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River May 2020
I'm just a little afraid
That forever will end
And our love fades to dim
And the spark gets cold
As we grow
Knowing we are both still in love
But the fun of our love dies
And we drift away
Into the ocean of tears
Built by our hearts
Because we didn't care enough
To fight for each other
The effort needed to make
Was to much
So instead it toppled our undeniable love
And further away we go
As the waves carry us on
Ignoring the drift wood to build a boat
River May 2020
this is seriously almost perfect
sitting here with you
getting along with my family
the people who mean the most to me
seeing all the fun you are having
and the laughter that you keep bringing
it makes my heart warm
dont you know
this is almost perfect
if only now we can make this a forever
before it becomes just a was
and a dream that ill only remember
River Apr 2020
I think I'm falling for you
And I think it started when-
You held my hand
As I showed you all the cracks
That make up my heart
And smiled sweetly at me
So compassionately
As I showed you the scars in my arms
I don't want to fall into another trap
Just to go ahead and get hurt
But for some reason
I feel like that won't happen with you
Your eyes held so much truth
As I went on opening up to you
Almost as if you genuinely do care
And the more I dwell upon your beautiful smile
The further I think I'm falling for you
River Apr 2020
a laugh that truly shines
and a smile that brings upon the light
the world needs more people
who has a smile like you
who will smile and laugh
enough to make someone else do too
River Apr 2020
i cant help but keep looking at you
your beauty catches my eyes
and keeps me trapped inside
you're so beautiful
i hope you know
that nothing that has the same label
can compare, not even close
to the beauty that it is that you hold
inside and out
all the beauty you show
i hope you know just how beautiful you are
like a masterpiece
that should be the number one in all art
you are the beauty that touches my heart
and the beauty that can always truly be called
River Mar 2020
it is true what they've said
that when loved by a poet
forever you'll live
when a poet falls in love with you
whether the love be a fling or forever
you become a muse for words
what will live on forever
and just how much this poet felt for you
the good and the bad
shall always come out in such words
that can be felt deeply in the heart
written as what it is we call poetry
and these poems filled with such pure emotions
will never die
and along with that never shall you
and when they write a single word
its always going to be you
who is their muse
and you best understand
that it is you who is giving a poet their pen
forever you shall live on
in a poets eyes
in a poets words
as long as you touched a poets heart
you will never fade away and disappear from this world
as long a you are loved by a poet
every word shall be for you
and every poem has your name
and someday the world will know
that this poet fell in love
because when you are loved by a poet
you'll never die
instead you will live on
through their soulful words
and through every upcoming poem
River Sep 2019
poetry is most beautiful
written about the love that engulfs ones own heart
but when you write about the love of your
significant other
then soon it becomes
a little break up song

so why is poetry not about the love for the stars
and the world we seem to live on
look around an im sure
your heart will be filled with love and many many more words
and maybe then it will all stay that way
of love and happiness and truth from the heart

so why make it all about him or her
write about the stars
the ocean so vast and mysterious
write about the forests
and the creatures that inhabit it
write about the love of family
and the joys of your best friend
because in the end a poem about him or her
soon becomes another break up song
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