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Megan Sherman Feb 16
Bewildering, a torrent rages,
Inbetween the bone cages,
Of my heavy head and empty chest,
I yearn for those rare moments I appreciate I'm blessed,
Instead of chasing meanings,
Threading together conspiracies,
The greatest conspiracy,
That you may be cruel,
I'm not that much of a fool though,
To really think that for too long
But just long enough
That hell breaks loose
Megan Sherman Feb 16
Indifferent of the grandeur
Indifferent of smog skies
A pilgrim treads to sanctuary
But among her, be there spies:
Fearing cruelty, bold she cries!

Loud as the loud buses
A mass attends the scene
Amongst, one of the roses
Lush and evergreen
Was the moment of blisses
Megan Sherman Feb 16
I don't know why I do as I do
I could be gentle, but my tongue
Turns Lover's heart from red to blue
In all the fury I have sung
From callous mouth, from bitter heart
Flies the jaded poison dart
I don't know why I do as I do
But to emotion I am true

I could be living, but by mind
Is bending to conform to molds
My mind no longer wild, it folds
The greying matter, not consciousness of gold
My mind is bought and bartered, sold
Not thing of Beauty to behold
I could be living, but my mind
Is with the matrix intertwined
Megan Sherman Feb 15
Today I read the news on a captive,
He is sure he'll die, but I fight for him to live
Upon his captivity corruption thrives
Of love he has so much to give
We must for the redemption of his life strive
Megan Sherman Feb 15
So saccharine that ancient verse of love
That God weep upon its hearse on high
As to the cross it marched with crown, slain dove
A ****** 'gainst the people nailed to sky
Megan Sherman Feb 15
Subtle was that darling moon,
Crept like sunrise out of day,
As night swelled with resplendent tune,
As, sultry, sunlight snuck away,
As gold fled the horizon,
Usurped by obsidian black,
Moonlight rising, ever rise,
The Ace to sunlight's Jack.
I spot love, its tender clues
That blot my pain, suppress my blues
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