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There were people in every room
Inthe hallway
In the street
There was no where safe
No escape
No secret harbour
Eventually he found an alleyway
Wonderfully empty
Until he noticed the human canvas
Sitting crosslegged in the corner
That's the day he painted his first masterpiece
Thats the day that he met me
i dont know you anymore
i put a sign on the door
it says,
do not enter
i dont know you anymore
there is nothing left
Beckie Davies Jul 24
this closet
is so lonely
i once found cowardly refuge in its privacy
now this closet
more like a coffin
please let this weary soul rest in peace
rest in peace
Beckie Davies Jul 24
hope is a fairy tale that i no longer believe in
my liar of a mother
told me hope is a forever friend
my forever friend left me
in the middle of a **** storm called

hope was the name of a daughter,
i never had
never birthed
never nursed

hope cheated on me with bitterness
they ran off together to a land
that i cannot enter
where my strangeness is forbidden
and my name is unknown

hope is a rejection letter
that i keep receiving
the same **** words, repeated
over and over
in different cursive
by different senders

hope is a mindless drunk
intoxicated by listless lies
"i will call you"
"i will love you"
"i am your friend"
lies that i once believed
in my naive adolescence

hope is a reoccurring nightmare
a dark, hooded figure
with a noose for a head
and shovels for hands
digging a grave,
imbedded in my soul
a metaphorical black hole
representing all that i have lost

hope is a future that i cannot see
hope is a gift that i will never receive
hope is a fairy tale
a story with the happiest of endings
hope is a myth
in which i cannot believe
hope is a fairytale.
Beckie Davies Jul 24
when you are see an obstacle
you find a way around it
you build a bridge
you find a tool
you create a new path
when she was unwell
they called her an obstacle
they called her a drain
no bridge was built
no tool was found
no new path was made
when the obstacle is a human
when the obstacle has feelings
when the obstacle is a fragile girl in pain
the world makes no allowances
the world throws her away
when the obstacle is a human
Beckie Davies Jul 21
I live on heart break island
This is my lonely oasis
The names of my solemn aquaintances

We moved to heartbreak island
Different lovers let us down
They are all I know of now
i live on heartbreak island
Beckie Davies Jul 21
maybe i should give up waiting
waiting on a call that will not come
people like you do not change
i have no more time to waste
i need to give up on this fantasy
that you are capable of love
i need to give up on this fantasy
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