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Laokos May 2021
I burn
beautifully in the
fires of

I got lost
in my reflection
on the
frozen foods

I was
with all the other
on ice:

three fifty-nine
for four
egg rolls

six twenty-nine
for frozen
bread dough

six ninety-nine
for wild

among them
my long mug
doing its best
to fit in

according to my
I am
three ninety-nine

but if you
ask my solar
I'm clearly marked
five fifty-nine

my **** is apparently
on clearance
reduced by thirty
percent and
selling for
one dollar and
nineteen cents

and that old lady
at the end of the aisle
is eyeing
my biscuits
and rattling
her coin purse
like she's about to
a yahtzee

my eyes dart
back to
my reflection
on the doors

what did I
come here
for again?
Siren Jun 2018
Is it weird that I go through life
Times like now
And I don't wanna be bothered
Don't wanna be spoken to
Don't wanna be looked at
Don't wanna be catcalled nor seduced
Singing positive melodies in y head with a straight face on the outside
Won't let you in
Look where that got me last time
I don't wanna be bothered
With bs
With negative stanzas
With bs
With bd
With death
With dishonest
With ill intentions
I don't wanna be bothered
They profess the desire of a strong black woman
They lack the knowledge of all that comes with that
How she carries the baggage the world balanced on her back
While he's starring at her back side
Wonder what made it so fat?
I don't even want you near me
First dates can be ******* invitations for somebody else
But honestly...
Your forwarding gestures to see my insides is an insult to my intelligence
I've been single so long I think I'm going to go on clearance
katewinslet Nov 2015
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katewinslet Oct 2015
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svdgrl Oct 2014
Online deals are the best distraction
for the leaky feeling in my chest.
Every click wipes a drip.
A shopping cart comprised of sale items,
the pair of oddly patterned socks,
suspenders no one will ever wear,
men's sweater in an extra-small,
an obscure band shirt-
all unwanted sitting in a 20 dollar cart.
I want them.
5 more dollars and it's free shipping.
Throw in unpopular shades of makeup
and a friendship bracelet.
Looking forward to the delivery man.
So involved in the next best sale-
the pain of neglect is removed with mail.
i am in the clearance section-
waiting to be reconsidered
my emotions are overstock-
please pick one up half-off.

Sometimes I never complete my purchase.
Imaginary carts of imaginary feelings.
Dump them away and forget their existence.
Someone else might see their worth
and make me wish I bought them first.
Rainy day
a broken package.
my leaky heart
drenched in mud
wash me don't
leave me
don't forget me in the
mailbox by the door.

Only 5 bucks.
don't return me
to the store.

It was free shipping.
i promise i can be

Fine, I'll take it.
Months of dust.
i am sitting in the drawer,
wondering why you even bought me.
just because i was on sale-
now you never look my way.

Off to goodwill.
Consumer's guilty pill.
Jayanta May 2014
Let’s come
And have a fun
With numbers
To strengthen your balance sheet!

Let’s count.......
‘How many Kilogram of Oxygen you inhale per day?’
‘How many litres of water and energy required
for the food you consume per day?
How much ..................? .......................

Let’s calculate....
“Multiply the already estimated amount
By the total days you already spend on this planet.”
How much .........? ..............................  

Let’s assess the cost..........
“Multiply the amount of Oxygen, Water and Energy
with their respective present market price.”
How much.........? ..............................  

Let’s incorporate everything in your balance sheet,
Repay it to nature and
get the tax clearance from the Planet .......

— The End —