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Po Apr 7
No one told me how to survive
- a heart break
- a loss
- a self destruction
and I still don't know how to
Po Mar 16
1 + 1 equals 2
pi is 3.14159
the world revolves around the sun
gravity takes control of everything; or at least tries to
these are all facts
why can our love be a fact?
Po Mar 16
i want to believe that the world wont end tomorrow
but the moment you leave this earth my whole world  is destroyed  
please stay
be my forever
Po Mar 9
"I promise" -  as her dad carried her from preschool after a boy was pulling on her hair
"I promise" - a line from her vows
Po Mar 6
your presents is a warm hug that has never touched me
my sad thoughts merrily drift away as you approached me life
you are the light that i could not see
maybe we all need a little light
Po Mar 5
i said "i'd be the one"
he replied "to break me"
i guess we stand on different mountains
Po Mar 5
in a society where eating disorders are less of a concern and more of a trend
we dont compare grades anymore only cuts and scars on our wrists
everything is  political and you need to stay woke
in a society where my trauma is on display so people call it
can we all just be human?
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