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Open and honest pursuing love. Always pursuing the wrong while the right gets fed up for being ignored. Wanting to be more than friends while the other isn't interested stringing them along.
One had more promise than the other. One was genuine the other had other plans hidden agenda. Lust and love a blurred line
She was older than him by 2 years. He wanted love but this was a fling. She appreciated him not meant to be together. He was going through a break up they met one another.
She was from the boonies he was from the inland Empire. Their worlds would cross paths both getting to know one another.
She wasn't afraid of the woods but seen the big city intimidating. He grew up the oldest of 6, she was an only child. Different life styles and personalities.
Thinking of ways writing like life is a matter of life and death. Slowed down because of burning out. Rushed missed things on the way trying to get ahead barely coming out even.
A late starter trying to make up for being behind. Always taking a risk caught up in the mix. Dating all the wrong women learned the less. Thankful for the moments focused on the good over the bad.
Working jobs trying to learn as much as possible to get it done. Can't rely or trust anyone have to step it up to finish.
Lost friends along the way, some couldn't be single in bad relationships.
Having a family leaving friendships in the past; focused on their kids the future.
Didn't understand before but everything makes sense now.
Stuck on a thought, running with ideas that might or might not work. Telling the truth should lead to good feels like things got worse. Not sure why it becomes a conflict of interest maybe being around the wrong people doesn't help.
Use to be a wild one life was different after sobriety. People stop calling when you don't drink anymore.
Made efforts to keep a friendship going it soon became one sided. Stopped caring let go of those people. Sad to see them go, but a way to stay true and grow.
She said to tell all your feelings to a computer. He replied, "no one cares to listening." Inside his head. He zoned out thinking about what he wanted to write. How he wanted to say it. He knew, he wasn't the only one; who felt this way.
Writing helped him connect to others because not everyone understands. If they related it was a way to let them know they are not alone. A quiet mouth but loud mind full of emotions. Deep thoughts straight to the point lacking feelings.
The athlete within wants out lots of wear and tear over the years. Conflicts with being responsible; trying to find a balance. Work takes away from training, but money is needed to invest in your skills/talent.
He lost his way trying to get back on track. Chased love couldn't be with the girl he thought was the one. The chip on his shoulder lead to him getting fired. Hard working and determined never got hired. Thinking what's next he needed a change always putting others first. Tired of being used taken for granted. After a while he felt used and abused taken for granted. He refuse to lose give up or lose; it took him no where.
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