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Once I was a child who loved to dream
I wanted that happy ending for the little mermaid
and so I rid the damsel who stood in the way
and then I waited for the prince
to remember the mermaid and love her again,
but he never did,
and they both died sad and heartbroken.
Meanwhile, from my dungeon sprung the damsel
now transformed into a fully fledged witch
who howled with rage whenever love approached
always appearing as the **** stepsisters
the evil stepmother, the evil queen
taunting me in my dreams every night
thanking me for spawning her into life.
just thinking like a young child again..
happy endings don't come true when you have to hurt someone else to make them happen
Josiah Israel Jan 2017
by— Josiah Israel

Twas oft the way in days of old,
When knight would battle brave and bold,
The damsels hand in hopes to hold,
Worth more then polished Stone, or Gold
For this is what a boy is told
When day is done and night is cold…

“One day my son, thy chance will come
Though courage oft may waver,
When lady waits, through sable gates
For thee brave lad, to save her!”

For when a dragon stole a maid,
Awaiting ransom duly paid,
Twas bravest knight, armor arrayed  
With noble steed and burnished blade
Rode swiftly to the damsels aid…

“You have not birth of high degree
Yet be thou brave and fight,
For low in rank thy birth may be
Yet heart makes noble knight!”

And after facing beast and foe
The knight with maiden free would go
Away to fields in need of ***
For seeds air winter need to grow
And none can reap who do not sow…

“Not all you do will win a prize
Of gold or silver bent,
So reap a harvest good in size
And be thee well content.”

And when the battle horn he hears
The knight must banish all his fears
And ride to war, with battle cheers
On maidens cheek alight her tears
Fearing death, she spends the years…

“To win renown in battle
Might also be your path,
May your enemies armor rattle
As they feel your righteous wrath!”

But after kings campaign is done
The knight to home will swiftly run
From dusk through night to rising sun
Till maiden sees her hero come
Heart moving swift, a beating drum
Yes she the prize which first he won!

“Home is best at warring's end
To be with those you cherish,
A place to rest, your wounds to mend
Where love will never perish”

Though all the kingdom knows his name
And minstrels spread the brave knights fame
His love for she, remains the same
And they live happily, Knight and Dame…
I love the medieval Ballad kind of poem. Alfred Lord Tennyson was my inspiration for this style :D
dana hughes Dec 2018
walking down, feeling the grass cool my feet, a white dress dragging behind me
clutching flowers as if they can calm my nerves
feeling the weight of my beauty and happiness as it plays my heart like a drum
looking up and seeing my loved ones

and oh

there she is.

the dream ends
i wake up again
but i wait.
i wait for her to step out from my dream and embrace me in her arms
i don't know her name yet.
i can't see her face yet.

but i'll be waiting,
here in my tower.
i'm kind of a romantic, and sometimes homophobia gets me down, so i like to imagine a little fantasy to lift my heart.
PoserPersona Aug 2018
Gaze on that woman by the train.
With curves like gunpowder
that will shoot fireworks again.
As her and I once were.

Since then, of women, I've abstained.
My chest is a pyre
to the damsel I couldn't retain;
fondness that won’t expire.

You say I could never attain
and imply I'm a liar!?
Or you think either me insane
or least she's miswired?

The evidence on my brain -
melancholy, ire -
the despondent husk that remains,
need you more enquire?

...True, of her, no displays of pain;
eyes that jolt not tire,
poker voice tipping no disdain,
legs that feed desire!

For her, gone love is not a chain
hidden by attire
or flushed down a forgotten drain.
It merely retired.

Love like hers was the wind and rain
to my earth and fire.
"My woman says that she prefers to marry no one
over me, not even if Jupiter himself should seek her.
She says (these things), but what a woman says to her desirous lover
is fitting to write on the wind and on fast-flowing water."
Poem 70 - Catullus
ryn Feb 2015
Blue clouds gaze the wrapped sun
frozen kisses in my blood
travelling a thousand miles
to meet up with you.

There is none else walking
down this path where memories
wake up and dance
inside my armored heart.

I peeled off each kisses embrace
out of my parched lips.
I shook off the tree,
where your scent had blossomed.

Every step down this scarcely trodden path saw...
Each peel fall with helpless, damsel-like grace.
Brown leaves shone amber touched by fingers of the sun
Invasion of warmth through my greyed bony carapace.

Gentle tremors reverberate within with subtle anguish.
Sweet scented portal that took me back,
To the illusion of time where we once were...
In drunken stupor...laying under a star strewn canvas of black.

Senses that spoke of a great fantastical tale.
You are still here... In this cloying void with no one around...
Only that scent...your scent tugging on my core
Invisible tendrils berthing my feet back on ground.

Alone and wanting don't want to be anymore.
I want to feast my lungs on your skin once more.
I want to vibrate under your touch again,
In anguished anticipation and sweet pain.

