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Integrity: adherene to moral principles, honesty..and the quality or condition of being whole..undivided.

Cheating:  to deprive someone of something valuable by use of deceit.

         Most, if not all of us, need, and very much desire physical intimacy (yes, sx).  Can I say sx  on here? ...I'm not sure. Sx is like the greatest thing ever invented. It's right up there with eating and sleeping.  Everybody likes it..everybody wants it. But when someone is in an exclusive relationship with another, married or not, you don't get to have sx with whoever you want anymore. True, everyone makes mistakes sometimes, no one is perfect, and at times we are weak, for one reason or another. But an honorable man or woman...a person with integrity and inner discipline...recovers..and learns from the mistake...and doesn't repeat it.  That is not what cheaters do.  Cheaters are habitual. That means repeat offenders.  Cheaters talk about things like honor and will power and integrity, but they don't practice it in the place it counts the most, with their beloved.  With cheaters, it isn't about a "mistake".... a one time thing they feel horrible about afterward and promise themselves never to repeat.  Cheaters simply don't care. It's not that they don't care about the girlfriend/boyfriend, or fiance or spouse that they have made a promise of committment to. They do care...they just care more about themselves. It is the promise of faithfulness itself that is meaningless to is simply empty of any real sincerity.  But the problem is that the promise is accepted by the loved one as sincere.  That promise is relied upon and as important as though it were tangible.  So irrespective of how much the cheater spits upon the promise everytime he or she cheats...that promise is HOLY.  Yes, that's right..HOLY.  What does that mean...holy?  Like church holy..or holy water holy?  How is a promise holy?  Well, really one could argue that any promise is holy, but how much more so when a person believes and loves and trusts another...putting all of their faith and future hope on a promise of real love and commitment.  That trust and love make the promise holy.  It is not the hollow promise itself, but that loving reliance upon the promise that creates the holiness...the pure beauty of love... and the faith that it is returned exclusively to the beloved.

          The true sadness is that the beloved will eventually find out about the cheater and then the house of cards will come tumbling down.  Not only is the relationship destroyed, but the trust, faith, and love is destroyed as well, and it may be difficult to ever trust again, in any relationship.  Such immense pain can be caused.  It is amazing that cheaters don't seem to care or think about the consequences of these indiscretions.  Do any of them think ahead of time about the people and/or god forbid, children that will be left lying in the wake of their utterly selfish acts?  The people that will be left trying to pick of the pieces of their hearts, and try to rationalize whether anything that they had believed in was actually real.

          The question is, what and who does the cheater value?? What does the cheater respect?  Do they even value their own selves?  Does a person who thinks nothing of cheating on a regular basis, or every chance they get on their loved one value and respect anything?  Clearly there is no respect for the promise made. There is no respect for the one whom the cheater purports to love.  There is no respect for the man or woman the cheater is doing the cheating with...because clearly that person is just being used to fulfill a carnal desire..and arguably the cheater doesn't even respect him or herself, because a person with an inner moral compass respects him or herself enough not to do things that will cause pain to others, especially those who love him or her.

          So maybe the cheater does not have any real understanding of what is holy..the meaning of a understanding of integrity...of sacrifice...of the pure beauty of love.  If a man or a woman is in a relationship and can't keep their **** legs closed...then that person has no business being in a relationship.  Its just that simple.  You can't have your cake and eat it too, and then want to eat someone else's cake as well.  If you are so selfish and deceitful that you can't be honest and faithful to the one you profess to love...then do that person a favor and either agree with them to have an open relationship, or let them go.  Because the act of cheating is entirely selfish in every way.  Cheaters want the security and benefits of an ongoing relationship with their significant other, and they want to mess around on the side as well because then they have the best of both worlds.

          But you don't have to go to church or believe in any particular religion to know that cheating is wrong.  It is a hurtful despicable act made even more vicious because it is intentional and hurts the person who loves the perpetrator.  How many crimes are like that?  ....the most heinous.

