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LJ Jun 2016
The edge of my soul is unsilenced
by the youthful glove of lust
Curtained wonders and curtailed tales
our songs recited and memorised on saddles
Sandals of certainty , candled yester years

My soles dared to tear a form
eyes roar in beats of a sinful stare
affixed sensations, the aesthetic nightmares
the cyclic eventful roller coaster of want
The padded faded jeans and cotton shirt

A fluent code of the cold wonderland
steers protons and affluent electrical neurons
Exploding zips, complementary zest
The **** ride on your stationed rod
My stallion, a rash, an adrenaline rush, our flight (oh la la)

At the sight of the afterglow stormy taste
our echoes astound the mountain tops
a wave of the heated dream in a cage
The aged flow of the surfacing rivers
As these words live in my mind

Flickering lights inside the synagogue maze
the cleavage fountain evaporating fumes
A showcase of undeniable holes and poles
A glorified truth tied in elastic hearts
Eclipsed as a shadowy armoured reflection

Hold my hand and fly the transient transcendence
Balance as I fall behind on the heighted prolific lines
Rehouse my day on these whispered thoughts
Time circles, time travels, time lost, time found
On this hour of attachment, catch me as I wave
whispered thoughts of lust
LJ Jun 2016
I save this ink before it runs dry
I safe my voice and bring my light
I can't see your eyes, but you are tender
I can't hear your voice but it is soft
I give you these words, as I hand a promise
I lay my carpet of emotions, touch it,kiss it
I sign this pledge, accept it,keep it

For no doubts or any perception reign
Forever, to shine in the array of our dreams
For the vulnerability deep in my crux is yours
Find a way to see me through and through
Follow the intuitive punches in your gut
Fetch my arms as we dangle on the cliffs
Fold me in you, protect me my love from the storm
Hope you can see this someday. Love you!
LJ Jun 2016
Miles turn away
My lungs deflate
Miles turn away
My soul dilate

Slate me if you may
In slips, pin me on ground
Trump your boots on flesh
In slopes do brace, dare me

My dear, whisper
as you voice fades
on electronic wire
our mire desires

My dear, whisper
as I am a quiet  
sat on the woods
under torrential rains

My dear, whisper
in the dense wood walks
as I journey in jungles
sting me in quagmires

My dear, whisper
again say it, tell it
that you love me
under lighted tunnel

My dear,whisper
cut the storm short
surround me utterly
shed your feelings

My dear, whisper
for all to see and stare
wipe my tears, my seer
give me all I need
LJ Jun 2016
The whiteness of the milky way
witness your name invariably
in the corner of chaos and order
Inside fragments of settled sediments

There are words that I await
to stream from the fountain
the base of the veined heart
Inside a core to be uncovered

Phrases that wish to be whispered
the nudges of intentions held back
collapsed and clasped in a clap
the ribboned truth that fades

Tell the tales of the indelible ounces
Pronouns and nouns of love and hate
Proverbs of the scent of your breath
The Jasmine that roasts your tongue
Let it's smell infuse my jumbled being
Tell the tales of the indelible ounces
Taboos and tattoos of eternal love
Traffic and tarmacs of the road travelled
The lavender that seduces your mind
Let it transfuse my animate system
Tell the tales of the indelible ounces
Songs and secrets of the bright sighs
Sums and seams of endurance
The cinnamon that spices your life
Let your kiss evaporate in my mist mouth
Tell tales of the indelible ounces
Nuances and notes of our untold story
Novices and nemesis of the unnamed race
The rose that savours your sweetness
Let your hands caress and weaken
As you tell the tales in indelible ounces
Words I long to up babes!
LJ Jun 2016
I hold it right to my heart
A whisper with gentle intention
To slow the pace of the stars
Where we started to race

I hold it deep in my soul
A whistle made by the birds
To sing these song to you
Where our love blossoms

I hold it on my bended knees
A waste of the concrete mist
To hold your arms again
Where we walk hand in hand

I hold us in a unison tide
A way of our printed eternity
To mould hope and live again
Where memories are our future
LJ Jun 2016
Revelational 33 in triangulation
A one, the perpendicular, the two
A pyramid adjoint in intersections
Recalled dream of masters and teachers

Repentant breeze on drowned water
a leather polished and scaled to sleek
A lover, my 33 year old angelic man
Reaped at the foot of the rooted crux

Restored from the mire and mirage of mares
An outward crimson, the glorified grace laced
A river that flow eastwards on descending cliffs
Revolved from the depth of oceanic rocks

Revelational 33 in triangulation
A light, the spotlight pearl unfurled
A  force that will never die but live
Rectifies and autocorrected from the abyss
Love you loads baby, ;always missing you and thinking about you always! An ember that always glows in the rumble. My spotlight, my warmth...... a master number 33!
LJ May 2016
I miss you and my skin shivers
The heaves of the flying engine
The sky of our heavens angel
Amiss and my soul webbed in a bay
As the mist of the dew condenses
The waters flows in our artistry
Our chemistry a fizzle unreactive
Our feeling dances as a spirit of its own
The miss and want to walk my finger
Rest it on your bare hairless chest
The miss to walk and pluck a hair
Resourcefully induce a prickly pain
I miss you and my tear flitters
On the trail of the cave I touch
****** the walls that hang your heart
I miss you as we shield our soul and shell
At the crossroads where the devil turns
LJ May 2016
I withhold this trophy tonight
for the worry you lag on and on
a sack you drag as it parties
owning your back, breaking the light

I withhold my hand and stop the words
for your voice seeps the air I  breath
a strangle of the life that smiles
tugging me in the abyss of your devoid

I withhold my trust as I can't censor
the irk that traps and can't be tamed
a mafia that drives you crazy 24 hours
drugging me in a cage of no care

I withhold my question about our intentions
the drive that makes me explode
as I can't blame or save your paranoia
telling a fiction in the reality of stolen memories
Stop the worry baby, remove that heavy sack lagging from your back. Love you loads! Let the monster go! Be a free spirit, the world will just trap you love!
LJ May 2016
I can see the mask that you wear
The demon that you hide behind
As it chases you loiter it's shadow
I'll sooth you in the dark alleyways
Directly call the shamanic exorciser
to starlight your pebbled and icy path

I can see the mask that you wear
It laughs and mimic's as you **** it
Carrying a collection of your innocence
the disclosures of the haunted past
I'll reconcile amicably with the villain
sign the treaty permanently on your behalf

I can see your charming face behind that mask
That beautiful facade of yours my dear one
the vision in your eyes written on your iris
the ink that pastes a blank page of my desires
Our seal that wraps the crawls in the cold night
My divine one, let's fly afloat in the attic of our dreams
Shift the tide!
Awolnation- Sail (blame it on our ADD)
LJ May 2016
You call me an entity
and you died for me
inside the mouth of the shark
In shards and reclaimed pieces

You call me an entity
and still hold me on the bow
showing me way in the deep oceans
Anchoring the sails through our ails

You call me an entity
and yet use the saw to cut the wood
lighting a fire in my heart to keep me warm
Fuelling the depth cords of my soul

You call me an entity
as I walk in this empty mansion
alone and aloof chasing the phantoms
Rolling in the depth of your ever felt breath

You call me an entity
as my whispers tickles the land down under
as we tow the rainbow holding our love
Making the time to hear your sweet voice
Goodnight to me! We'll find a way to make it through without us...... Good morning darling!
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