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Adam Schmitt Sep 2021
You've caught me in a strange mood,
with some energy,
but no food,
and I've got all these things I want to share
Please just try to hear me.
I'm skeptical, but dearly
long for the strength of her faith
like it's air

She once told me that my path
is guided by mishaps
that I commit every time
I want to sleep
"When you're craving some shut eye
but settle for some cheap wine
God laughs as
his tricks make you weep"

That's what she told me
and no philosophy holds me
like her words which shouldn't ring that true
How can she know that
God's just a bar rat
with endless wisdom
that's never really on cue?

I'm standing on the brink
of finding the link
where my mind and my body should meet,
And I inch ever closer
to the answer that I know
will not put any part of me at ease.

With his endless arrows
Cupid amuses his narrow
mind, He's having his
fun shooting blind.
Every bad romance
just gives him one more chance
to laugh when he forgets he can fly

Lost in her freedom
she knows she doesn't need him
she just tells herself "we're both being used"
And that is enough to repeat all the stuff
that got her feeling empty,
and confused

So I have fun in my way
with this old tragic play
that we convince ourselves has gotta be real...
Hiding from emptiness
I look to be tempted with
anything that has a nice feel..

My thoughts gather in whirlpools
in a sea of these new rules
and I wonder If I'll ever catch up.
Yet they flow ever quicker
when there's a reason to snicker
and I cannot deny they're
quite possibly corrupt.