          So, if you are a cheater..don't ever talk about honor and integrity and code of conduct.  You have no right to utter those words.  Because when you live by  principles of ethical behavior, you don't pick and choose when to apply those principles.  You don't decide that they apply in some areas of your life, on some days, but not on others.  Think before you act..think about who will suffer from your actions...think about the destruction you will not believe that you can get away with it forever, because eventually the law of the universe will catch up to you.  There is retribution for every act in which we inflict pain on another...for every time we make a promise and then break it..whether anyone ever knows about it or not...just some food for thought
Hannah Gaines Apr 2016
Cheater, Cheater,
You player,
One way I'm here,
The next she is there.

Cheater, Cheater,
Tell me the truth,
Do you love me,
Or do you love her?

Cheater, Cheater,
I can't decide,
Should I leave u,
Or should I stay?
amt Mar 2012
Once a cheater,
Always a cheater.
Just why did you have to be a cheater?

Once a heartbreaker,
Always a heartbreaker,
Just why did you have to break my heart?

*And why do I still love you?
MS Lynch Jun 2013
Hedonist bloom,
Nurtured by the rays of pleasure.
Your heart is an ego,
Rooted in dark dirt.
You are what you are rooted in.
Karma will be your grave.
josh wilbanks May 2014
I loved pain
Pain loved me
I let pain in
He did too
Pain loved him more
Pain left me
Pain consumed him
But pain soon left him -
When pain got bored
Now me and him hate pain
Because pain loved everyone -
Too much
Pain play'd games -
Too much
We loved pain -
Too much

A common enemy makes unification
Me and him have unified
Bestfriends are so much better then pain
Because that's all you are -
shayfer Jan 2015
I'm tired of always being on edge
when it comes to you.
at one time,
for one moment,
someone else took in your mind
and i'm sorry i cant forget it.
im sorry i question you
about everything.

she makes me sick to my stomach
and the thought of you two makes me sicker.

yes you came back
on your hands and knees
and yes i forgave you
and yes i am stupid
but for once i wanted to believe in that unbeatable love
that is stupid
and crazy
with everything else in between
because everyone has that love at some point.
I know you're hurtin'
So am I
I think it's time
To say goodbye
We must admit
Our love's a lie
I can not love you
If you won't try

I will not share you
With someone else
You can not know
The pain I felt
Like a whipping
From a leather belt
When you kissed him
My heart did melt

It's time that we both went our own ways
There's no trust left in our lives
The love we had is gone for good
I can see that in your eyes
There is no way to start again
What we had once now is gone
It's time we went our own ways
And admit that we are done

A cheater cheats
This I learned
This time it is my cheek
That's turned
Another relationship
is burned
A cheater cheats
It's now my turn

I could see
deep in your eyes
A love you could not
help disguise
For someone else
And not for I
Let's end this game
And say goodbye

It's time that we both went our own ways
There's no trust left in our lives
The love we had is gone for good
I can see that in your eyes
There is no way to start again
What we had once now is gone
It's time we went our own ways
And admit that we are done
Domino Black Apr 2015
I know I'll forgive you,
I know that I will,
I know that I love you,
For some reason still,
You tried not to hurt me,
Or that's what you said,
And I try to remember,
With each tear that I shed.
You said "I love you"
I said forever,
You closed your eyes,
And we both cried together,
"Goodbye, I'm sorry"
You said through the tears,
"Goodbye, I love you.
And I wish you were here."
Caroline K Jul 2013
Forty feet above the flowers,
we revealed scars from
past self harm.
He listened to
the reasons I cross my arms
in front of my chest,
to protect my heart.

They were glossy he said,
my eyes never could mask my emotions.
He pulled me in
and rubbed my back.
We were both broken half's.

I believed his words when,
he told me I was young
and it didn't matter,
one kiss
is all it was
between friends.

He questioned
if it was the song bring the tears
because it spoke about being there
for someone forever,
even in their absents.
I shook my head,
for leaving doesn't make me sad.
He asked if it was him,
I shook my head again.

He cradled me in his arms.
Wiped the tears
from my cheek with his white t.
The tears were for the same
reasons as the scars.

