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Megan Sherman Jun 13
Beneath the visible lies sacred geometry
Aligned to ancient, divine philosophy
I lay roses for liberation theology
In awe of angelic ontology

Atheists scorn the divine realm
Deny the God sat at the helm
To whom I give much, many an alm
Heaven a grain of sand sat upon my palm

There is too much harmony in nature to elude design
It's bounties yours as well as mine
Operating by the power of nine
Through clouds and sadness it doth still shine
Megan Sherman Jun 13
The "World" is pure illusion
We're cosmic entities
The spheres beget profusion
Of life, in harmony

The spheres they twirl and pirouette
In celestial romance
For forever and a day
They, like ballerinas, dance

They are the source of music
That pours into mind of sage
Aligned to divine rubric
Eternal, never age
Megan Sherman May 30
I am the Lord of my own life
To experience a devoted wife
Traversing joys and fathoming pain
Wisdom, knowledge mine to gain
But my double assist me on the path
Peace in destructions aftermath
In spite of trouble I happy, laugh
Paint Love's skies like Van Gogh
Megan Sherman May 22
I pledge to thee, my rainbow rose
An unrelenting love that grows
Inside our hearts, connected twins
Blessed by golden seraphim

Though art a divinity, that towers over rain
You start the world over again
Bereft of the evil schemes of Kings
Who shoot the bird and clip its wings

Suppress its songs and crush its abade
Actions in which hell is made
Hell's hills trees, can't stand the stench
As under them we shiver, blench

But force of love, irrepressible
Hate, by contrast, infintessimal
Triumphant, the light of love apace
We will redeem the human race
Megan Sherman May 22
The world is in gestation
A manifest creation
A pearl within a sage's dream
Beautiful and all supreme
Givers of life, the sun, the earth
Inimical to material worth
For them I pledge my gratitude
A traveller of Love's latitudes
The weight of the world is bore on my shoulder
But I learn and preach happiness as I get older
The embers of love in my heart smoulder
And bring to my life deep joy and wonder

The visceral urge of love compute
A philosophy of great repute
Up the aisle in suavest suit
Love a bounty, a superior fruit
You know the fullness of the beauty of the universe
It manifests in your wisdom, an authentic platinum pearl
Immaculately conceived
Conveyed within the cosmic flow of ideas
Through which the sages earn their laurels
Wisdom felt not read from pages
And with no rainbow ever quarrel
Inspired by Jamhadi Verse
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