly to me
to fall and dig this hole even deeper
im not that naive
not today
defiantly not me

im strong today than i was
before i figured out just people want
im not falling for the trick
not me
im more than just my appearance and body
and i wont allow the words to take me
not today not me

im not some litter girl
sitting and waiting for her knight or princess
im not going to allow myself to be seen
any less then the way i see me
i wont allow someone to take over my whole identity
not today not me

im stronger than the words they speak to me
i wont fall in love with all the
ever so kind to me lies of pure
like ive heard all of these words before
and ive been through that door
but today im strong
so now i say
not today not me
to everything and every little word
spoken to get to me
Sep 2019 · 484
is it wrong
River Sep 2019
is it wrong to believe every word
even though i know every word you speak
could very well just be
a trap
created to capture me?
Sep 2019 · 309
River Sep 2019
what is normal?
fit in with all the popular school stereotypes
i dont think so
normal is like being a robot to all the new trends
the trends led by people we idol like gods?
but normal?
why should we follow along with the normal
when normal should just be
who we are
we are in our own lives normal
so dont try to fit in to be that normal
just be who you are
and that in itself is normal enough
normal yourself
Sep 2019 · 250
River Sep 2019
i am my own me
the me ive always wanted to be
the me ive lived my life to see
i am my own kind of me
Sep 2019 · 206
happy poem
River Sep 2019
you know when someone writes a happy poem
it almost as if it doesn't exist to anyone
when someone writes a happy poem
its almost like no one will ever notice it
poetry isn't just depressing
so where is all the happy lines of good times?
where is the happy poetry?
where is that classic good ole
happy endings?
Sep 2019 · 671
River Sep 2019
who are you to say i cant be free,
to travel with the wind
living out my dream
no one will hold me back
from being me
so who are you?
to tell me i wont be free?

ill rise with the moon and sleep with the waking sun
ill sing of times where things were good
ill immerse on all the freedom ive got
ill be laughing like there is no tomorrow
ill be running with the birds
and prancing with the fish
ill be as free as i wish

so who are you, tell me
to say i cant be free?
i am my own embodiment
of what I want to be
no one will tell me what to do
ill always be chasing after my dream
running freely like the birds in the sky
and the fish in the sea

ill always be free
in mind and in my physical body
this world, the people, and even me
wont ever hold me back
so run with the animals in the forests of magic
and swim with the fish in the never ending sea
or fly with the birds in a sky that goes as far as you can see
or follow the wind, who has a no idea where it's going

because who are they?
to sit here and tell us,
we cant be free.
because what i see
WE can be free.
Sep 2019 · 494
stuffed animals
River Sep 2019
although cuddling with someone is nice
there is nothing quite like
hugging that stuffed animal really tight

to carry away all your childhood fears
to wipe away all your tears
to never leave when you need the most comfort

there is nothing like hugging a stuffed animal
to feel the softness engulf you
to enjoy the nostalgia all around you

that stuffed animal may seem so lifeless
but if you give it a life it will come alive
and seems to hug you back all the time

to those days you're all alone
and you just simply need a hug
remember who is always there

cuddling with someone is nice
but still there is nothing like
hugging that stuffed animal tight
Sep 2019 · 795
My Teacher
River Sep 2019
one of these days i will grow in to forensic psychology
studying living minds with science to see
but that still wont ever stop me from perusing my dream
to be a poet, writer maybe
to have my words fill peoples hearts
like yours did mine
every word you spoke you said "was gold"
granted yeah i was only in the sixth grade
but you changed my life, still do to this day

i was new to a school, didnt know anybody
all i had was a couple friends, paper, and pens
and a mind full of poetry
but every word i wrote, i felt was never enough
i always loved writing, what a way to expressing the silent?!
but how could i continue with the lack of confidence?
i shared to a friend and they showed you
and man let me tell you, your words.
were truly golden
gave me that hope the fact is, you believed in me
and look at me now, i have PUBLISHED poetry!

all because of you
you showed me that little hope i needed
i was ready to end my writing
give up and move on with my life
but you convinced me i was something extraordinary
not even my own family had faith in me
but i knew every morning i walked in your class
youd say my last name asking "is that french"
and i knew right then
it seemed to be the push i always needed
you gave me hope and taught me i could do great things

all you did for me may not seem like much
but that year my life changed for good
because look at where i am
im sharing my poetry to the world now!
all because you took interest in my work
and made me keep pushing on
ive always wanted to say thank you
some days i wish to shake your hand and tell you how happy i am
tell me arent you proud?

