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I am the barfly
the strangest kind
the one that's always thirsty
the one that needs a memory erase
the closest one to human beings
the one that wants to fly
but can't find the wings
only the will to pour
the whisky in his mouth
You are the chauffeur
Of your life
So, do you think
You should drive safely
Or do you think
You should enjoy the ride

What nonsense they teach you in schools
Life is about more than just rules…

The story goes on and on
So drive all the way to the goal
Put the seat belt on
Scream, dance and howl

Fear is what I see everywhere
Empathy is rarely there

Was it made in a lab
Or by eating a bat

Everybody has their own truth
Because we were all raised differently in our youth

What can help in these times is empathy
More important than good looks and sympathy

It’s spreading faster than anticipated
People in China getting more hated

It doesn’t matter who’s to blame
This is no kind of a game

This is a very serious and dangerous situation
Those who help destroy this virus deserve a standing ovation
cigarette smoke disappearing
right in front of my eyes
how I wish I had
like a cat, nine lives

even though
they would be short
I would enjoy
every whisky shot
You dance in the rain?
That's cute
I dance in the fcking thunderstorm baby
Jameson Blackmay Dec 2020
I see black everywhere I look
but I know people that see white
and people who understand my black
and I envy their white
How would you describe
this world with one poem?
My word: Chaos
This generation after the 20th century
knows a little joy of the real life
all we know is an online world
and we wear devil faces in day
but we have angel faces at night
while drunk, ****** or drugged some other way
I would rather die happy tomorrow
than be an old man full of sorrow
Jameson Blackmay Dec 2020
I would rather die
happy tomorrow
than an old man
full of sorrow
Why does it feel like a dream
when I am with you

Why does it feel like a nightmare
when I am not with you

When you're next to me
I am starting to be religious

Then there's no other way
I want to live my life

Lost in love
I raise my hand high
       because I want to feel the Sun
                and keep soberness low
                      because I want to have fun
women about to have ***
ask themselves
why should I sleep with him?

drunk women about to have ***
rhetorically askthemselves
why the hell not?
Jameson Blackmay Dec 2020
You have to embrace chaos
in order to find peace
Shadows in a day
lights in the night
rainbow in your smile
and butterflies in your head
everything is different
and it's okay
it's beautiful that way
The bigger the expectations
the bigger the drop
When I wave at you with money and fame
you will finally be mine and tame
Jameson Blackmay Dec 2020
It is sad time to be alive
because people collect
followers and likes
instead of beautiful
of drunken nights
Jameson Blackmay Dec 2020
I feel you
I understand you
I like you
but I still don't want
to be with you
What song do you want people
to play at your funeral?

Mine is: Comfortably Numb, Pink Floyd :D
you are your own happiness
you are your own misery
you are truly your own god
remember the power you possess
Jameson Blackmay Dec 2020
I grew golden flowers in my garden
because I was tired of looking
for the beauty within me
Jameson Blackmay Dec 2020
We should be afraid
of those incapable ones
because they are capable
of eveything
I forgot what it feels like
to kiss you
I just know for a fact
it was ******* fabulous
Look around
do you see the beauty?
or do you live in a bad place?
Since *** got easier to get
love got harder to find
There's a stranger in front of me
who I like
but don't know what to say

One second passed
and you're gone
suddenly I know what to say
but you're gone now anyway

Unexplainable attraction arose
I was drawn like a magnet
but now you're too far
and the magnetic field is broken

What I was always seeking
My heart was already speaking
I just didn’t know how to listen
I was living in a modern prison

Too many distractions and addictions
Directed my life in some made up fictions

Some people still do live in their own prison
They can’t forgive themselves even with a reason

So many ways to live our lives without fulfilment
It’s hard to keep up with the modern movement

People give up easier and forgive harder
We’re becoming weaker and from our true selves farther

what a pity
Jameson Blackmay Dec 2020
I wish the world didn't move so fast
and stayed where it is
even though a progress
is essential for life
Jameson Blackmay Dec 2020
There are no limitations

on how far people can go
and no boundaries
that couldn't be crossed
Pages and pages of life
I turn every day
No matter what you do
Your soul will fly away

It’s like reading a book
Sometimes it’s good
Another page is boring
And it’s just bad

No matter how you feel
There will be sunshine and rain
Thunderstorm will occur
Inside your curious brain

Now that you know
Try to enjoy what’s left
Because wasting your time
Would be a serious crime
Jameson Blackmay Dec 2020
We hope for peace and immortality
but we continually invent new ways
to destroy each other
sometimes love feels
just like pain
but sometimes it's beautiful
like summer rain
I often see an old man
sitting at the bar
he is lonely and sad
beers seem no help

Why does he drink so much?
if it doesn’t help

Why did he drink so much?
that I had to drag him
all over to his apartment

He even ****** himself
and there was a **** too…

Why does he drink so much?
that there’s no power to move
only mouth shouting nonsense
I wish he could just disappear

He is the sad man at the bar
sitting there for 11 hours
waiting for nothing
just life to pass
there are always girls
that run through my mind
I am tired of it

aren't you girls
also tired of all that
running through my brains?
it's funny
how we use each other
just to get hurt
sooner or later
How are you gonna spend your Valentine's day in 2021?
Let me know in the comments.
Me: Hmm...Netflix, pizza and whisky.
What is the first thing you'll do when coronavirus is over?

I’ll visit all the bars I can, go back to gym and travel. Mainly travel! I miss oceans, new cultures, partying with foreigners and having 3 am conversations with strangers.
Jameson Blackmay Dec 2020
She said one thing
I tried to be funny
I laughed
she said *******
I laughed

Who's the childish one..?
Jameson Blackmay Dec 2020
The strongest tools poets and writers have
are loneliness and troubled mind

— The End —