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Fey May 2022
night has befallen your eyes agleam,
iris casting shadows on those unseen -
falling, falling deep; darling, dearest
my gaze will catch you from the darkest pits - you
crestfallen, asleep - weaping on the tower's peak.

© fey (27/05/22)
Wilkes Arnold Aug 2021
What does one do when the characters you hate
Are the ones you best construe?
Misgivings and flaws you can relate
To, tho venerable traits you eschew,

The green light gazers and "architect" praisers
Familial leeches or the confessor who preaches
That awareness absolves one of sin,
Compromisers and self-named kaisers
Resound and reverberate within

They pass by in my pages to be mocked and scorned
As evil, cruel, an oaf, or a tool
Too low to respect or too high on their horse
Despicable, maniacal, mediocre, or worse

And I do hate their vileness, I do hate their flaw
I want to shake them and claw at their skull
For nothing more than the gleam of recognition
That by some misfortune of natural law
They and I share a need for contrition.
You said that I held my fate in my hands.
That everything happens for a reason.
Well I want you to know that this is what I'm choosing.
Because of you the world only looks worthy of destruction.

And I am going to burn this world down with me.
I choose to die the villain.
No ******* out there can tell me that there is still hope for me.
This is what I chose.

And I plan not to die a hero, no.
I'm going out with revenge served cold.
With drying blood on my hands.
Fallen from heaven, I hit the ground conscience first.

So if fate is really predestined then congratulations.
I am who I am now.

You can't save me.

This was always meant to be from the first moment I graced this world with my unstained eyes.

I welcome you to watch this Godforsaken Earth burn with me and you in it.

Be my guest, let's watch the world end.

If he was anything
(Other than himself)
He would want to be a book
Resting on a shelf
He wanted to be a story
Told by a person who knew him well
He wanted to be all the character
Who didn't have any flaws
He wanted to be perfect
The best character you ever saw!
This man was fooled into believing a lie
A lie he had been told all his life
Anybody can be flawless
But with that logic,
All your flaws are amplified
Please believe me when I say
That I made his story true
He was the antagonist
He was the bad guy
But he wanted all the right things
The only thing he did wrong
Was believing in a lie.
HIIII! This is another character in my book. He is the lovely villain in my story. THANK YOU, Will Clark ( a person who made my life quite hard to live in school) for inspiring my antagonist, William O'Bane. Even though I despise you, you have helped me in ways you can't know. (Joke's on you now!)
Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
When someone is antagonising
my joy and happiness,
I do my best
to remain calm and unperturbed,
and refocus my mind
on calmly striving to achieve
my joy and happiness.
AuEcologica Dec 2018
Dear protagonist, it is the antagonist writing a simple letter,
I am devoting myself to explain my faithfulness,
The only way I can, my love, for you to appreciate,
I’ll ruin the world, to prove my worth,
I’ll be unpleasant because that is the one path I understand,
How else, how else could you ever hold me?
It is not ballad humanity will sing,
However, please do consider; whom else can ever fathom my desire?
Ruin lies at our feet, fate and destiny is not ours to keep,
If I but for one moment could see your scarlet eyes, I would,
No river,
No god,
No queen,
No king,
No mountain,
No slaughter,
Would stand in the way of my pure black heart,
If I could see your smile as I fall,
As the world is victorious,
As I am imprisoned,
As I crumble,
As I fall,
At least I could see you once more,
There is an orchestra performing when you use that golden tongue of yours,
It is a pleasure; it has always been,
That the demons whom haunt me, you and you alone can control,
It is a paradise, my love, to be the wildfire you extinguish,
May hellfire consume me, as long as the last glimpse,
Is your face, protagonist, this is my faith, my belief,
I do love you, now, let me fall, further than ever,
Though never further than you can reach, my heart.
Kimmy Oct 2018
No one ever knew
What it was like to be a ****
They never felt the unnerving sensation
Of the lingering touches and kisses
No one knew
How one's skin stings
From trying to scrub away
How ***** and disgusting they feel
They don't know
How it crushes a *****'s heart
To be used but not remembered
How it's hard to find company
Who sees you for who you are
And not for your body
They don't know
How it's hard to live
Upto the society's restrictions
They judged but they were not aware
Of how this bítch was molded
They don't know
But still they criticized
They don't see
The gaping hole left
Within this ****'s personality
They don't feel the pang of rejection
The pain of neglection
The sting of false accusations
They never listened
Their criticism never faltered
No one thought about the bìtch
No one cares for the whôre
What matters was that she destroys
And then get destroyed by her protagonist
They want a fairytale
And there's gotta be a villain.
Ofelia Oct 2017
I cry daily because of the sky... So untouchable yet beautiful, so deep and unpredictable.  It's a confidant and my greatest antagonist
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