i want to be an English teacher someday
when i fulfill my need of psychology
so maybe one day i could do the same
for some kid like you did for me
ill never be able to forget you and all you stand for
because without you
i wouldnt have made it this far

i guess this is a thank you poem
ive been trying for years to perfect it
but as long as it comes from my heart
thats all you need isnt it?
i pray and hope this poem the world will see
so they all know what you did for me
and i wish you the best of the rest of your days

thank you for being more than just a teacher to me.
i hope you see this, im not so sure if you will or not but this is a thank you for what youve done, for believing in me when no one else would because of that push you gave me look at where i am and where i intend to go
Sep 2019 · 1.8k
River Sep 2019
trust is a fragile thing you know
one little mistake and its all gone

what even is trust
isnt it made to be broke?

man break my trust
ill never be the same again

ill be so depressed
whenever i hear your name

its like a constant voice saying
"see that they hurt you"

im always in great pain
but trust, wait what am i saying?

what even is trust anyway
an invisible glass heart

that breaks by the slightest
wrong touch?

trust, what even?
do you have to hold it so dearly?

and why is it so hard to fix?
i mean why am i hurting so bad?

trust, sorry wont even fix it
and no one knows what actions best fit it

and trust, who even keeps it
its almost like its meant to be broken

what even is trust?
is it apart of your imagination?

maybe its the longing
to want to have faith in someone

maybe trust is just
you wanting to feel like you know you are loved

maybe when you give someone all your trust
it means they are your world

but trust?
its meant to be broken

and no matter what
everyone breaks trust.

so what is trust?
a lie you dont need to have hope in.
Sep 2019 · 238
fragile glass
River Sep 2019
shes been broken so many times before
lost sight of any light
in her life its just nothing but despair
sitting alone with a heart
that seems to have disappeared
her mind isnt stable
to handle any more words
she just wants to hide away from the world
shes like fragile glass
all she needs is one more tap
then shes completely broke and
there is no more going back
Sep 2019 · 1.6k
River Sep 2019
this person i know
wants to be called they
it could bring us much closer
to see them that way
its a strange thing to think
and harder to say
but they is so happy
when the effort is made
to all the theys and thems
it is this i pray
we be kind and accepting
and just let them be they
this is not my poem i dont know whos it is i saw it on instagram
Sep 2019 · 570
River Sep 2019
I don’t want to
Open my mouth
Because I’m still afraid
The truth might come out
And if it does
If it really breaks free
You’ll see what I am
You’ll see the true me
The one I hide
With jokes and lies
I’m a terrible person
All jokes aside
You don’t seem to know it
You don’t seem to see
Even a glimpse of that person
That I know to be me
I’m such a good actress
I hide it so well
Cover it with a laugh
And you’ll never tell
You see depth in my eyes
You see love and emotion
But what would you see
If I ever did open
I can’t bear to find out
I can’t bear to show
The me you don’t see
The me that I know
If I let it out
If I let it be
I know for a fact
That you would hate me.
this is a poem i found on hello poetry long ago and saved it, it speaks deeply to me
Aug 2019 · 280
Dreams of you
River Aug 2019
I often dream of you
When I close my eyes to sleep
The dreams seemingly happy
Mostly makes me weep.
Aug 2019 · 2.0k
River Aug 2019
You're just like the other guys
You're always so full of lies
I can't believe i ever loved you
Ha! and, you never even said i love you too

You're so fake I'm so done
I'm gonna laugh when you fall
I feel sorry for the people in your life
I think they would be better off if you died
okay so i was going through my old poetry book and saw this its kinds good but i have no idea who i wrote this for but they must have really made me upset XD
Aug 2019 · 3.0k
River Aug 2019
The sun shines bright again for me
No more clouds or rain pouring so heavily
And the birds begin to sing loudly
And the flowers are looking oh so pretty
And the world again just seems to be happy

The mirror no longer mocks me
My eyes no longer hate what they see
My hair seems to fall so perfectly
And everything I wear makes me feel pretty
Makeup no longer has a use to me
Because my smile is all I really need
My skin glows and my cheeks are rosy
And the mirror finally seems to love me

The people don't seem to laugh
And I can seem to walk confidentiality
No one is talking behind my back
And my paranoia has left me
My fears lift away
And my laugh seems to stay
And for once I believe
I'm actually something

Mirrors don't mock me
And the sun is shining
My eyes no longer see the imperfections
That people no longer laugh
Or talk behind my back
And I can walk anywhere confidentiality
No more rain in my skies
Or teary eyes
And no more need to hide behind
The buckets of makeup that changes me
My smile stays and my laugh is real
And for once I'm not afraid to be me
For once I'm actually happy

Your eyes allow mine to see
The sun that shines
And the flowers that are so pretty
And your eyes allow me to ignore the mirror
And see all that's good on me
And your eyes allow me
To walk into any room with my head held high
Your love makes no need
For me to hide
In the makeup I wear or the tears behind my eyes
Nothing else matter as long as I know you love me
And I no longer see the world so poorly
I don't see the hate
Or the people who talk behind my back
I don't see the cracks in my appearance
Or every little imperfection left