And I know I'm just another one
Trying to have some fun
Thinking that my smoke belongs in the air
But I could easily forget this
and then there'd be no witness
to what seemed like
the Truth on a tear...
Old song.
Bardo Jul 2021
The town was quiet when the Poet rode in
Not a soul was to be seen
A dog barked somewhere and a door banged noisily in the wind,
He wore a long grey coat flecked with dirt and mud
Two buttons had been left undone and there through the opening could be seen, his gun!
His eyes they had a tired look as if looking out wearily on the world
As he moved up the street, curtains parted and nervous little eyes peeped out
Suddenly a door opened and a woman rushed out across the street
Behind a barrel outside the hardware store, a small boy... hiding!
She began to scold him. "Ah Ma! he protested, I just wanted to get a good look at him, see him up close"
"Quiet!" she commanded, then turning toward the Poet while shielding the boy
She said defiantly "Their bad! Their wicked evil men!
But the Poet just kept on going, riding on as if she wasn't there
His eyes fixed straight ahead,
Finally he stopped outside the saloon, dismounted, tied his horse to the hitching Post
Went inside, the spurs of his boots clanking on the floor as he walked
"What'll it be Stranger ?" offered the Bartender
"Gimme a whiskey", said the Poet,"an Irish whiskey"
At a table playing cards, some heads turned
Then there were some excited whispers
"Look! it's the Bardo Kid, the Bardo Kid!!!"
"What has you around these parts Stranger ?" asked the Barkeep inquisitively
"I'm looking for someone", answered the Poet, "goes by the name of... Zardo!"
Another man drinking at the bar suddenly began to splutter
As if his drink had gone down the wrong way
Bardo eyed him suspiciously
"Don't look at me Bardo, I'm not Zardo, Me! I'm Vargo"
"Well Vargo", said Bardo, "you seen Zardo around ?"
"I ain't seen Zardo Bardo" said Vargo
Then he quickly drained his glass and hurriedly left
Bardo watched him go.
"Whose looking for Zardo ?" came a voice suddenly from the stairs and the shadows
It was a woman's voice. It was Miss Lilly, the Saloon Madam, a mature lady, still pretty but who'd seen better days
She came down the stairs out of the shadows
Walked right up to the Poet
But then almost losing her breath in surprise
Almost as if she'd just seen a ghost
She said with a strange note of familiarity "Bardo!!!"
The Poet too, seemed taken aback
"Lilly!" he said a bit shyly and took off his hat,
They both stood there looking at each other for a moment
"You've gotten older Bardo... more worn, I'd hardly know you"
"Been a long time... I guess" replied the Poet awkwardly,
"Where... what...whatever happened to you... Bardo ?.... I often wondered".
It was a very disarming question, for a moment the Poet seemed lost for words
"I...I've been away... far faraway"
Then gathering himself he said with a tinge of bitterness
"What happened. Life happened I guess, dealt me a bad hand, I suppose I was never gonna measure up. It was inevitable wasn't it... me and this world
I could only have turned to a Life of...a Life of Rhyme"
Bardo looked at Lilly standing there in her tawdrily ostentatious red Saloon dress
Showing a bit of cleavage
Grown slightly plump now, with some grey strands through her hair
And crowsfeet starting to appear around her eyes, he asked sadly
"What happened to you... Lilly ?
For a moment she looked like she was going to cry.
"O! I do a bit of singin' ..dancin'... deal cards, serve drinks, and do a whole lot of listenin' to lonely men and their troubles, try to cheer them up and get them to buy some more drink, keep the party going.  That's the game anyway" she admitted almost ashamedly. Then she continued. "We seen some good times though, didn't we, you and I, once when we were younger, for awhile there we ran young and wild and free, didn't we ?"
"Yea, young and wild...and... and stupid" answered Bardo with regret.
"What's this... what's this about Zardo ? asked Lilly smiling, "remember you always used to like that name".
"He's been saying things about me, running me down... damaging my reputation
Says he's faster than I am, that he could take me anytime, says I'm nothing but trouble, that I'm a no good lowdown critter, said he's gonna bring me in one day soon.
I was curious about him, thought I'd maybe like to meet this person".
"But he's only young" replied Lilly defending him, " he was just shooting off at the mouth, you know young people, their full of arrogance and foolish pride. You know how Life twists people and makes them into something their not".
Bardo looked at her closely "Do you know him ?"
Lilly hesitated a moment, then said almost tearfully " He's my son Bardo".
"I never knew you had a kid" said Bardo very surprised.
Lilly looked Bardo right in the eyes and then confided "He's our kid Bardo... you remember that time, that Summer we had together, that brief moment in time when we found each other and we thought this world was ours" .
"Why didn't you tell me, why didn't you send word, you could have reached me, I would have come", said Bardo.
"O! You'd be so proud of him Bardo, he grew up to be strong and straight and true
He has a job here as a young Deputy now".
Suddenly they heard a commotion outside and then the batwing doors of the Saloon swung open
And in strode a lean figure wearing a Tin Star
It was Zardo!!!
A big crowd had formed behind him, they were egging him on
"So!" he said looking straight at Bardo,"we meet at last, if it isn't the Great, The Bardo Kid
The Fastest Pen in the West
The Fastest Rhyming Couplets this side of the Pecos
I'm taking you in...Old-timer
Heh! You don't look so tough,
I bet I could take you easy".
Lilly tried to intervene "No son, you've got it all wrong !
"Stay out of this Mom !" he warned coldly, a bit embarrassed seeing her there
Then almost as if he'd just realized something very important he said angrily to Bardo
"What are you doing talking to my Mom ?
Why you ***** rotten varmint".
Lilly screamed "Nooo!!! "
Zardo drew first but Bardo was quicker
Before Zardo had got his gun out, Bardo's had already cleared his holster
Lilly cried "Please Bardo don't hurt my boy!!"
Bardo let off a whole barrage of shots
Zardo only got off one solitary shot
But strangely... strangely it was Bardo who dropped to the floor
Zardo stood there shaken and dazed
"How can I still be alive?" he said,"he was way faster than I was. And he fired so many shots, he couldn't have missed them all'.
Suddenly the Bartender let out a shout and pointed his finger
"Look!" he said in amazement, Look!  Look at the wall behind you"
They all turned and there on the wall behind Zardo, drawn in bullets... the outline of a little heart.
A bit like Red River this without the cattle LoL. I have to own up here and say. I had the first part of this written for a long time but couldn't do anything with it. But then one day I was remembering back and remembered I read a Western story one time as a child. The hero's name was Lane I think, Life had been unkind to Lane, he got into a lot of scrapes and developed a Bad Reputation. The story ended with him meeting his old childhood sweetheart and her telling him they had a child and he was now a Deputy. They then have a showdown, the Deputy son insults the Dad not knowing who he really is, Lane is quicker on the draw and draws a heart on the wall with his bullets. -I thought I'd try and put my own spin on it. Was never able to track that book down again.- And don't worry he only winged me LoL.
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
I hate lots of the things you do
I'd hate the absence of them more
Over my room your items are scattered
Strewn with pieces of you I adore

Cannot imagine not seeing your ***** clothes
Tangle knots with mine
I've had to endure it before
Do not think I could a second time

