A place full of joy a magic place
Once you get through traffic
Ride the tran from the packed parking structure
As you get off walk towards the enterance
The line forms but once you're inside
Emotions come out full of excitement
As you walk through the crowd
Main Street USA in Disneyland
Admire the sights explore the worlds
So much to do fun with friends and family
Make it a day make memories
Enjoy it so much, hate to stay away
The heart feels great it's like you made
Sometimes it feels like you made it
Anywhere else else is a struggle
Seen so much fun all around
Kind of pricey but worth it
Waiting in long lines to get on themed rides
A place other than work or being at home
The young man woke up excited
He waould be going to a magical kingdom
This was an outlet to escape his harsh reality
Enjoy the day smile without faking it
Feeling forced to be all extra, be normal
Time out from the reality the great escape
Hanging in there, stress all time high
Trying to mind his own at peace
Someone always needs something
Offered to help got ignored was not need
Now he's trying to find his own
Be left alone, enjoy life, over worked for days
Work helped get over this mess phase
Making money meant less trouble
At work perserved in a bubble
Said it's time to have fun not stress
Had it all or had worked with less
Doing what needs to be done
Price that comes with money
Happiness is what's best
Always quick to make things better
Others ruin it by not trying let it go
Not happy or interested in doing others job
Seen it as they did me a favor
Now I feel taken advantage of
Not fun or interested anymore
Thought things went well
Covered your *** while you sent me packing
Not one to wish back on others
It will come back to them
Overworked and not treated fair
Might get in these moods but always grateful
Age slows you down
Sometimes less is said
Observe everything
Easily annoyed by others
All the fun is no longer in activities
Things not the same
Not remembered accordingly
Someone is always mad
Or running their mouth
Not surprised anymore
Did favors treated bad
Seen as the bad one
Remembered when others need
Willing to give lose it all
Never enough treated unfair
Infamous one Dec 9
90s music takes me back
Metal for the gym hit it strong
Music while I write memories
My thoughts feel the beat set a mood
A song reminds me of you
Our first slow dance in my heart
The first kiss to slow jams
Driving on the road music blaring
We hold hands to our Destination
Special lyrics we sung to one another
A duet for two that feels right
Overcoming this failed love addiction
The reason I write to misic
Can't keep denying myself
Infamous one Dec 9
Woke up put on music
Writing to my favorite songs
Music touches the heart
A playlist composed of classics
Feel accomplished with efforts
Stopped focusing on bad
Quit expecting the worse
Focus on what's right
Pursue what's working
Makes sense feels right
Never force love it feels natural
The right one will come
Trust and respect hand in hand
Trust is hard with no respect
Connect with a person feels great
So many disconnected impersonal
Trying to grow with someone genuine
Be with someone worthy go the distance
Who enjoys one another's company
Not using or taking one another for granted
More than ****** stimulation but mental grow
Open to one another's flaws not quick to judge
Not hold a grudge because things get tough
Or get mad things don't turn out accordingly
Trying to understand the complicated issues
Be right with one another no sabotage
Be fair over this one sided affair
Loyalty and trust is a must to survive
Without communication how can we connect
Fuction as one when it's always about you
A relationship is a game for true
Working to make better even though it hurt
Always gave it was never enough
Wanted to run times got tough
Came back for more so much pain
Passive aggressive ways no more love
Set up to fail couldn't take it anymore
Infamous one Dec 9
Writing my thoughts
Telling my stories
Break the curse
Thinking of another verse
Another night to get it right
Writing makes it easy to sleep
Deep slumber over restless nights
Not focused on loop thoughts
A clear head while lying in bed
After a night of peaceful rest
Recharged more natural energy
The stress made it easy to walk away
Slowing body instead of suffering through
Heal health is everything
Take care of mental health
Phyiscal health slow steady motions
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