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Archer Feb 26
You think you are a secret
Hidden from everyone
I see the color of your life
Just like they all do
Why is it so hard for you
Mediocrity isn't that bad
You definitely wont be alone
In the daily conundrum
Let him pay for everything
His home, cars and food
You are playing wife
Not even good at it
Why does it bother me
Because I strive for that
I want to be mediocre
I want plain
I want to pretend I matter
But not everyone is as lucky
Just coast along on
The coat tails of fake misery
Fake tears inspire fake love
And fake hope
I suppose the reality is
Far more than your delusion
At least I know what I am
Suraj singh Jan 29
Faces look so kind
They still roast and grind
Worst than aliens
They are sapiens

Their cherry lips may make you swoon
Wait till you find blood in their spoon
Worst than aliens
They are sapiens

Voices so soothing
You may mistake it as a boon
Speaking without a pause
Those voices never stood for a cause
Worse than aliens
They are sapiens

Wishing to fly
They'll catch you by their fake cry
Sugar coated venom
Their weapon
Worse than aliens
They are sapiens
Mysterious sapiens
Paige Error Mar 2019
Isn’t it amazing how a crowded room can make you feel so alone.
They’re already trying to turn me against a person who’s a thousand times the people they are
Rylee Dec 2018
**** u,
Not because of who u r,
Because of what u have done
And what u have let happen
Vivek Gupta Aug 2018
We are who we are when we're alone!
But when we step out we're playing a role!
It's like a movie! Changing character!
It's like a scene! Strange and disaster!
We are being someone we're not!
We're all trying to be bigshot!
Losing yourself playing a role!
Lying to your own soul!
I am shook seeing people being fake!
Oh! For your own sake!
For once, Try being yourself!
Try being who you really are!
It's just one life! go far!
Far as you can and be who you are!

Pat Adamek Jun 2018
I wish my heart didn’t get juiced from the sight of you

It’s been too long since I have really seen you for that thought to be true

It’s a memory, fair enough
Memories can’t be trusted anymore than Donald Trump
Though we never discussed him
I know you’re disgusted
The same way I was when I realized that you loved him

Not Trump
but someone I despise just as much
Well that’s the past
What’s passed is past but what hurts so bad is the fact that it’s happened **** near

Still I see your still photo and

You’re a reflection on a mirror that contained all of my dreams
I would have let you be queen
You would probably be as happy as could be

You probably are happy as can be
But even if you aren’t there’s no way for any of us to see
That side of the camera phone
That shows you’re all alone
Or how it took you seven tries to get an angle you can show
To all of your friends

Let’s not pretend that we will ever be friendly

I thought you were my best but a test proved you we’re no friend to me

Now I don’t believe in love
And I never believed in destiny

But if I ever fall in love then let destiny take the best of me

As for the rest of me
I know he dies when I meet her

I’m still the same old *******
You left behind an evil creature

That’s how I know I never had
an angel at home

So I let you go

A little dirt on your feet is okay if you know
that your life will go on
One of the poems I wrote when my heart was broken and I was trying to feel better
Melili Feb 2018
I trusted you,
by your good advice.
But now I know,
how you feel beside me.

I trusted you,
but you stab my back,
one by one.
Not just once,
but more than twice.

I trusted you,
but now your words
mean nothing to me,
because your action
spoke the truth.

I trusted you,
but this going to end.
Because I know,
I can't trust you anymore.
You were the only person that I can trust. But you action make me feel you lies in me. You promise me that will never leave you, no matter what. And you are the first person that leave in my life. You said to me that I was the Cutest girl that you ever know. And now you said another girl she is more cute. Can i trust you again?
Melili Jan 2018
I had with you 10 years of friendship.
Now a couple days ago I had started
to feel not loved by you more and more.
You had changed a lot,
you became more ******.
I want to ask you,  why?
Why did you decide to change now?
Why didn't you come to comfort me,
At the time I needed you the most
Why are you still lying if you know is true?
You hurt my heart everyday more and more.
I was the one who introduced my friends to you.
And now you left me, with all my friends.
This is for my best friend who broke my heart for my other friends. She literally left me. Now she is with my friends. They always leave me behind. She didn't stop being my friends, because she know without me she will not have a better life now. And she said to me, that she is petty of me. What a joke. I'm so **** of myself.
helena alexis Oct 2017
she’s the type
of girl to
grind your
heart into little
pieces and roll it
then smoke it
right in front of you
yet another poem about my ex best friend
I cant concentrate on anything i do
The sky is turning grey from sunny blue

You call me a friend, as you pull out a knife
You stab me in my back, not once but twice

You are a lier, a poser , a freak and a cheater
What wrong i did that you  became a mistreater

Tears, depression, pain and scar
You gave me and i was like
Why you did so
If its my mistake then
Let me know
But if you dont like me then
Let me go......
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