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Josh Parker Aug 10
Why is it
that I only sit quietly
in the morning?

Am I allowed just
one breath
of wholeness
before the barrage
of the day?

What would happen
if I claimed
all my other breaths
in the name of peace -
of saving a life?

What would the world
do with me?
Paola Verduzco Dec 2018
Can you please go slower
Slower when its time
Or faster
Faster when its right
The odds are against my favor
When there is time
Is there ever time
Lilly frost Sep 2018
Why worry for youth if in your heart you're forever young
If your joy is kept alive
If your smile is still bright
Why worry for the future of gray hairs and parchment skin
If love is had would it be so bad
To one day sit and reminisce without the threat of immortality
Without the prison of eternal youth
Fun for years
Fun for hours
Eternity towers
Appreciate the world
When the spring in your step has gone sour
Appreciate the season
Stop and smell the flowers
Feel the snow
The cold
The pain that as a youth you were in a rush to rid
What have you to say after your rushing worries have rushed away
What memories can you retain if you speed through to the end
You can sit for years and muse, pretend
Make a plan
Take your time
Life may be short but it's a short long while
Especially to the end
Mary-Eliz May 2018
long-legged brothers
daddy long legs, too

hurry, scurry

wait up,
I can't keep up with you

slow down
wait for me

I'm lagging
don't you see



always feeling in a hurry

so much
you write too fast

it's like walk-running
in the past

slow down...
I lag behind it's true

slow down, wait for me
I can't keep up!

I can't keep up with you!
I know I likely miss a lot of real gems but oh lordy! it is hard to keep up. I still have short legs and walk fast :-)
Kewayne Wadley May 2018
Missing a glimpse of her
Was just as bad as being late.
My feeling flown all over the place.
The punctuality of being at the exact place at the right time.
Missing this glance everything falls out of place.
The sudden challenge of tomorrow.
Being on time, this moment left behind.
Admittedly I hurried the next moment.
To miss the same glance.
My feelings all over the place.
To think, flowers are never as late as they seem
Tiana Marie Jan 2018
Time and I like to race,
And the both of us won’t give in.
We wish to claim first place;
We both deny what’s not a win.

With my eye on the prize,
I try to beat my nemesis.
For it’s time I despise,
It is a thief with arrogance.

And for the longest time,
My rival was in the craved lead.
I now forbid his crime;
I have stolen his spot, indeed.

“How I do this?” you ask.
Well, it is the most simple thing.
Within each day I bask,
And in each small moment, I sing.

I don’t say “Next week I…”
And I don’t mention what has past.
I live for the day, though,
attempting just to make it last.

One day I will have won,
And I will claim my spot: first place.
I am who made time run,
All because I slowed down my pace.
JS May 2017
It is a time to slow down
We sunk in the ocean of love
I wish you could just be around
And not be like a lost glove
Do not get me wrong
I do not want to be free of
I just had it on my tongue...
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