My eyes were daggers he said,
and it's because
I was destroying the invisible insides with razors.
B wise Oct 2014
i always heard the phrase
agreed with it at times
but then when i fell in love
and he told me he cheated on his ex
i thought

he wouldn't do it to me again
no way

but here to this day
i knew i wasn't the only one
i now am in full agreement of the phrase

once a cheater
always a cheater
Ben Dec 2012
i'm in a dangerous state of mind
with no care for living this life
where human emotions are traded
for less than a pack of rubbers
but you didn't even use those
so how much did i truly mean
when the push came to shove
and grinding hips
with moaning lips
that whispered, screamed,
and cried his name
on the night you ****** my heart away
where loyalty takes a literal backseat
to pleasure
and a long term relationship
is laughing stock material
ha ha standup, ain't i funny
to look for something more than this
but i would choke on my own tongue
before i'd speak bad of you
my backstabbing lover
unfaithful friend
i hope to god it he was worth it
the cost was more than just tears
but blood spray on the bathroom mirror
and an empty place where i once
used to love
permanently empty
i can't find the will to care
more than a few half-hearted,
correct that, heartless
obscenities muttered under my breath
with ****** on my mind
a 3:30am fantasy to help dull
the pain that i should be feeling
maybe i'm just a pessimist,
fatalist, cynical, and negative
but my lack of surprise cuts the most
lied to by my mind for those
two months of my life
that i thought i had it all
better to have loved and lost
but even better to **** it all
and just go out with your name on my lips
and your lies in my heart
i hope you think of me when you're with him
that you choke on your tears
plagued with the worst emotions and loss
a better killer than any gun
i gave you everything and you gave it away
i can't sleep at night because when i close my eyes
all i see is you with him
Heather Wright Jul 2013
Once a cheater always a cheater
That’s what I have always heard
Some say its absurd
Some say that’s only true with repeaters
So what are you?
A repeater?
Or just a one time cheater?
What should I do?
You have proved you’re untrustworthy
But can I trust you ever again?
You’re stuck in my brain
But thinking like this isn’t healthy
I love you
But you lied to me
My brain says to flea
I am afraid my heart will not pull through
Rachel Samson Oct 2013
   Love is just an illusion
   Filled with anguish, despair and confusion
   So stop your happily ever after imagination

   For a while, it messes up with your mind
   Then it leaves you out of your mind
   Until you become blind

Love will never bring happiness
It would just lead you into sadness
I dare you try cheating
And you will have the power for everything

I am a cheater
I do give romantic love
that would make you feel like heaven's above
I am s sweet lover

I owned your heart, your mind and even your soul
I owned everything that you own
I am a sinner
A truly betrayer

Yes, I am a cheater
I've never been a loser
Curse me to eternal hell for my many sin
I played this game each day and I always win
Madison Jul 2013
I was once fond of you.
Used to be fond of you.
& you were fond of me.
Until it dawned upon me .
That you would never be anything,
Other than a cheater and a liar.
Fill my heart with desire.
And then catch it on fire.
Because you'll never be anything,
Other than a cheater & a liar...
Brooklyn Dec 2012
All of your
                   b r o k e n
And stupid lies.

I sat there many nights, calling
And wondering where you were.
I hoped that you were with your friends.
But, God, I knew you were with her.

You smelt like her when you sat by me
And the floors creaked Cheater, Cheater
I thought that I would get over it,
But then I was able to see her.

Greasy face, and stringy hair,
Oh my, is that the best you could do?
But those yellow gapped teeth come back to me,
I guess she deserves you.

So you left and went to her
And I thought it was because of me.
Is it wrong that I can't stop laughing?
You're betrayal has given me glee.

She ****** another in his bed,
While you waited around for her.
So I guess the sides have been turned.
Tell me, Darling, does it hurt?