I hurl your name to the echoing wind,
Blowing ferociously over the closed passage.
Only to find that I'm but elongating
the distance between our fading wishful stars.

Fading far only to find that I'm lost yet again,
Still harvesting a basket full of ripened hope.
Traversing planes with warped, slanted doorways,
Frantically seeking purchase on knobs with fevered gropes.

Heavy layered breaths inhaled too shallow...
Tracing missteps to decipher what it all meant.
When all is moot...weary, weathered and futile,
Forever I'll be bathing in the familiarity of your soothing, nectarous scent...

Dajena M
My first collab with the incredible Dajena M. She had deleted her account and the collaborative pieces she had posted went away as well. But... I found them!!! Yay!

I'm so glad we had the chance to collaborate on such an amazing piece together.
ryn Feb 2015
I wish me invisible
I want to disappear
I am but a damsel
Parading in knight's gear

I want to be the unknown
I need to be again a stranger
I wish my secrets not shown
Back to a time when it was clearer

I wish to be a zephyr
I want to be felt not seen
I need to be less of the liar
At least lesser than I have been

I crave the comfort of solitude
I long for the absence of physical contact
I miss the tears that once had ensued
Somehow then I was more intact

I want to be an undetermined star
I need to be unnamed in an uncharted galaxy
I wish to retreat behind my avatar
So you won't see the real me

I wish me invisible
I want to be protected by ambiguity
I need to disappear from this debacle
Into the welcoming arms of anonymity
D Awanis May 22
See the unseen, even when it's hard
even when it feels like your eyeballs will drop out of your skull
and you shed blood instead of tears

Speak the unspoken, even when it's bitter
even when it feels like the tongue will slip out of your mouth
and you spit blood instead of saliva

Fight the invincible, even when it's exhausting
even when it feels like your arms will be torn apart
and you release blood instead of sweat

Seek the unknown, even when it's dangerous
even when it feels like your bet your life on shooting star
and you are drowned in blood instead of ocean
because the truth is, none of us is ever a damsel in distress—as no one is able to save us but ourselves
Lazhar Bouazzi Jun 2017
A crimson boat waives
the flow of the waves
as a blonde figure craves
an infernal sun.

Next to the maiden
and the dandy-fella,
blossoms a vermillion
whose role was to play
a timid cellar
for two red apples
and one apricot
the blonde damsel
could have brought
to quench her burning  
of the lustful monster.

Closing her ice-blue eyes,
the fair woman,
her sinful inspiration
did summon
to come carve
on her body so sullen
the orange vision
of the new Benzart bridge.

© LazharBouazzi, Carthage, TUNISA

*"Benzart" is the Tunisian name for “Biserta” or “Bizerte”- a beach town on the northern coast of Tunisia.
Shubham Solanki Dec 2018
I sit by the window
Staring out with hope
Gloomy face eyes low
Captive in this castle
A solitary dreamer
Waiting for the one
Riding with her sword
My dauntless damsel
To rescue me away
far-far away from
this deranged world

I wonder though
What amuses you more
Am I less of a man
Or do you doubt
A woman's valour
Capable of Creating
Life in her womb
Open your petty mind
Break thy stereotypes
Crush the misogyny
Prove to the feminine soul
Chivalry isn't dead anymore
shatteredpoet Jan 15
i do not play the part
of a princess or a
i am
the dragon.
the soldier.
the knight.
delilah Jul 2018
i love attention
particularly the male kind
they make it easy
play a damsel
with pouty lips
feed their egos
with soft lies
let 'em play hero
with heart strings
keep their attention
with ****-me eyes
i'm in need of attention
dude idk *** this is
SJ Apr 23
I want to write about women the way I’ve always read about men. I want to write about women who are calculating and ambitious. I want to write about women who are smart and power-hungry. I want to write about women who are angry and bitter and full of rage. I don’t want them to be the villains. I want them to get to be flawed, to be the anti-hero, to be the grey in a sea of black and white. Let women be angry, let women be selfish, let women be greedy. Stop making us fill a neat little box in stories - women aren’t all either a perfect damsel, a beautiful heroine or an evil stepmother. Let us be.
Angela Raven Nov 2018
Damsel in distress
You have known me
To be a princess
I don't want to be.
I can manage my demons.
Pau May 28
perhaps i will always just be a supporting character
to everyone's story.
never the protagonist,
nor the antagonist,
not even the deuteragonist.
i'm just a minor character,
a passerby,
someone to fill in the show.
because when a damsel like you called for the hero,
and i came running,
tending to your wounds,
you kissed me thanks,
and bid me goodbye.
and then you sat there and waited
and tore out the already healing scar.

