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My eyes flick over the textured ceiling,
connecting dots and making patterns
like some kind of giant Rorschach test.

I surrender to cliché and tell myself that
if I can just get through the night
that tomorrow will be different,
that everything will be fine in the morning,
but the dawn rarely brings salvation.

I close my eyes instead and listen
to the sounds of owls awakening,
asking questions that have no answers.
It ended before it began.

I think that’s how the saying goes.
It was for the best, I’m sure.
I’d have broken my own heart
and not let you pick up any of the pieces.

But before I hug you, wish you the best,
and tell you to stay in touch
as we part amid a myriad of clichés,
I have one grain of truth to share:

You made me feel beautiful again.
hxzin Dec 2020
and to believe that i,
after only a
of months,
have fallen
truly and
unmistakably in love
everything about you

about my sweet sweet love
Avis Green Sep 2020
I thought I was scribbling metaphors
and my poetry is a waterfall of words
like a continuous flow of blood
when I cut my throat to voice out my thoughts.

But I am wringing my mind,
and removing worthless thoughts
together with my inscribed prose.

And I realized,
I am humming verses,
Instead of writing poems.
Constructing another cliché
for an underrated piece.
Hi. This is my first poem in hello poetry. Let's support each other. Love y'all.
Himangshu Singh Apr 2020

everytime this cliché word is said,
it hits hard with a new meaning .

the word no more
remains cliché.
Darryl M May 2019
Dressed in her natural.

Her beauty brought war upon my eyes,
My heart shall pay dearly for it.
It’s like she got up in the morning and wore a lovely body.

If beauty be a product,
She’s the manufacturer.
She makes makeup look good.
Scratch that, she’s an advertisement of all designer brands.

She reminds me of places I’ve never been to.
Unto which directions is paradise?
Visions I see, for a Fantasy I cherish.

Look once, look twice, peekaboo, unbelievable.
Dressed in her natural.
xpzlol Sep 2018
Roses are red
Dripping salt and slate
Brimming with anger and jealousy
Crying out tears of dead fate

Violets are blue
Only fear is grated on the board
Highlighting the stale
Mate, leave at your own accord

Sugar is sweet
A devil’s temptation they say
They pour the bitter water
Washing mind’s hallucinations away

And so are you
Willing to *******
Inside the walls of envy
Shaking your burnt-bulb rattle
EmperorMoth Aug 2018
Why do people care when I fall down on air,
It's a root, first of all, I don't know why they dare,
I don't die, must I fall, I may cry and may crawl,
Let this be something learned for the next one who saw,

I know I'm the one that will die in the movies,
However I go I know It won't be soothing,
I run after day when it's worse for the sight,
Of course, I would trip when i'm running in the night,

For the better or worse, I'm the first one to go,
It is good that I know I'm the start of the flow,
At the end of the day, It all goes out to show,
I am falling on roots, not the air you a*sholes!
**** inspired by a dream.
Megan Aug 2018
And we’re on the phone like this, 00:44 am.
I’m on the balcony so my roommates don’t hear
I’m freezing a little bit cause i’m in my *******
I don’t have my glasses so the city lights are kinda fuzzy and man, does that one star reminds me of your eyes.
We talk and we talk about our day
How I’m starting art school soon and we’re gonna be together forever.
You hate your school and the job is going great.
We’re gonna have a puppy and name him Wilbert.
« I miss you little dove.. 
-Missing you too baby »

This feels too much like a cliché but ****, I get it.
Alex Jul 2018
Step on the door step, i know this would happen again,
I know if i turned back away things will always repeat,
Even though you leave it behind, It always knows your path to keep you scared,
I never learned anything cause it keeps joking on me,

Deja Vu! Did it just happened again??
The drought of a flower, The rain that keeps bothering me,
And also the heavy rocks above me...
Finding the potion of cure of changes,

Remove and erase, I keep repeating words and letters i know  it shouldn't,
Consequences of mistakes leave a scar and damages,
I've been sentenced in a dark four sides walls, Being a ghost for year,
But the worst part of it is I keep losing my tracks,

Didn't notice that I am running around this circles,
No chances of way out, Just playing in a roller coaster,
I don't like it,  And the way its getting longer, It's more terrible I guess,
I hate writing and making  cliché,
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