So, Sweetheart, with the fire red hair,
Whose name makes my stomach churn,
Tell me, did you ever think that
A ginger boy could burn?
Delilah Summers Mar 2014
Isn't it strange that words can capture your heart
Make you feel like your insides are melting?
You feel like your cheeks are burning, your eyes are tearing up.
You think you found someone who will love you forever, and that you will never have to rely on another person again in your life.
Then just one person,
One conversation,
One lie...
You find out everything he has been saying is a complete lie.
You start wondering how they reacted to everything you told them when they acted like they cared.
Did he laugh at my problems?
Did he wish I would stop telling him what was wrong because he never cared?
Because all he ever wanted was someone to replace the girl he truly loved while she was away.
I can forgive everyone, unless they cheated on me and betrayed me the whole time I though he was mine and I was his.
Day Jan 2019
Secrets, secrets, I know you keep.
Surely not meant to make me weep.
Open emails and a curious eye,
I told myself not to pry.
Calm myself, and clear my head,
some things are better left unread.
Anger came and then she passed,
force these lips to not speak fast.
Thinking "Maybe this will help me out,
He doesn't know about my doubt."
Suddenly have the upper hand,
now I have a chance to stand.
Both have things that we don't share,
who am I, to say what's fair?
I still think what we have is real
but, can't get past the things I feel.
With a kiss, push these thoughts away,
"Morning, lover, have a wonderful day."
Here's to the start of another week,
I've honestly been feeling less bleak.
I don't know why it's been easier lately,
but I'm not here to complain :)
love can be cheater and take your love away
make you be unfaithful and make love go astray
give a false impression and tells you what to do
makes  you be deceitful from the love you knew
leave a broken heart make your love undo
love can be a cheater and cheat the love  from you
love can be cheater and take you love away
make you be unfaithful and make love go astray
give a false impression and tells you what to do
makes it  be deceitful from the love you knew
leave a broken heart make your love undo
love can be a cheater and cheat the love  from you
I still love you dear
But I have another girl's moan
Ringing through my ears.
Lorraine day Aug 2013
I waited for your call tonight
You said that you would ring
I have come to the conclusion
Your words don't mean a thing

I read through all your letters
With disappointment and contempt
It was then that I decided
To go to where they'd been sent

I knocked the door n waited
In the hope that you'd be there
Instead there stood a woman
With long blonde curly hair

I asked her who she was
She said she was your wife!
I felt  my whole world shatter
It pierced through me like a knife

100 miles of hell
As I made the journey home
I now know  that your a cheater
So leave me the hell
Alone !
Infamous one Jan 2013
why do you cheat on the one you claim to love
you play the victim when you get cheated on
the courage to say i love you is the lie
say what you mean not what the person wants to her
you wake up alone false talk about being grown
she gave you her heart and you tore it apart
looked in to those loving eyes now they see hate
only if the love was true everything would be great
you claim this love but have another mate
one love is true while the other is a lust
with broken hearts how could anyone trust
cheat on the one you love cheat on the one you dont love
you think this way is okay in the end youll be exposed
wearing the label be forever know as a cheater
oncw you get cause you know its over
but keep tryin living forever more in your cheating ways
Emily Hannah Sep 2014
A flirty message, a winky face attached.
It doesn't mean anything, I tell myself.
He loves you, I say. You are his world.
But I never quite believe it,
Though I know I have no cause.
Once a cheater always a cheater.
Isn't that the phrase?
I don't want it to but it sticks.
I hate myself for it.

A kiss or two here, a request for photos there.
It wouldn't be much to an outside eye.
But to me? It is everything
My ever fragile insecurities shattered.
My heart holding on, but barely.
Did I have cause after all?
Did he mean anything he told me?
That phrase again, always ringing in my ears.
Will I ever escape it?
Red-Writing-Hood Oct 2012
There are lessons that school doesn't teach you
Some things can't be learned by sitting in an uncomfortable chair for several hours a day, tapping your pencil against a desk with your head in your hand staring blankly into space...and if you're like me you have headphones in your ears, thoughts in the clouds, feet off the ground with the touch screen of my phone at my finger tips.
One of those things you can't learn trapped in the four walls of a classroom is that life hits you, hard, in the face, like that first heartbreak...causing an unbearable ache in your chest that feels like you may be entering cardiac arrest.
Your body goes into shock and it's almost like you're in la la land for a moment with a hangover infecting your heart that no type of Advil can fix, until you realize that the person you've thought you were in love with for the past while is no longer that person...they reveal themselves by ripping off their mask of a handsome face to expose a terrifying appearance of sharp teeth and beady eyes, a monster, a liar, a cheater...a heart breaker...
Life waits for you to stand back up only to kick you back down and although you've already fallen seven times and your hearts a little bruised and tattered you stand up eight with a stubborn refusal like the ocean waves always coming back to kiss the shore line no matter how many times it's sent away.
When I was thirteen years old, my older brother taught me something that no teacher could ever have written down in their lesson plan, he said that the number one rule to being cool is to remain unphased, never admitting anything can hurt you, excite you or impress you.
I figure it's like walking through life with your arms as a shield, to protect yourself from all the unexpected miseries or hurt like heartbreak or getting fired or not getting hired. I try to walk through life with my arms and hands wide open...and yes that means catching every heartbreak and each last drop of pain life can squeeze out for me but it also means that when beautiful...amazing things just fall out of the love...I'm ready to catch them.
I may get an F on one of life's tests but that doesn't mean I can't study for the exam, the bigger picture, because failure is success when you allow yourself to learn from it and that's what I'll do, I will be as open as a book and make sure to write down all of my journeys with no details left out, highlighting the good parts but never forgetting the bad
But I'll be sure to tread carefully because life is as fragile as a bubble but I have to remember that I can't be afraid to stick my finger out and pop it if I don't like the direction it's going in and if popping that bubble means a down pour of miseries, bring it on because my hands are as strong as the suns love for the moon, so stack up my problems like books in a library and I'll read them again and again
And for each new lesson I'll show up with a backpack full of everywhere else I've been, eager to collect another souvenir like the laugh lines framing my mouth or the worry wrinkle etched into my forehead and my heart will come along for the ride, strapped in tight, prepared for all the potholes and sharp turns but there's no air bags aloud so every time we crash there's nothing coming between me and the beginning of a new lesson
SG Rose Sep 2018
You say I can't be trusted.
Pointing fingers hammer firmly the hurt into place.

