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A journey along a long dusty road
Full of darkness, where the silence roar

With no signs of life around
Far away from any known town

With the cool winds helping me awake
So enjoy the beauty hidden in the silence of the dark.
Why should I text first?
This made us fall apart
Ignorance from her
Generated hatred in my heart.

Days, weeks and months passed
Nothing changed and the ego lasts.

We changed our routes
We changed our ways
Avoided to see each other
With Ignorance on our face.

But one day suddenly
Happened something unexpected
We had an eye contact
which left us deeply affected.

However i tried to ignore
her as we both use to do
But she gave me a smile
with waving her hands too.
I too did the same as a reply to her
and continued to walk on my way.

Now we just give fake smiles to each other.
Now we are not friends anymore like we used to be.

Ego brought us to this point
But who knows if its not the end yet.
For each person you give your heart to
They will break it in their own way
One will cause you to lose patience
Another will cause you to lose hope
And the next causes you to lose trust
You give up the idea of true love
Because no one has ever given you their all
They just take and leave
Untill there is no more left of you
To my 3rd last line "Because no one has ever given you their all" exception do exist and those are one's parents
Mom and Dad are the only who could give everything of theirs to make you happy
There were purple clouds high in the skies
With the sun setting down in front of my eyes
Fading away becoming smaller and lighter
Making the moon shine bigger and brighter
Because in every darkness
there is always some light
Light of hope to win your fight
I still remember the day when you said me goodbye.
We both were going away and you started to cry.

Its gonna be okay i told her that time.
But we never met again since a long time.

She told me one thing which I'll never forget....
There are no distances between two hearts who are made for each other.
One or the other day they gonna meet up again.
I realised what the truth is
But now its too late

I wish i could go back
Back to that date

Back in the time
When i said that yes

The time when
my life started to mess

I do not smile,i do not laugh
My happiness is gone a far apart
There was a time when you were in my heart
God help me please in beginning a fresh start
I cant concentrate on anything i do
The sky is turning grey from sunny blue

You call me a friend, as you pull out a knife
You stab me in my back, not once but twice

You are a lier, a poser , a freak and a cheater
What wrong i did that you  became a mistreater

Tears, depression, pain and scar
You gave me and i was like
Why you did so
If its my mistake then
Let me know
But if you dont like me then
Let me go......
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