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Paramount Pawn Mar 2017
Life is like a video game.
It has controls.
You can restart it.
It has battles between anything around us.
You can dodge an attack.
You can move on to the next level.
But, it's not GAME OVER.
You continue your life on an INFINITE game mode.
You never die.
Unless you quit.
(Or get defeated by your enemies.)
Paramount Pawn Jan 2017
she is the devil
always ******* on about her crap
doesn't understand the commoner's way
thinking she should be #1
***** her and her ****
let her have fun in hell
freaks like her deserve worst things
sisters, am i right?
Paramount Pawn Jul 2016
Heartbroken as I may be,
there's so much of the world to see.
I can't go down by my feeling's foe.
I've never been able to stoop so low.
I looked for a chance,
  whatever I can get.
Could see from my stance,
  falling, I would never let.
I came as high as I could
The same height a bird would.
I love where I am right now.
All of the downers should just bow.
Paramount Pawn Jun 2016
When they say,
"Rome wasn't built in a day."
That means ,
through hard work,
I can get my feeling to reach you.
Haha not really
Paramount Pawn Jun 2016
What once you had cherished
Had suddenly vanished
The bliss in the heart
The hurt of the art
So beautiful as it may be
It wasn't for all to see
You were a few steps back
You couldn't even act
You lacked in a matter
Now your heart's in a scatter
Paramount Pawn Jun 2016
I like you a lot,
  but I love my friends.
I look at you from afar,
  yet she looks at you near.
I sit beside you,
  but she talks to you more.
I stayed closed in my spot,
  yet she could be open about it.

She likes you a lot
  and she's my friend.
She's obvious about it
  and I'm here for support.
She's been with you longer
  and I've only known you for a while.
She'd be a good match for you
  and I'll be here at the sides.
Paramount Pawn Jun 2016
A few seats away,
I take one glance.
Your eyes look straight,
I attempt to look longer.
A feeling, you'll see,
I avert my eyes.
I feel a stare
but it was just for a while.
I feel heat in my cheeks,
I feel like losing myself.
I want you to stare at me longer,
but I also want to look at you too.
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