I watch the tears puddle and collect as you
choke out the tale of the green-eyed storyteller
who painted your world with words of
"I will
I won't
I love
I don't..."

and that she said them until they consumed you.

And I couldn't argue.
Sarah Valentina May 2010
Thought he was the one,
The one who'd be different than the rest and see the way things were truly meant to be done.

Met him on a warm dark night,
He pierced my ears the same way he would eventually pierce my heart.

Mysterious, was he,
he left me alone to my frustration, with no fee.

His shoes matched his shirt,
He was such a suttle flirt.

I didn't understand why he liked her,
I saw no beauty in her sloppy lure.

I made it my goal to make him mine,
Before I knew it, he held me, his hold so fine.

I knew of his cheating ways,
Didn't see him most days.

Never knew what he was up to,
Deep down I knew, knew what I had to do.

Cheat the cheater, don't let them break you first,
When slapped, slap back, gotta fight what's cursed.

He told me he loved me but his words were dry,
I said I loved him, really thought I meant it, no lie.

He always was giving me new hope and then taking it back,
I couldn't take it anymore it was making me going whack.

He stole a part of me that will never truly return,
Now he's with the ugliest girl, makes my stomach churn.

I'm the best he's ever had and ever will,
If he ever wanted me back he'd have to ****.

I'm moving on even though it hurts,
I can't be that girl again, the one who thoughtlessly flirts.
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Written by SarahLydia Kiehlmeier in the beginning of 2010. ( July)
jeffrey conyers Dec 2012
To the cheaters of the world.
Do we really understand them?
Do we really sympathize with them?

From a pure perspective,
we see fools chasing a desire of lust.
Which only satify a need for a moment.

To the husband.
To the wife that cheats.
And gets exposed.
How can you cry?
Someone's done you wrong.
What about the spouse?

And, if for some reason's of stupidity,
you marry your cheating soul-mate.
And they cheats upon you.

You must have realized,
you were playing a game that has no rules.

Where the word faithful seems to be news to you?
Now, you using the cheater's cry.
Trying to get folks to understand your side.

Strange, you will find a few.
Except, when you both was cheating with one another.
And carrying on this secretive affair.
It spokes volumes about you.

So some folks just won't care.
Cause you didn't show concerns for the spouse.
Who were always there?
I cant concentrate on anything i do
The sky is turning grey from sunny blue

You call me a friend, as you pull out a knife
You stab me in my back, not once but twice

You are a lier, a poser , a freak and a cheater
What wrong i did that you  became a mistreater

Tears, depression, pain and scar
You gave me and i was like
Why you did so
If its my mistake then
Let me know
But if you dont like me then
Let me go......
Jasraj Sangani Feb 2016
Mumbai is rich, Mumbai is poor.
Mumbai is fast, Mumbai is slower.
Little bit sweet, and little bit sour,
Sometimes it’s hot but not too more….

