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Respecting people are on different levels but not going back down. He had no problem working. He had problems with lazy people that tried to talk him down because they chose to flat line. He refused to sink to their level when drama had nothing to do with him. He preferred to mind his business do his job the best of his abilities. He didn't make anyone look bad because they made their choices and had to live with the consequences.
He told himself if he moved up he'd always be active and involved with the team his title meant nothing because the work needed to be done consistently, persistently, kept at a higher standard not settling for less.
Writing his story asking who would appreciate this or would find this amusing a boy forced to grow up and as an adult still figuring it out. He didn't have any role models mostly the stuff he seen on TV. He thought any life was better than the one he was born into. His family was not what you saw on TV. He expected and wanted more out of life.
He did some of the traditional things but felt like part of him got lost/stuck in the transition. The more he wanted in they kept him out. When he walked away after being excluded they had the nerve to say he was head strong had a bad attitude delusional because he had goals and dreams. They couldn't help him, so he got it else where.
He didn't care what others thought
Not use to complements was a change
Usually back handed complements
Didn't act or dress extra at work
Just did his tasks and went home
Never the first pick but did stand out
Staying motivated the crew was down
Some days filled with good vibes
Others lagging getting through
Not afraid to try lead by example
No hard feelings or personal thoughts
Just staying goal oriented to finish
Changing up the routine other ways
Bringing up the standards next level
Staying strong the end of originals
Moving on with the next generation
Standards left high to meet the goal
Taking over honoring those before
Using the passed on knowledge
Infamous one Aug 2
Always working Fear of missing out
Around nothing seems to be going on
Smiled at a friend great conversation
Trying to get it done so much going on
Included as a distraction get things done
Excluded still focused to get ahead
Usually coming out even
Infamous one Aug 2
Working hard to pursue a dream
Head fight hard work for it
Till he made it didn't happen right away
Wanting his family but everyone had their own life to live
Their own struggles to conquer opinions and mindsets
He made it being a contender finally got his shot
Missing family looked at as crazy
Determined to be someone
years of feeling excluded
Being treated like a no body
Prove them wrong doing something right
Years of being discouraged
Always in the back of his mind
Bouncing back from injuries
Failed relationships told he wasn't good enough
They didn't believe in him
But he believed in himself
Found a way ran with opportunity
Infamous one Jul 30
Not always liked but remained loyal
Doing his thing not holding back
Because it was the right thing to do
He was interested but she belonged to someone else
Respecting what's not his an outsider
He wouldn't want anyone doing it to him
An outsider looking in told the truth
Had an opinion it's okay to have one
Usually asked not one to impose
Admired from a distance not the one
Infamous one Jul 29
Stop trying to probe other so you could have the upper hand. Everyone has problems or going through something your set up doesn't help. Making people feel uncomfortable trying to make them say something you might find empowering in your favor.
Leave people alone your interrogation is uncalled for. Giving advice no one asked for. Talking to people like they are dumb is insulting then expecting them to follow your false ideals. Family or not treat people right and they'll take your opinion into consideration.
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