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qeren Sep 2021
would you let me breathe?
listen to all the ***** you say
needed space but there's no way
even I can't quit with a pray

everyone keeps on talking
but there's no one listening
to put the world on my back
instead of my hand

puts so much weight on the words
puts so much weight on the thoughts
everyone's in a rush
with no moment of hush

can we sit down and talk?
can we take a moment to breathe?
can we not run but walk?
can we take a moment to breathe?
everyone relax and let me breathe for a second, please.
Jameson Blackmay Dec 2020
I wish the world didn't move so fast
and stayed where it is
even though a progress
is essential for life
sometimes it’s not the world that is loud,
there’s no rain, no grey cloud,

sometimes it’s a storm inside of me,
where the wind is strong,
like a very cold breeze.

sometimes it’s the rain in my soul,
pouring emotions, telling me to let go,

sometimes it’s not the
outside world,
that is loud,
it’s my inner peace
that whirls around and
has been gathering war clouds

because sometimes
there’s too much stress,
to many thoughts, an excess

it’s not life’s best part
but sometimes
there’s a storm in my heart.

there are lightning’s, even thunder,
and I feel like I’m going under

but I better calm down,
there’s no need for me to drown.

I pick myself up, piece by piece
it’s not a fight without cease

there’s no need for preoccupation,
as long as I am, my own salvation.

- gio
FireLion Sep 2020
I fell without boundaries
I fell without looking at my surroundings
I didn't pause
I didn't stop
I didn't check my feelings
I didn't voice where needed
I should of slowed down
I should of been sound
I should of spoke up
I should of thrown out a
Safety net to catch
My fall..
Nylee May 2020
It's a routine
and there is a disruption
Everything is fine
On the surface
Dig deeper, an eruption.

Let's believe in it
but worry is constant companion,
Hope is whimsical
It flutters and breaks
And burns again with flame.

It was a dream,
A beginning and the end,
A living breathing trend.
But a life is beyond imagination,
Ups and downs and a show.

Now to this slowdown,
We don't know,
The time in abundance
Is going to drain
A fear turning to a new name.

The year has been
straight out of some ******* movie
It is building and building
and no one knows
what kind of end it will bring.
sometimes it’s right next to you
but you’re not having a clear view

you can be in the right place
and still feel like you’re loosing the race

but why do you rush? why do you hurry?
it makes all the images come out so blurry

take it easy, slow down a bit
it’s simple, yes I admit,
it will just make your mind split

now you’re counting pro and contra
trying to find your personal mantra

you are good thoughts and bad ones
you decide what energy your body runs

so slow down a bit
take a breath and don’t quit

happiness is right next to you,
so relax your mind and enjoy the view.

- gio, 03.04.2020
TheConcretePoet Feb 2020
Curtains open,
I allow everything in the world to see inside

Barefoot on the beach
I allow the world upon my feet with every tide

Half past midnight
I allow the moonlight to caress my skin

Once dawn arrives I marvel at the sunrise with a grin

I've slept on many a clouds in my dreams

With the sun as my blanket warming me with every one of its beams

I love the smell of fallen leaves all piled up

Coffee beans and their aroma that fill my cup

The crackle of the fireplace as the snow gently falls upon my face

I love that I have learned that life is not a race

I live it now
I live it at my pace

I have to go now
I have a relationship with my oft' muses that I want to continue to grow

Albeit, slow
OV Jan 2020
Time runs down a waterfall
Accelerating at 9.81 meters/sec^2
There is no point in jumping ahead
We are all going to the same place
So let's enjoy this waterfall
JP Aug 2019
Why is it
that I only sit quietly
in the morning?

Am I allowed just
one breath
of wholeness
before the barrage
of the day?

What would happen
if I claimed
all my other breaths
in the name of peace -
of saving a life?

What would the world
do with me?
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