Mornings are energetic and evenings are electric.
Noons are lazy but Nights are crazy
And any one you ask he always say “M busy”
Dude, life in Mumbai is not so easy

There is lot of Masti with little bit of Maska
Welcome to the city that can’t live, without Bollywood Chaska

From cooker whistles to the traffic jam horns,
From steaming tea kettles to breaking nut-betels
From telephone rings and doorbell brings.
There are people connecting through Blackberry pings

Where there’s little time to spare for kids
People here spend their lives on bids
Here you actually pay your travel fare by meter
But milkman mixing water is not a cheater!

Sev puri and bhel puri are all Mumbai chaat
Relishing it with spicy chutney is no easy art
From pop-corn to ice-cream, all sold on cart
Mumbai o Mumbai, you’re always close to my heart

Where local trains usually run on time
And violently rushing for a seat is not a crime
Here 3 PM for lunch and 12 AM to dine
People face hardships, but still say “it’s fine”

From Mt Mary in Bandra to Mumba Devi in Town
And ISKCON in Juhu to Haji Ali in Mumbai’s Crown
Faith runs deep as the Arabian Sea
But people don’t hesitate to pay early darshan fee.

Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati and Bengali
Everyone forgather celebrate Id and Diwali
Holi is colourful and Christmas is cheerful
Spend some time here and your life will be un-forgetful

Billionaire to baggers, all found in this city
Be careful dude, this place is a bit witty.
Overall this dream-world is huge but pretty
Mumbai o Mumbai you’re wonderful city.
Jordan Rowan May 2016
He tosses in his sleep
He never gets a good night's rest
He tosses in his sleep
He never gets a good night's rest
His mind is tired but can't control what's in his chest

She tosses in her sleep
Dreaming of a better place
She tosses in her sleep
Dreaming of a better place
She gave up looking and now she's got tears on her face

He wears a cigarette
She wears a bayonet
He drives a beater and she drives a swift Corvette
He's not a cheater and she's one he won't forget

He's got a plan
But doesn't know how to start
He's got a plan
But doesn't know how to start
He's too young to understand the language of his heart

She's got a picture  
But hasn't developed it yet  
She's got a picture
But hasn't developed it yet
All she sees is a silent silhouette

He wears a cigarette
She wears a bayonet
He drives a beater and she drives a swift Corvette
He's not a cheater and she's one he won't forget

He wrote his name and number
On the missionary of his hotel
He wrote his name and number
On the missionary of his hotel
As he laid it down he felt his heart begin to swell

She called him up
And they talked over a drink or two
She called him up
And they talked over a drink or two
Now all their reservations are made for two
Zyanneh Frazier Sep 2015
My Biggest Mistake..

I won't say that I love you
Cause I've said it too MUCH
I won't tell you that I miss you
Cause I never heard you say IT
I won't say that I want you
Cause I could never be under such a TITLE
Only a fool would believe all the things you SAY...
I don't feel a connection with you
Cause all I ever heard from you were LIES
I don't feel protected around you  
Cause all I ever did was felt UNSAFE
I don't feel loved when im with you
Cause all I ever did was be a second OPTION
Only a fool would stick around for such a very LONGTIME
I can't take it anymore
Cause all you ever did was PRETEND
I can't even believe I once called you my bestfriend
Cause all you ever did was USE ME
I can't see you in my future
Cause all you'll ever do is stay in the PAST
Only a fool would continue to follow you down the same path
I feel bad for the next person
Cause all you ever do is FRONT I feel free free Cause now I can be on some me ****
I feel like making you feel my pain
Cause jealousy is the KEY
Now you are officially my rebound you had me picking pedals off of roses because I didn't know if you loved me or loved me not BUT now im officially calling it quits with you and anyone else who has a problem with my decision because I stand tall shouting me, myself, I... I was born alone so ima die alone having a CHEATER is the last thing on my mind focusing on what's really important which happens to be school so mister nameless you have finally been put under the bus now as they say "Once a Cheater always a Cheater" now I know what was wrong with this picture loving you was my biggest mistake!

