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Sam Jul 2018
It's our blame to be stupid.

We think,
heart made us like this —
lonely and broken.

We always blame our heart
when we fell in love
to a wrong place,
  wrong time
and to a wrong person.

But if  our heart can speak,
maybe it'll say...

"I'll try to stop beating."

Noises in Mind, Copyright © 2014
Sam N. de la Rosa
All rights reserved.
If your heart can speak what will it tell you?
A Apr 28
it’s my fault
it’s my fault
it’s my fault
it’s my fault
it’s my fault
it’s my fault
it’s my fault

one for every year I’ve loved you and I wish I could go back in time with what I know now
Lyn Senz 2 Nov 2013
of ones
caught up
in our
where death
never ends
all lives
filled with
in ruins
every day
is the
but those are
my friends
and I
feel such
we are

©2012 Lyn
Damian Murphy Aug 2018
Who fears to own up to a mistake
Much worse mistakes may go on to make;
Until such time as fears are allayed
Mistakes shall continue to be made.
If mistakes all are afraid to name
Then who is at fault, who is to blame?
XyL0S Oct 2018

should I blame,
the night is
the night is

Who do you blame,
For the pain
and it's cause?
Lesedi Sedio Dec 2018
Can you blame me
For being a prisoner
Of my own illusion
When reality
Always cages me
With expectation

Can you blame me
For being an addict
To misery
When I know
Happiness was never
Written for me

Can't you see
How struggling I am
Trying to survive.

Blame me.
Blame me, Not
Osiria Melody Feb 15
            out of
                 vision. droplets
                                            of water making little
                                                          ­               incisions of blurriness in my
                                                              ­      decisions. falling out of my
                                                              ­ senses,
               could stare at these droplets racing
                      as if they were in a marathon,
                                                                ­     childhood
                ­       steadily, tracing my numb digits
against the unsuspecting windowpane,
                                      droplets converge briskly,
like how you did when you left me.
                               left me for her, a better woman, apparently.
                                                             never said a word to me,
                except through the disdain in your eyes.
felt the pain shoot my brain like I was supposed to cry
                           a million nights to make you smile. felt the shame like
    I was meant to be ashamed,
                                 pinned blame.
                                                  every time I look at the rain, I'm  
                                 of your
                                                                ­  foolish games.

(Please read this poem in landscape if you're on a mobile device.)
Thoughts are like raindrops, coming and going one at a time.
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2018

With faith, You said,
You could help to
Address the problem

On getting colder
You have to write
Note on sudden death

Who is to blame?
Sins of ancient rites?
The last breath?

Behind the Bars
All shouting at you
All pointing at you
Genre: Clinical Abstract
Theme: Pathetic
Purcy Flaherty Jan 2018
Acknowledge that we are each our own common denominator!
The sum of all our parts, brought to account !

The book stops with you!
Blame & passing the book!
Ivy Leigh Jan 2015
and if i killed myself
you just put me to sleep
Poetress2 Apr 4
Within these lonely walls of mine,
sometimes I wish that I could die;
I curl up in my Mickey Mouse sheets,
and quickly pretend, that I'm asleep.
Just like the nights I've faced before,
I hear them open up my door;
They quietly lay down in my bed,
and I truly wish that I were dead.
I push their hands down, everytime,
but to no avail, they begin to rise;
The shame and guilt seems all too real,
for that is almost all I feel.
They leave me torn,
they leave me shamed;
They leave me damaged,
yet it's me I blame.
September Roses Jun 2018
You're nervous
A bit of a wreck
But you never fail to smile at yourself when you mess up
As you always do

You're damaged
That much is clear
But your smooth laugh puts the whole room at ease
No matter how scarcely it surfaces

You've been hurt by everyone
Yourself included
But you'd rather die
Than put someone down
Because you truly believe every achievement is worth all the stars in the sky

You're quiet
Sometimes it's a little annoying
But who can blame you
You mean no harm

You're self conscious
I mean arent we all
But you put everyone else back together so they cant resist to love themselves a little more
No matter how much
This stupid

Hate yourself
Kai May 20
In this day in age
we blame the generation
that comes after
for the problems
we created for them

We start devastating wars
and pollute the world
and then leave it
for the kids we have
to solve our problems

What gives us the right
to leave problems and blame
on those that come after?
Inspired by the song by Aviva.
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