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Ashes2Ashes Mar 2016
You laugh
When you are hurt
Because you don't want to cry
It comes so easily
You don't need to try
So you laugh and laugh
Till the pain numbs

Now no one takes you seriously
Even if they see the bruises and burns
They chuckle and say
You live and learn

This is fine
This is what you want
As long as you smile
No one asks questions
So you smile
And smile and smile....
Ashes2Ashes Mar 2016
You insult me
To my face
On a daily basis
But that's okay
You diminish my problems
Because yours are always more pressing
And that's okay
You expect me to always comfort you
When I break inside
That's alright
Because your really all I have
Without you I
Don't think I could have survived
You were the one who talked to me first
You were the one who wanted me around
Even though
You still chose others over me
And I was always your last choice
Throughout these years
You've been the only friend
I ever really had
That's been around
For the good and the bad
So even though I know
Our friendship isn't ideal
I'm still so glad it's real
Ashes2Ashes Mar 2016
These hands of mine
Are perfectly fine
Whether I am clapping
or snapping
They are perfectly benign
Even if they can't draw a straight line
as they cut their lifelines
They serve me well
when sending them all to *hell
Even though these hands of mine
Are perfectly fine
They tend to tremble
with excitement
Whenever something seems to resemble
Ashes2Ashes Mar 2016
A heart is fragile
One must be tactile
If handled without the utmost care
It could break and tear
If someone gives you something so precious
You can not be careless
If you do not reciprocate this
You will be remiss
As the now broken heart
Will forever depart
Love is precious
Take it seriously
Ashes2Ashes Mar 2016
When I say
Everything is okay
I don't mean it
I want you to see
And say
You are not okay
And if I say I am fine
Please see through that line
I want you to know
And say
You are not fine
And if all of this is denied
Just know its all true on the inside
Not every cry for help is loud
Sometimes they are whispers
Or even an expression
And just because someone says the are OK
Does not mean they really are
Ashes2Ashes Mar 2016
More strife.....
Great, just what I need in my life
Along with this anxiety
That mocks my place in society
Now only if we could add cruelty
Then I will be just fruity

I didn't choose my appearance
But that doesn't stop their abhorrence
I didn't choose my personality
To be such an abnormality

This pain inside
Burns me alive
No way out
I can't even shout
I can only drown
As I break down
I've been having a hard time lately
And it shows
Sorry I just don't think I can write happy things right now
Ashes2Ashes Mar 2016
Waking up crying
Hoping to get comfort
Only to realize no one's there
As you cry yourself to sleep

Friends before family
Is that what they say?
Is that why you always went with them to play?
While doing your best to keep me away?
Not knowing nor caring you were the only friend and sibling I had?

Going through the motions
Is what I grew to do
It was the only way to cope
Loneliness became a familiar feeling
While smiles became rare

Who I become stems
From where I came from
What I learned, I know
Will still be able to show

Promises are made to be broken
A phrase I knew through and through
When you all proved it true
While the only thing I really wanted
Was someone to talk to
This, unfortunately stems from personal experience
And sorry if there are inconsistencies in the rhyming and etc.
I had a real rough day so this is more of a "vent" poem more than anything.....
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