By Zyanneh Frazier
kirk Feb 2016
Oh Annette Tidy, I would love to lick your ****
Show me that you like it, you **** loving ****
******* pulled beyond your hole, while kneeling like a mutt
Legs apart so far and wide, I don't want your ******* shut

Spread you cheeks across my face and open your hole wide
Pelvic thrusting on my tongue, while I'm slipping it inside
The taste of it is magical, when tongue and *** collide
I can lick your ***** too , but I'll let you decide

It's okay if your a *****, when it's ***** and bums to pluck
A Furry ***** is alright, it's still so good to ****
Soiled ******* I don't mind, they make my cockerel cluck
A touch of romance is quite fine, but so is a good ****

Oh Annette Tidy let me knock on your back door
You can show me your intentions, you filthy ******* *****
I doesn't matter that we're strangers, because our *** is raw
If your like the phone box says, then what are you waiting for?

So come on now get naked, and I will do the same
let me have your **** hole and a **** ******* game
According to the writings your a filthy kind of dame
I've read that your an **** ****, so your be glad I came

Oh Annette Tidy, I am on a real *** hunt
I would be so happy, if your proper ***** ****
Whether your a posh girl, or just a ******* munt
You need to get your knickers off, and I'll give it a punt

I'll be grabbing onto your ****, and It would be devine
Vigorous ******* may result, in hearing your **** whine
If your a cheater that's okay, it really is quite fine
As long as your cheating with me, and you are ******* mine

So push your **** upon me, let my **** slide in
I'd **** without a rubber sheaf, it's better on bare skin
I'm sure that you'll enjoy it, when your sitting on my pin
And **** old Dennis Richmond, cos I don't give a **** about him

Oh Annette Tidy, I fancy a real good ****
I am really hoping, your a ***** ******* ****
It doesn't matter if your good looking, or a dried up hag
***** lips are free to flutter, when I **** your fleshy flag

**** ******* is so good, what a fantastic feeling
The tightness squeezing on my rod, that's what I find appealing
Doing **** would be great, bent over or just kneeling
An ******* that is spread wide, is really quite revealing

So when my **** is hard enough I would stuff it in your ***
Fingers up your ***** and your ******* under thumb
A frigging is in order, because I want to feel your ***
******* in your tight hole, I would really give it some

Oh Annette tidy, let us have some ****** fun
Let me see you naked, and I will ***** your hot cross bun
I also like a wet ****, but these things must be done
For you squirt me with your juice, just like a Capri Sun

I hope that you like big *****, cos I have a nine inch ****
Because I'm not hung like those fellows, who are in Hong Kong
So I won't put it all in, in case it is too long
But if you want the whole lot, I'll make sure that it says strong

Are you such an **** *****, well I don't really know
You could be a real ***** ****, or just an average joe
If your not that kind of girl, then somewhere else I'll go
Because I'm looking to get ******, and a **** and blow

You maybe such a nice girl, and you get home by ten
So you might not be interested, in ridding my big ben
I'm sure there's **** ladies, who'd like playing in my pen
A **** time they can have, if I went round to their den

Are writings on walls true, you don't have to sit there idly
If you want an arrangement, I could ******* every Friday
Unless you are a nice girl, and your a bit like Heidi
And your up in the mountains thinking . . . . Oh Annette Tidy!
Hanna Kelley May 2015
You were only using me
to solve your problems,
and hide your lies
just because you couldn't compromise

I thought you were my friend
apparently I was wrong,
I thought we could be friends again
that we would finally get along

now it's my turn, I need help
and this is what you do?!
your going to leave me here alone
while I was there for you?!

and now your reading this,
don't start caring now!
just because I'm telling the truth
doesn't mean you get to back down!

let the world see you
for who you really are,
she's running from the truth
but she's not getting that far

your not going to win this time!
you hurt my friends, you cheated,
you lied! You acted in pain
as we fell down and died

I tried to help you through your problems
and this is what you choose?
you makes everyone's life miserable
because you didn't know who you would rather lose!

just let me make this simple for you:
you have my friendship, but you have lost my trust
Don't be surprised
when I leave you in the dust.
Andy Cave Jan 2013
Thoughts wander
tears fall.
What just happened?
What went wrong?
You said you loved me
well apparently not.
You left me broken
no second thought.
You said I'm the ONLY one for you
Ha, you probably said that to him too.

— The End —