There are endearing similarities
The many small messes you make
Being your partner is kinda like being with my twin
At moments grows hard to take

We need no one else but each other
Phrase we tell ourselves on repeat
Our expressions beg to differ
Barely force eyes to meet

It is like we speak different languages
We try to communicate
Make me feel special after arguing
Always ten minutes too late

Thrill of happiness I get
Being together and touching your skin
Want you to know my love is just as strong
As silken spiderwebs of lies you spin

You show how you really feel
When blowing me off with a wave
You'll regret what you're tossing aside
The day I'm beneath the ground in my grave
Maybe when I am gone for good you'll be sorry
Bhill Oct 2019
Wooooooooooo went the night wind
Blowing in a change of seasons
Blowing and exciting the surrounding area
Uprooting items that stood in its path with the ease of nightmares
Who knew of it's coming
Who knew it would arrive with such force and purpose

Who knew we had a date with Mother Nature...?

Brian Hill - 2019 # 258
The wind that woke us up...
Took apart a tree and patio furniture..
Yenson Dec 2018
These little things with their little things
( aptly, like pigs in blankets )
sit in their little worlds with little minds
With little senses and little knowledge
they look at all things with little perceptions
and little understanding
cocooned in their little lives with little desired
and little expected

which means

A lot of time for self loathing, a lot of time frustrated
A lot of time depressed, a lot of time unfulfilled,
a lot of time for mischief, a lot of time for hating
a lot of time deluded. a lot of time wasted nursing delusions
a lot of time fantasizing writing deluded *******,
a lot of time projecting their ignorance and in pain
a lot of time for anger, a lot of time for mediocrity
a lot of time for distraction, a lot of time to be nothing
but totally and completely foolish and repulsive


Spare a thought for ignorance is bliss
and misery needs company
how can the unloved want others to love
why would a little one wish to know a magnum is in action
why would the frustrated ******* want others to scream in
******* throes
why would little damaged things want happiness for others
why would restless frenzied things want peace and goodwill
when they are just little things with Ninety nine problems
and ******* helps hide their twitching

These little things, with their little minds
and their little lives
         poor pathetic little things .........
“With ignorance comes fear – from fear comes bigotry
“People who love themselves, don’t hurt other people. The more we hate ourselves, the more we want others to suffer.”
“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something sometime in your life.”
Do you hear voice?

Do you notice

When she comes

Do you see what she does?

When she talks,

Do you notice her influences?

Do you hear her orders?

The world obeys hers

Do you look at her eyes

And notice the move of her waves

Are you good in sail

If you are ,you must sail

In her eyes and you will gain

A sorrow, regret and high pain

Do you examine your feel

When she goes away without say

One or two words or speech all day

Do you see her smile ?

The east and west look shine

The moon is in the right

The sun gives more light

The birds are singing

The smooth winds are blowing

Spreading best smelling

The water decrease its running

The rain gets lowering

The happy is shinning

The sadness is vanishing

All meet with smile

As she comes with smile
the love of god is the gift ,needing help of the creatures.
Matteo Palermo Sep 2018
Blowing on dandelions
Making my only wish
That things will somehow
Work out between us.
Neharika Dec 2017
I slept for so long
Dylan lent me his dreams
Now, I wait for the wind.
Poetictunes Dec 2015
I am the flower that everyone
picked over.
 No, I am the flower that you stepped on.
I am like the flower blowing in the early hour, Quicken
To be blown away by the pearly showers.
I am the one who sits alone.
Hoping for someone to join.
I am a flower with broken petals
Unsettled and fragile like a broken vessel
Or like a flower
Nestled beneath a trestle.
I love this poem.
silvervi Jan 2017
Don't think that this is wrong
Don't think, embrace the feeling
Don't try to see the cons, the pros
Just stop and let it happen

Don't try to figure out
But try to feel and not to doubt
The moment's truth is inside of you
And only you can let it happen

Don't worry too much
Just feel the real touch
The beauty, the moment's obsession
And simply let it happen

The feeling's always worth it
Don't try to run away from it
That'll be so dishonest
Just let it happen and smile

Open up, right now
Embrace the feeling
The power, the notion
And finally let happen the emotion

No one will judge you, only your feeling counts, stop being afraid of yourself
Stop hiding in someone else's shape but yours
and better let it happen.
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