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Ronza Jairy Apr 22
Life is so much more

Than mourning what has been done

free up your regret

It may not be there-

A few monents from now.

Seize it.
Seize love.

Carpe Amor.
ahh yes, in your days of this earth, you seize love
Eve Stumpges Mar 21
Every choice made is the death of a you that could have been had you not
Taken one more shot
Stumbled and got caught
By strong arms in the pub parking lot
Bashful gratitude turned to years bought
By blinded love that soon began to rot
Flowing tears, lessons were taught
But what if that night you had fought
Closed out cause you’d already drank a lot
Then what arms would you have sought?
in the rain as a child
memories I’ll never forget
a reminder of life’s
simple pleasures
free with no regrets
anotherken Nov 2018
The chants of the birds,
Singing their wonderful elegy.
The calm wind that drowns me.

The insects that indulge and conquer,
As they saw my body.
As the soul and mind leaves me.

I wonder what I felt,
Before this final sleep, before I became free.
At last, I am filled with mortifying glee.

Away from my enemies.
Away from my friends.
Away from my family.

They will cry and laugh, of course.
Of course, I know. I know they'll do that.
But I realize that's just life as it is.

When the merchants pass by
And pray for my corpse.
When the Samaritans come by
And follow this stench that I call home.
When they see me as I am,
They'll ask for justice.

But I don't need no man to be held upon the masses.
I don't need time, nor space,
I don't need your medals and trophies.
Because I realize the void will consume everything.
Because it will comfort you and me, with blood-like tears.
Because I realize that's just life as it is.

I don't care anymore.
About these words that I have said past.
I want to say what I want.
Yet I am mute.
Yet I am deaf.
Yet I am blind.
But somehow, I'm happy.
I'm content with my life.
I never regretted any second of it.

I love you, mom. I love you, my brothers and sisters.
I love you, my friends, my enemies.
I hope heaven exists.
I hope it does for you.
Keith Gwasera Nov 2018
I don't regret the Rain
or those nights I felt the pain
or tears I cried
most of the time along the way
for every-time my heart would break
It was just something....
A road I had to take
A road I had to take to get to you
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