there and then i realized,
i'm not a hero,
not in your story anyway.
i could never be,
for you chose not to see me.
Alexys Marie Jan 29
the beauty and the beast
a tale as old as time
but the story’s end has changed
and I forget which part is mine
perhaps I am not the beauty
merely a damsel in distress
or maybe I’m the beast
trapped without egress
nevertheless I’ll be alone
when the final rose petal falls
banish me from your lovely village
so I may vanish within my castle’s
a mcvicar Mar 10
the crystal palace by Paxton shatters
and with them, our pots&pans clatter

all clothed in black
all ready to knick-knack the lumberjack
not one body, hair, eyes; unknown
one body, one mind, one goal, one soul,
one damsel, three-headed, five traumas & a million foes
we are one and we are all
we’ll stay silenced, thus shout no more

abandon the tight hold of gravity
believe me, all of us are sacred-to-be
tied for forests, trees interrupt my fantasy
my high school lagoon reflects
what we’ve been craving so badly
we are strong if we are all
Going left a smile
green* bluesy* drift
Getting out of debt
The heartedly so flowery
rosy ring around
Gifted box
*Valentine Rosy*

I box heads over
puppy tails
cozy firey
Love diary doing the
Bow Wow parade
Those red hot lips
she's... the... lie...
The hue (Anchor- Blue)
Gotcha  "Eyes Baby blue

To cross my red heart
And hope not to die
The Lady's
finger (Godiva)
  I-spy finger*
Heartless Diva
The fork of the road

Lies of the
dead ringer
He points his finger
Face to two face

a car crash just a dash

Her beats and hearts

What a crush to her
Tell me sweet lies
         I box gift
Oh! Yes you're
Like the scoundrel
The damsel in distress
sweet morsel

I sir box like spots spread
Like the (Chickenpox)
Hearing lies tons of
Like Botox Plastic
I-box ties
Hallmark, I love you lies
Superman Clark
Outfoxed the ballpark

Little lies blue
big shark
Smartphone I Sir bark
Red Valentine love walk
People are the luckiest
      I- wish
Close your eyes sweet lies

Sweet I-Box in Trio

CEO Watching "TV FIO"  
Podcast little lies turn
into big lies
Ballot Political list

Romantic cutout card lies
Tell me, Little Lies he trips
Electric lips music chair
Open eyes full shut lips
This is a little thought turn into a big I box cut out cards I seem to like the most Sweet Valentine or a little lie lets breathe remembering the classics romantically crossing the Atlantic the truth and lies can catch a moment hold onto them electric lips will win
Angela Raven Nov 2018
A deviant, they call
With loveless heart and soul
A monster for all

Made of stone cold ice
Not trying to be nice
For goodness, pain's hide

She's no bad woman
The goodness sees by no one
But truth hides, everyone

She may look princess
Wearing beautiful dresses
In her big closets

But she's full heartaches
Born to be just a madness
Damsel in distress

Its just her past
That made her demons all last
And her goodness, cast

Cause deep inside her
Is a loving grand daughter
To her grandmother
a small zebra
winged pixie
and a honey bee
both suckle from
the same peach-fleshed
wild rose in my mind,
and in perfect peace,
with my memories of
you teaching me how
to catch trout when
you were the age that
i am now, now that
you've gone where
i cannot follow,
i will not follow
until it is my time,
and it is not,
not yet:

for in this glen, this magic dale,
wild flowers are not rare,
nor creatures from a fairy tale
that travel through the air.

they blanket the moist earth,
they cover like the dew,
as so do heart-felt verses
that fail when i'm with you.

you feel so close, so far away
to whom can i recite?
i lullaby the dancing grass,
and damsel flies in flight.

and the brookies are not biting,
not where i cast my fly,
but jump & dance where my fly's not,
no matter how i try.

and i, some silly jester-king,
stand stride this ****** dam,
that made the home for what i seek,
and makes me what i am.

and today i know of peace,
a peace most bittersweet,
for it is tinged with loneliness,
and dashes of defeat.

for today i know how adam felt
(before he finally wed his eve),
as lilith passed him by.
A stream is something a wise man contemplates, and a fool passes by.
I who's fallen over a damsel of thee
Thee, whose running over thy self's history
Wishing to be the knight gallantly
A man who I could never be
Yet I love and so plea
Thy chains be loosen free
So that thee can be happy
This poem's not mine but was written to me by an admirer. Just wanted to show appreciation to his work.
Hailey Feb 2
We used to dream,
Float with sparkly wings,
Wear crowns forged from daisies,
Protect ourselves from evil,
Wait for the perfect prince
With armor as shiny as stars,
We would run from demons,
Laugh ‘till our faces ached,
We built friendships
Like castles everlasting
Strong and stable.

