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josh wilbanks Oct 2021
Love is but a word
Four letters on a page
Said a loud or written down
To me it's all the same

Love is but a feeling
The flutter in the gut
Hold my hand let's walk the sand
Till this feeling's all but none

Love is but a lie
A hope a dream a wish
An uttered word a feeling assured
Till worn and flavourless

True love is but an action
Something that makes no sense
Giving your all expecting nothing at all
In return for your loving gift
josh wilbanks May 2019
I've seen alot of sunsets
Since the last one I saw with you

I've thought alot of crazy thoughts
Without you to get me through

I've quit making so many inside jokes
Because nobody else was laughing

Today I woke up all alone
For the first time
I was okay with that
josh wilbanks May 2019
all around me I find friends
in the city, in work, in bed
still I feel I do pretend
no one knows what's inside my head

all around me I find fun
in the city, the house, the club
still I feel so undercut
something's missing I don't know what

all around me I find love
in the city, in drugs, from my mum
still I feel so all alone
misunderstood by everyone

I have everything I need
I should be okay I think
I'm missing that final piece
the person that completed me
josh wilbanks May 2019
The stars never shined so bright
Until you were on their other side
Now here I sit on lonely nights
Winding back the clock to a time
When stars didn't shine so bright
josh wilbanks Apr 2019
please don't you go
please please don't you go
fall in love with me
fall in love with me

don't you do it
don't you ever go an do it
im okay today
don't you go an ***** it
I can't stay away
and girl I know you knew it
you abusin how I'm
head over heals for you
head over heals for you
head over heals
every time you leave you know I real
pick the pieces up
one by one
put the puzzle back together
then when I think I'm doin better
you walk back In to the picture
you know I wish I could forget you
I wish I wish I wish
where my shootin star
clouds out tonight
and I cant run that far
ain't no gas up in my car so
come a little closer
let me hold you
let me fall apart
you my casanova
you a feelin poker
you a wall of art
I'm a dog without a collar
I'm a fallen soldier
I'm a hallow heart
I can't I can't I can't
I can't let you go
I can't take it anymore
please don't please don't
please don't you go
josh wilbanks Mar 2019
My favorite movie can't been seen
By anyone except for her and me
This tape it tells a tale of dreams
Of two best friends who met as teens
Who'd stuck together through everything
The thick, the thin, the in between
Who taught each other what love means
The memories I play on repeat
I'm in a writing mood tonight
josh wilbanks Mar 2019
I still smell the roses
Left wilting in the window
I still taste the diner
Left cold out on the counter
I still see the paintings
Left leaning on the wall

Though the house has hallowed
Though the residence no longer reside
I still feel the regret
Left buried deep inside
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