I've been having dreams that came true for you
I dram you had my kid but you did that with someone else
In another dram you wore a wedding dress we just got married
I had no clue found out through a friend
you're happy that's all that matters
We weren't meant to be that was hard for me to see
Not going back but moving forward with someone new who is true
Body can't sleep anymore wide awake
Starting at the ceiling and the mind focused on 90s music
Thinking what's next what's on the agenda for the day.
Finished another notebook start a new chapter
Smiled because it was real not faking one
The rotating fan keeping the cool breeze cycling
Today is suppose to be warm don't care for the heat
Cold weather is better able to rest wear layers
Might get a haircut the while blends with the black looking gray.
Random thoughts come to mind dehydrated need water
Don't use people or take advantage of them.
I appreciate others respect their differences.
Willing to listen to problems and provide a solution.
I can't always vent but pour my heart into my notebook.
The only way I can feel get in touch with myself.
Helps me cope figure it out do what's best.
I've learned to move forward not stay suck in transition. Sometimes it's beyond my control so work with what I got and make the most of things.
Not afraid to grow and learn keep putting forth an effort. Might come up short but determined for more pursuing greatness
I smile because I'm thankful to be working. I give my all take pride in my work. I don't expect rewards or to be praised just doing my job. I'm thankful for those who appreciate my efforts sometimes they run you through the grinder but it because you missed something it will make you better. Constructive criticism is welcomed, tell me how to be better; don't say I suck unless you provide a solution. Always open to grow work outside my level but preparing for the next. Why stay when you push me out don't set me up to fail when I'm giving you my all. I'm trying to be a success and prepare I'd like to move up not stay in the same place. I prefer to learn all I can than rely on people or wait on people. Always a team player doing my job and some else's and dk why they are talking smack like if they are doing everything but pretend to be a leader when they are at the bottom.
We use to be close you did drugs I turned a blind eye
I made mistakes but don't judge me like I've done worse
We use to be friends now we are strangers
Over a girl who doesn't love anyone but herself
We spent time together got close
Now we act like we dk one another
I saw you like family but now we are strangers
I showed you love and you slandered my name
Talked behind my back while I respected you enough to say it to your face
Stronger than before looking back never more
Dressed for the weather because it's going to be a hot day but don't want to get sunburned. Hiking is a morning or afternoon actitivity it's crazy for me to do mid day. Hiking trails are different from trails most rode a mountain bike I preferred a stunt bike. Pumping hard and hauling ass. The turns and paths so narrow and sharp.
Id open up but people get hurt I hold back but feels like I'm denying part of myself. I can't blame you for some reason I blame myself especially when I catch you at fault. If I make mistakes you are quick to hang me out to dry. Sad how people act how people claim to love but only unless they need something or need a favor. I see good in you but you are at your worse I'd expose you in the end the truth will catch up to you expose you for. Everyone wants to be right; no one makes time to understand.
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