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Seen her as a friend
She was never single
As a friend heard her sad stories
Always with someone
Who treated her bad
Always went back
Whos to live this way
Not the first pick
Or waiting around
In the room providing ideas
Another rejection shutdown once again
Part of a group a team player
When things went well no credit
Got over being the scapegoat if things failed
Knew this wasn't forever burnt out
It was time walked away need to recharge
Respected the team seen as the comic relief
Spoke up many times before
They agree just to be ignored
Not always going to happen right away
Kept at it eventually things turn around
Trying to fit in better off alone
Argued to make the wrong right
Keep working hard till something gives
Doesn't happen over night
Stay determined motivated for change
Confidence builds up within
Wanting to speak more if it matters
Stand up since everyone else settles
Can't stand out in the crowd
Noticed more avoiding the drama
Said nothing talked about more
Spoke up got ignored not interested
The hardest worker in the room
Respectful to others and welcoming
While others are toxic not open to change
Open minded to learn new way
Another life always looking in
Actions say more than words
Being genuine not into fake attitudes
Materialism doesn't mean better
Doesn't make up for lack self-esteem
Use to comfort others
Give advice no on was listening
Others asking for an opinion
Did the opposite or didn't listen anyway
Set in their ways not open to change
Trying to fix a failed relationship
The situation was temporary
Making a permanent decision
Not many options conclusions to be made
Not always the first pick
Thankful to be picked up
Helping others is a great feeling
Worse is when they bad mouth you
Talking like you owe them
After doing favors from the heart
Know their secrets their behavior is on them
Able to post site was not acting right
Felt like it robbed my way of life
Days writing in my notebook
Silent on hello was neglect
Glad emotions aren't going haywire
Feeling more stable with some control
Able to speak with some say
One day at a time doing fine
Work hard to stay focused
Peace in mind over piece of mind
Finding peace with a broken spirit
Able to tolerate life more with healing
Avoided temptation to stay sober
Forgot to live in the moment
Cut off toxic negative people
Learning to say no
Gave so much and nothing in return
Not expecting anything gave my all
Gave everything left with regret
Hard to forget focused on positive vibes
Great up with nothing
Have to work hard to gain
After it's gained work to maintain
Thankful for everything
Know what its like to struggle
Never want to feel this way
Lifestyle change part of growth
No one writes about love
Talking about the inner struggle
Telling you how to behave
Sober is easier than living it up
The hardest part is to grow up
Let go feels like the world won't let up
Part of you dies to feel alive
Going through changes
What mattered before
Doesn't matter now
She's a year overcome fears
From making drama to finding peace
Confronted others now playing the victim
Said nothing everyone keeps talking
Not even a thought in this mind
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