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wehttam Dec 2016
The Skunk

Black, white, striped, memories of 'Pepe lePue', the Gallon d'Or is circling a room on a TV muted.  Back ground noise and a furious well comes from the kitchen.  The skunk has invaded the first and last right of the house.
wehttam Dec 2016
8 cops possibly 15 or 16 police officers
1 persona, the 45s scratched and repeating
From the south, no
From Asia, how
Certainly some western flare
16 or 17 officers, why is it repeating,
Repealed, ok. Idk, one single actual law
But several piggy's with lights off
Chortled many brave pedalers
Just down by the shoe store
All of them will fit a persona
Try a pear, chew it and sip on some well water
I will never smoke indoors, not enough space for the frame
But what works, is a story by Dumbo.  
That dang chewy elephante.
Disney lan
wehttam Nov 2016
I purchased a trademark a few weeks ago...
I am developing a Intelecutual Property
Called IP

Tokyo Surf
Have fun.  Ttyl
wehttam Nov 2016
How much for breakfast,
coffee chocolate and vanilla
Ella, el, el LA.  
One right, 2 the nose and back across
My belly, Elly, Ella, el la.  


The phone, pho' phourdy eighth street
San Diego, 8:51, vah nella, naps on my bed
Chocolate prefers then under the sink

Coffeenchocolate vanilla
El, ella, el LA.
8:40-8:48 am Friday the 18th 2016, November.
wehttam Oct 2016
This thee due to plead
Never more says to me

Than the Raven pauses too a kaisura!  

The Beginning

False vision and schadenfreude, thee was lazy and vacancy is not just liberty wanting.  

Then and Now

Of the Novel/ play
  Jan 2016 wehttam
Nat Lipstadt

First & Foremost

a friendly competition,
not of erudition,
more a contest of
speedy eruption

who will be first,
for quenching their thirst,
on not any but only
day of their togetherness,
to declare, swear, affirm,
that their love for the other
is the greater

a race
where both win,
by crossing the
ever-moving forward,
the unfinished line

a never static series,
much more than merely being
a claimant of a trite first place,
more akin
to momentarily being
at the head of an unending
(1 + 1 > 2)
solvable if and when
leap frogging
over each other,
extending their combined reach

when one is
to pronounce
this daily blessing
at the
beginning of the
new awakening twenty four,
of their joint custodied
silently implied,
I love you
with a simple syrup summary

first and foremost

one, if by pillowed whisper
two, if by text

a succint messag to the other,
their love is coming fresh direct,
with an invading intensio,
deserving recognition
that a new edition will be
on this very day,
with the
same exact
freshly steaming coffee'd,
bannered headline,
that my love for you,
my darling sweetheart is

first and foremost

condensing with a
yellowing smiley face,
in these illiterate days of emoticons,
yellow carded,
though summarizing acceptable as

F & F

that have been adjudged
to be
an A-Ok entry,
in the contest
without a foreseeable ending

that no one,
but only both,
can possess
the winning record

Jan. 9, 2016
wehttam Jul 2015
A Perfect Swing

Theophilus Cobak
Baseball 1892
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