The sun shines bright again for me
No more clouds or rain pouring so heavily
And the birds begin to sing loudly
And the flowers are looking oh so pretty
And the world again just seems to be happy
Jun 2019 · 2.8k
River Jun 2019
Feelings of uncertainty
Always keep me thinking
Keeps my brain awake
Thinking to much
Never sleeping
Yet in the end answers never come
Uncertainty fills me and all the holes
The uncertainty unknown
No matter what you do
It won't seem to go at all
It grabs ahold
Stresses you until you can't no more
Keeps your mind locked
And keeps you on to the uncertainty
Of never knowing what it is
That you need to see
The uncertainty
Takes you whole
Stresses you
Makes you to where all you see
Is the unknown uncertainty
And the endless darkness
Of what could be
But instead
Stuck with uncertainty
Jun 2019 · 720
Tired king
River Jun 2019
I hate this
To feel like this
Like it's all one-sided
It's quite tiring
To have a king
Who doesn't say a thing
That seems to just want you
As something to look at
And that's the thing
I'm not just a pretty face
And I wish I could receive
My love for you
Back to me
Jun 2019 · 102
Cracking wall
River Jun 2019
Everyone has tried so hard
To climb this stone wall
That I seem to have put up
Until you came along
Then the wall began to crumple
The wall so to tumble
To leave a mess of all it's rubble
If you keep pushing
This wall won't just fall
It will crash
And you'll be the one stuck
In the zone where it will land
This wall isn't stable
The cracks begin to grow large
With everytime you simply just say hi
The cracks begin to grow more
Whenever I start to open up
Keep at it if your able
But you're in the danger zone
And my wall is soon to tumble
Jun 2019 · 102
Desire (not my poem)
River Jun 2019
Almost everyone knows what's Desire,
but very few of us know what's Love.
It’s because they are both not the same,
Love means to suffer, Desire means to enjoy.
The one who Loves wants to serve.
The one who Loves gives his life.
And the one who Desires wants to live
and never ever to suffer, never ever to suffer.
The one who Loves cannot think about
everything that he gives, he cannot.
The one who Desires wants to forget
and never ever to cry, never ever to cry.
Desire can end soon,
Love knows no end.
And the fact is that we all know what's Desire...
But very few of us know what's Love.
Love is the heaven and the sunlight,
Love is the total fulfillment.
It’s the ocean without an end,
it’s the glory and the peace,
it’s the glory and the peace.
Desire is the flesh and the flower.
It’s to look for the dark corner.
It’s to bite, to scratch and to kiss.
It’s a fleeting wish, a fleeting wish.
The one who Loves cannot think about
everything that he gives, he cannot.
The one who Desires wants to forget
and never ever to cry, never ever to cry.
Desire can end soon,
Love knows no end.
And the fact is that we all know what's Desire...

...But very few of us know what's Love....
El amar y el querer from José José
Jun 2019 · 222
On my mind
River Jun 2019
You're my favorite hello
And my worst goodbye
First in the morning
You're always on my mind
And when I'm in bed
Closing my eyes
And every little second in between
You're always in my thoughts
And nothing can intervene
May 2019 · 227
This world
River May 2019
This world
It eats you whole
It tears you apart
Till you seem to be nothing no more
You break
And the world laughs
Your pain
Is only entertaining
Isnt it such a shame
What we have made of our world today
Full of nothing but pain
But thats okay
Because in this world the pain
Is the only thing that seems normal
And in this world
Our pain is always enjoyable
Someone will laugh
Or smile
Or want you to suffer more
Though they stay quiet about it
We all know
We all know...
What this world has come to.
May 2019 · 120
River May 2019
you dont have to have a special talent to be a poet
just simply have a heart and some spirit
just keep your mind open and let the words flow
to make poetry
make it like its part of your soul
so many people always say they wish they could write poetry, but poetry is easy, its like your heart on the paper, and anyone with the heart and spirit, can write poetry like any published writing
May 2019 · 152
Philip Larkin
River May 2019
They mess us up, your mum and dad
They may not mean to but they do
They fill you up with the faults they had
And add some extra just for you
-Philip Larkin-
I really love Philip Larkin he is a well known British Poet and anyone who sees this should check him out^^
May 2019 · 478
Philip Larkin
River May 2019
Novels are about other people but poems are about yourself
-Philip Larkin-
Apr 2019 · 1.0k
Anything wrong
River Apr 2019
i didnt do anything wrong did i
the way you keep talking
its like the light went out in your eyes
and i cant help but feel like
im the reason why
i didnt do anything wrong did i?...
Apr 2019 · 813
River Apr 2019
yay another fit is coming on
where i feel all broken down
and i cant seem to get back up
fits that seem to take me whole
fits that seem to make me whole
fits that seem wont ever go
another fit
yet again
and still no one seems to know
Apr 2019 · 1.2k
River Apr 2019
why is logic the only way in your head?
when in all reality life isnt
everything to you has to have a reason
an answer or even explanation
but with you nothing that isnt logic
doesnt make sense
help me believe that this isnt it
that logic isnt all to you
i dont really want to talk to you
i dont need a logical answer
to confide
into a calculator
but you see...
emotions aren't logic
they are like the magic illusions
they can be explained yeah...
but that doesn't mean
they should be
id think you'd be better off
as a calculator without power
a dead silent un-working machine
so that way i can talk
without the logical answer you always give to me...
Apr 2019 · 986
River Apr 2019
i wipe my tears and stand tall
because if im weak i may fall

