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Zyanneh Frazier Feb 2020
You a puzzle that I’ve been trying to piece together yet you seem to always leave me wondering where I should actually start first I think it’s better if I started off slow then worked my way up to the next level of greatness because between you and I I’m feeling puzzled by the person you’ve became through this puzzle there’s a story that all leads up to the good and bad times so I’m just hoping that I can find a way to fix this unfinished project I’m thinking these first two pieces go together as to what they’ve said you would be in life if you didn’t take the opportunity to do what’s best for you in their eyes but not yours the next couple of pieces go together as a whole because it talks about how much you did without much help yet you managed to finish school with a child and a useless *** socalled father the man you thought was truly you’re forever love and which he wasn’t pieces after pieces bring me to the conclusion that you only have all this hate because of past experiences but still find ways to smile because you’ve made it this far and wouldn’t dare let another knock you down as a woman who’s been doing this since the age of 18 I’ve made it midway am I close? Or am I wrong? I can always go back and check for instructions I’m ready for my last and final pieces that tells me how you managed to use self love as an way to escape from all of today’s negativity I’m willing to sit here and learn as you continue to teach me how to finish this puzzle my dear friend...
Zyanneh Frazier Feb 2019
21 Questions - Zyanneh Frazier

(1) Would you like for me to tell you that I love you & actually mean it? Or
(2) Tell you that I hate you & don’t mean it? (3) Would you like for me to fight for us? Or (4) Walk out like I just don’t give a ****? (5) Would you like for me to be honest & tell you the real me? Or (6) Tell you something that I’m not which is a liar & pretender? (7) Would you still stick by my side through the good & bad? Or (8) Walk out & just give up on me like everyone else did? (9) Would you be willing to give me your last dime? Or (10) Leave me empty handed making me waste my time? (11) Would you be embarrassed of what others may say or think about us? Or (12) Feel accomplished knowing that your entire family loves me? (13) Would you believe me if I told you I was out with friends? Or (14) Just jump to conclusions that I’m cheating?
...which isn’t in my blood...
(15) Would you be willing to cut off your friends to spend time together? or
(16) Do I have to turn you into a chooser? ...which isn’t something I want to do... (17) Would you trust me enough to tell me your deepest secrets? Or (18) Do I have to continue to beg for trust? ...which is something I thought I already won... (19) Would you be able to handle this bond? Or (20) Do I have to end this thing we call us?

...Because the real question I have is...
(21) Do you see yourself being mines forever?
Just 21 Questions that you may have for someone you actually love! I just happened to get the idea from (50 Cent|21 Questions) which happens to still be my favorite song by him as an artist hopefully whoever’s reading likes it!
Zyanneh Frazier Sep 2018

I have a letter for my ex, but now I think I might end it here or should I really? because in this letter I got things to say but I don’t know if I should get to hurting feelings or say what I really feel

Because honestly I thought you was the one for me but you was nothing but a liar you had me thinking love, loyalty, trust, & honesty was everything I was retrieving from you

But really I wasn’t it was nothing but lies after lies and here I am stuck trying to figure out all the missing pieces after giving you my all

This is something I still regret days, weeks, months, hell even years later I can’t even love the way I once knew how I can’t even think, walk, or talk right all because of you

I guess cheating and lying makes you a “real man” in this day and age but in this letter you ain’t **** but a little *** boy trying to fit in like everyone else instead of being the “man”

I once used to love... so I hope you take notes from this letter by trying to not break another young woman’s heart!
I took a topic from a friend & just wrote about it
Zyanneh Frazier May 2018
Mirror, Mirror on the wall you are truly my only best friend you let me know when I’m ugly, feeling down, or even stressing unlike everyone else hell you even tell me if my outfit is a real presentation of ME unlike these unloyal so called “friends” that says “oh that’s cute” but really telling me things just to make me feel beautiful knowing they’re just telling me a heartfelt lie just to see a smile form across this face that I used to think was so unique!

Mirror, Mirror on the wall honestly I’m proud of what I’ve become because of you yes I’ve cried, tried, or even let my pride get in the way of things but you made me who I am today we’ve had some good and bad moments together I’m just happy and proud to say that I don’t need makeup to feel “cute, beautiful, or approachable” to anyone but myself because in the end you’ve shown me that “you are beautiful to some or even ugly to some”!

Mirror, Mirror on the wall I give you the power to seek what’s good for me because in the end you’re always right and you haven’t let me down not even once in my life and that’s the definition of a real best friend not many can do just that for me but YOU, you were there when I needed to use you for comfort because in the end nobody wanted to help me through the positivity or negativity but you so I take this time to thank you for being there for me!

Mirror I just want you to know I no longer have to be scared of who I am today and what I’m trying to become as a young woman, forever be my best friend!
A poem I made for a friend
Zyanneh Frazier Mar 2018
My ex is in love...
Which causes me to fail
Relationships back to back
I **** sure don’t know if it’s me
Or maybe it’s just this *****
I think I got you sprung
I think I got you hooked
I think I got you affected
By how many *****
I no longer give
My ex is lying...
Which causes me to lose
Relationships back to back
I **** sure won’t take it anymore
Or maybe it’s just time for me to let go
I think I got you making up lies
I think I got you putting on a show
I think I got you pretending
Because last time
I checked, I’m single
My ex is crazy...
Which causes me to fight
Relationships back to back
I **** sure can’t stand you
Or maybe I’m just overreacting
I think I got you crying
I think I got you flexing
I think I got you assuming
About how in love you
You claim to be
My ex is truly a *****...
I’m not in love with the person
I thought I once was
Hell you even cheated
And got me looking like the bad guy
When in reality it’s YOU
So just do me a favor by staying
The **** away from me
I learn the keys of moving on
Now I thinks it’s your turn...
Nameless girl you know who you are!
A poem I made for a friend that's has this crazy ex-girlfriend!
Zyanneh Frazier Mar 2018
You’ll be back soon
Just not right now
I be giving second chances
But end up looking like a fool
For going right back...
I’ve been through this once before
And it’s nothing but a huge *** cycle
Of mistakes and headaches
Like once before...
I’ve even said I loved you
And it’s nothing but lies filled
With shameful and hateful thoughts
Like the last time...
I’ve even helped you up
When you were down
And it’s nothing but regrets
From giving you my all
While I suffered
Like a fool...
As you played like the victim
I was the one stuck
With tears running down my cheeks
And a box of tissue just wiping away
All the fakeness and emptiness
Like the dummy...
But yet and still
I managed to go right the **** back
To a person
Who only called on me
When they needed something
Or someone to talk to
But didn’t even love me
The way I loved them...
I feel so embarrassed
I feel so pretraded
I feel so broken
I feel so lost
All because of you
#love #hate #regrets #poem #poetry
Zyanneh Frazier Jan 2018
Growing up hearing sirens felt like the end of the world because being black is hard to escape sometimes we can’t even reach the age of 18 and sometimes we were raised by a single mother while our father is either locked up, a runaway, or just dead.

Growing up it was hard seeing our mother working hard to make sure we had clothes, shoes, food, and a place to lay our head and sometimes it was hard to even fake a smile without getting that feeling of being judged by someone else.

Growing up watching the news had us wondering “am I next?” because our culture had it bad sometimes it was hard to even walk out of our front door and sometimes it was just like a movie but the only difference is this is real and we have to fight for what we wanted.

Growing up it was all about who had this and who had that or who was from here or who was from there sometimes we only do what we see right in front of us and sometimes we all seem to make the same mistakes as the ones before us...

But.. growing up had us all waiting for a change and still wondering when it’s going to come!
A poem I made for a friend for this coming black history month!
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