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Priyam Jul 2019
Will you remember my voice
The day I'm finally dead
Will you understand the words
You left unheard and I, unsaid
Priyam Jul 2019
Job seeking is a white chocolate circus
Gets one feeling harassed and nervous
You get one and you're happy one day
Then you crib and toil your life away
Priyam Jul 2019
My life's a book
A neverending story
Full of drama
And gore and glory
I invite you to read me
Or be a chapter
I promise you'll lay
Amazed and enraptured
Because not only I
Have a fable to tell
It's surreal and unreal
And would put you under spell
So be my guest
Please grab a corner
Flip through the pages
And stand enamoured
  Jun 2019 Priyam
Prerna Singh
.A mistake was made.

And remade in agony
Was another
Of not forgiving the other
Calmly synchronised mistakes make most of our lives
Priyam Jun 2019
I am my own enemy
Watering fresh dreams
With stale efforts

I am my own foe
Reaping the fruits of
The dead seeds I sow

I am my own rival
Dying of thirst
But trying to drown first

I am my own nemesis
A perpetual decadent
A fool, A pessimist
Priyam Jun 2019
Tik Tok
Is it morning again?
Do I have to wake up?
Tik Tok
I like this dish
But it doesn't taste the same anymore
Tik Tok
My hair's a mess
But so is my life
Tik Tok
I have to go out
Oh no, face the world
Tik Tok
I'm out for so long
Do I have to go back? Is it home?
Tik Tok
The day passed and it was uneventful. Or was it?
Did I do something wrong? Did something happen?
Tik Tok
Is it morning again?
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