and if i fall others will tag along
and when i fall
there will be no getting up
because if i fall, it wont be my fault, it will be the countless others who are on top
Mar 2019 · 245
River Mar 2019
Where emotions cant be seen there is always the poetry
Mar 2019 · 245
"silence is vain"
River Mar 2019
to be alone
in the darkest of bright days
to sit in lost
of sight of any fun
to be by yourself
and cry in the rain
"silence is vain"
it hurts
it eats you away
until your nothing
but just a memory
"silence is vain"
you repeat
day after day
till noting seems
to sit still
in the darkest
of the very brightest days
dont you see her
in the corner
"silence is vain"
Mar 2019 · 145
River Mar 2019
At first she thought,
It was only lust,
But now she sees
That she's
...In love...
Mar 2019 · 119
"For what"
River Mar 2019
To be excited
Of friends that never stay
Every one goes anyway
So whats the point
To trust at all
To put out your heart
For it only to fall
To break
To crack
And for what
A friend who will never come back...
Feb 2019 · 176
River Feb 2019
Typical love story. A flower determines it all. Oh he loves me, he loves me not. A flower with the power, to change it for good.

She picked up a beautiful flower, 5 petals in total, ready to play "he loves me he loves me not".

Petal one: he loves me.
His smile says it all
His look in his eyes
To the way he says her name
He loves me

Petal two: He loves me not
We may be together
But will it last
He loves me not

Petal three: He loves me
My hopes are up
Oh how well we get along
Maybe it's meant to be
He loves me

Petal four: He loves me not
What if he gets bored
What if he already is
What if this wasn't meant
He loves me not

Petal five: He loves me!
Oh this is it
The petal says it all
Is it really true
He loves me after all
Feb 2019 · 886
"I Love You"
River Feb 2019
I'm not the best at this but I can try
You're everything I've wanted
You're an amazing guy
You'll never understand
That with you I'm actually happy
You're my best fried
And I'm glad you chose me
This is just a poem
With a simple rhyme
But I've got to say
I think of you all the time
And honestly to tell the truth
I would walk through hell for you
I'd cross countries and oceans
And scream loud from the roofs
Three simple words
"I love You"
Feb 2019 · 141
"Your Game"
River Feb 2019
I love you
I know now I do
It took me a while to figure it out
But then again this is only a game
That only you enjoy playing

But at the same time
I want to keep playing
But if this is just a game
Who will win it anyway
Can there even be a winner
Or maybe just two losers
Or is this simply for your pleasure
Feb 2019 · 105
"Oh Don't You Know"
River Feb 2019
Don't you know, oh how badly her trust is broken. She listens and believes every little grain of salt, causing her to get buried in it all. Don't you know, oh how badly she wants you to fight for her. She wants to be shown that she too, is worth something to someone. Don't you know, oh how badly she wants you to see. That in all reality, she admires you greatly. And don't you know? That just a little piece of her wishes you truly were her friend, she pushes you away and you let it happen. But oh every one else knows, that she has her eyes on you constantly. But really no one knows, she just wants a friend, who would love her like she has love for them. And don't you know, oh dear friend, she loves you, but this love is different. And don't you know, that oh she wishes, you'd see how badly she tries to talk to you, but oh is she scared. But now she knows, oh she had every right be be scared.
Feb 2019 · 660
River Feb 2019
Feelings arise in my stomach
Like the butterflies are scurrying to shelter from rain
Some feel drowned
And some find comfort

I feel drowned near you
With all the other people around
Afraid of what they'll think
Afraid you won't notice me

But safety in your voice
And eyes so soft and caring
Safety in your hugs
And love in the friendship we share

Your'e my friend but I cant say more
Afraid to get to close to you yet still I try
This may seem to be a love poem
But emotions are scurrying butterflies
And this poem for you yes
But as a friend in my eyes

— The End —