Or so we dreamed,
We’ve all grown up,
Floating slowly into depression
Wearing shackles forged by anxiety,
Discovering you can't hide from evil,
Learning the perfect prince never existed
Turning to shiny blades,
Realising the demons
are inside our own heads,
Crying ‘till our eyes turn red,
Breaking down the friendships
That were once so strong
Now fragile and broken like glass.

We used to imagine,
Fight off fiery dragons,
Rescue the damsel in distress,
Become king and queen
Of our vast imagination,
Worry if you could go out
Into your empire,
Lead an army,
We built our imagination
Colourful and innocent
Full of magic.

No longer we imagine,
We’ve all grown up,
Fighting off cyber abuse,
Rescuing our own motivation,
Becoming the tired teen
Of the busy classroom,
Worrying what peers thought
About your every choice,
Leading childhood into adulthood,
We destroy our self esteem
Crushing it down
Down after day.

Our life used to be full of smiles,
We’ve all grown up,
We don't worry about dragons or demons
Our demons are the very people we’ve grown up with,
We try to protect ourselves from our destructive thoughts,
We become the villains of our own story,
We mask ourselves in makeup or false personalities,
We hide behind popularity and screens,
We flinch away from social activity
Just incase they smirk at what your wearing
What size your trousers are
What colour your hair is or how it's styled,
We suclud ourselves to our rooms,
We never realise how much we’re loved
We’re blind to it
All we see is our bad sides
We’re all beautiful and handsome
No matter what anyone else thinks.

Just because we grew up
Doesn't mean we have to grow up.
Robin Carretti Aug 2018
Sweeter* than* wait I am starting
to melt like a____?
             Royal Jam
  Scarlet Movie Oh!  I don't give a
The Milkman versus My Breadman
How can I decide I feel I am
going to faint

Such a quaint picnic was "Hot Epic"
       My biggest fan is my
    Going public like a stand up comic

All stereotypes happiness
        is a warm bread

Any way you slice it love it
Even going out of our head
The war going on
Hello Vietnam
Be my *Grand Slam

Have difficulty with everything
Melting our hearts those
"Good Eat" the luckiest people
But it's us the ordinary people
No time to brag or boost
who believes
everything is extraordinary
take a bow

Feeling tired give me a bat and ball
My big hit  built me a buttercup bed

I love the sweet warm toast
With my butter spread that
dash of sea salt the most
What was truly said in
your opinion no one's fault
Justice For All so stop
feeling guilty

Or in the presence of someone, you
didn't love at all

End of the reign beginning of
Melted candle dripping softly
like I apple butter he texted me
His ears were full of wax

Moms and
their daughters play
dressed up Dads and sons
  kickball having a meltdown
Of timeless bills no bread lines
Kings and Queens love their crowns
Love those quilts of corals
Soft as butter what morals

It's time for Hellman's
mayonnaise sandwich
What a dilemma
Every morning she is eating
Cream of wheat like a blob
Of farina
Kansas City here she comes

She loves her buttered popcorn
Poppy seed bagel was
near her acorns
We used to be human now
  An Army of Robots
Keep your enemies closer
If you truly love her

Robin Hood of the thieves

She got Gingersnapped
Melted finger-mapped
Crusty Baguette's French lip
lemon creme
Those marionettes caused
a scene

Butterscotch candy sugar cookies  
cleaning up your
computer meet "Ms." Butterworth"
The worst shes ever has seen

She is sitting in the country
southern style
the dining room
Doing banana splits boiling
egg yolks Mcdonalds pancake
with Old folks

And cartwheels Moms always
wearing her buttercream heels
More room buttercream paint
And so toxic she zooms

What a silly goose with hens
He is hiding his eyes like
a fugitive he was blind getting
melted by so many lovers
Buttery slippery hearts

Jumping like Jack Rabbits melting a
white picket fence no nonsense
This bread and butter hold me closer
Everyone is looking
like a stranger
Almost every morning new
improved bread love pusher
Fresh taste and another lover
Uptown girl left her catcher of
the rye bread on used up counter
Seeing too many piano players
of Billies, she was getting a
Bread hot fever

Take me to *
Panera Bread
Cyborgs the pig and whistle 
beer and nuts melted butter pretzels
The Alien like a damsel in distress
Like a heart of the shamrock
What a lucky piece Irish bread
The Queen red wine and
On her musical chair
Milk and honey not your
Unicorn Pony quick kick
then melt me in my sleep

Ancient rocks up her castle
Sipping her hot spell word
Secrets of all tattle tales
In her coffee, he smiles with
French croissant like a sergeant
Bread melted her butter lips
The very first time she
ever saw his face
There were more excursions
but no excuses to
butter up my Prince
How our bread is buttered or so soft but sweet like out Mother and  her lovers' chef knife left her salted the stars upon them a temptation to move on soft heartedly
To be loved you feel squashed in between there is always a shining light we see them differently let's not cause such a scene
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