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Megan Sherman Oct 13
All heavenly things enthrall this longing mind
When grace in angels this lost spirit found
That tread upon a higher, holy ground
And dwell in Love, activity refined

For they are born and bred in the divine
Testament to the beauty of paradise
That with its splendour electrifies
The spirit, with Love intertwined

For sight of angels, borne aloft by God
Not oceans fathomless could quench the thirst
His creations I in awe applaud

To fly on wings of angels I desire
Our heavenly friends, alit by celestial sun
On blazing wings they graft, aspire
Megan Sherman Oct 13
Could such a meditation capture and embrace,
Fine wrought beauty of thy grand, immortal face?
Time's architect of sublime grace,
In whom luscious light of love apace,
The liquor of the moment churn, With magic, through whence the cosmos rage and burn,
Knowledge of which the sages earn,
For which the scholars learn, fierce yearn,
On my journey through aeons to you,
Through creation with a God I flew,
Saw blessed fires run through you.

Raw power of the sun in you,
Never seen bright soul so true,
Beatitude rare for which I grew,
Shed regrets, no shame, no rue,
Deva Kali I do not spurn
Our spirit, may fire of the deva burn,
A beacon to alight all space,
Glow benevolent on the cosmic race,
Meditation guides to thee,
On an endless cosmic, seismic sea.

A solar system is thy mind,
Whirls majestic and refined,
With mysteries and life embroiled,
For a glimpse of which the sages toiled,
A beauty which hath never paled,
Which the saints and bards regaled,
Her form is truth; not up for sale,
Suffice to adorn lore and fairytale,
Reflecting on her I duly find,
My form and hers coiled, intertwined.

O Kali of celestial power,
Bless my heart in immortal hour,
Impart gold virtues known to thee,
So I can rejoice in revelry,
Enamoured of the cosmic majesty,
Beknown to Gods and ones who see,
Ever frolic in enchantment free,
No you, no I, only one heart, we,
No lords who seize time, history,
Just blissful divinity in a cosmic sea.

Thou art avatar of all creation,
In incessant and perpetual motion,
Inspires mind to soar in elation,
And commit itself in deep devotion,
Deepest, sweet celestial commotion,
Assuages my heart's trepidation,
Here my fear is not a notion,
Soul free in immortal recreation,
Kali, Kali, spirit true,
Blessed fires run through you.

Your legs the roots on life's wizened tree,
Roots bubbling with time's energy,
Your arms the blossoming canopies,
Which scatter wisdom's flowers free,
That drink up lightning from the sun,
Inside your heart, as time begun,
See her conquer, see her run,
A goddess for all; let us be one,
In awe of you, I just a smote,
As I stand with you at end of time remote.

Beget thy purpose to create,
Plant seeds in which all time gestate,
She lives for life insatiate,
For which I am in joy, elate,
My atman, Kali, how lucky I,
Can dwell on Earth, yet soar in sky,
Beloved of the Buddha's cry,
As he sing soft under bough of the Bodhi:
Children, we are all light and love,
Reflect from Kali, our mother dove.

A truth on which the spirit rove,
Souls frolic in her Heart's treasure trove,
Walk softly to that golden grove,
A path for which the mind behove,
Kali, as I for life prepare,
Imbue me with your knowledge rare,
If you permit, and if I dare,
Could I see worlds dance through thine stare?
She dance with cosmic passion there,
A shimmering siren, beckons me to lair.
Megan Sherman Oct 13
I wallowed deep in the depths of the stars
Fathomed long the glorious magic of all creation
And scribed it in these whimsical bars
To convey my incessant delight, mind’s elation
To have witnessed the cosmic path
Walked softly to that golden grove
Peace in destruction’s aftermath
John Angel rides in on his chariot of Love
Spells Peace in stars cross all of time
Decorated worlds with art of heart
With Beauty of irrepressible shine
And Truth strike hard like magic dart
Stupefied in awe I climbed his wings
And zoomed to stratospheres of heaven, God
The rainbows, omens of the Angel’s love
Their bonny music I in glee applaud
Fly on lightbeams to the start of time
Milky ocean meditates sublime
No dull reason suppress glorious rhyme
Have no fear, we are all one God divine
Megan Sherman Oct 13
Status - wealth - symbolism
These tokens make or break
Elect a soul to different shelves
On path of society's mistake

As in chess - King dominates
Tenements - for pawn
Barracks - for the brigadiers
From whence the battle born

Of royalty - the stripe beget
To any aspiring regent -
They come even in Labour sometimes -
Suzerains of Parliament

But a rose is anybody whose heart harbours -
A love of life and all it's creatures -
Considering the bards to be teachers -
Corbyn most exquisite of preachers -
Megan Sherman Oct 13
My Love, of all the things I worship, you
For thine light be grand, is surely true
Megan Sherman Oct 13
I'd like to Love before I die
Before my heart expires
Tis magic to be wild with Love
Succumbed to deep desires
The world is wonder to a child
They innocent in awe
It's enough to make you wonder
What cynicism is for
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