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Single story
Raining Pouring
Window broken
Hearts are storming
Lifeless floating
Stopping nothing
Everything going
Raining pouring
Raining pouring
annikin Apr 12
the only way i can describe the way you made me feel was pure ecstasy.
now you make me ache like an old would on a cold day,
temporarily forgotten,
never gone.
why can't i rid you?
everything feels like a dream,
and i can't wake up.
was in my feels so Take It
Can't cut through
Lost my even keel
Just blackness below
and sharks at heel
Could tread forward
Rather flip the wheel
Run her aground
Taste the bite of the steel
Let the waves crash over
and the chain unreel
Until the deep takes me whole
and I can no longer feel
The grip of the truth
and the horror of the real
I'd like my mind to fade
give it some time to heal
clear conscience Jul 2020
don’t work no more.

need some kind of distraction.

**** it, might as well try writing

bad poetry.
nick armbrister Jul 2020
They stormed through their set that was made up of songs each ten minutes long - they did just two! What a musical journey it was. Fast aggressive heavy music the quickest human beings could play and then slow monotonous rhythms that lulled the audience to sleep, followed up by loud aggressive music to wake them up. Song lyrics of trolls, witches, wizards, mysterious deep lakes, twilight skies and moody moons. After their set they gave out a number of free music discs to spread their awe-inspiring music.
Árainn Hawker May 2020
She/He awakens,
As does spring,
Rejoicing toward the sun.

He/She moves,
As does summer,
Blown upon blossomed breeze.

She/He rests,
As does autumn,
Spreading calm and strengthening layers.

He/She sleeps
As does winter,
Within beautifully crystalline dreams.
Travis Green Apr 2020
You are the eternal night of my life
a starlight in the shimmering sky
dancing around the jubilant landscape
all deep, dreamy, and divine
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